And I saw Tantalus excessively. bearing eternal anguish.
He stood erect in a pool as the H2O lapped his chin – parched he tried to imbibe. but he could non make the surface. no. clip and once more the old adult male stooped. hungering a sip. clip and once more the H2O vanished. swallowed down. puting bare the caked black Earth at his pess – some spirit drank it dry. And over his caput leafy trees dangled their fruit from high aloft. Punica granatums and pears. and apples glowing ruddy. succulent figs and olives swelling sleek and dark. but every bit shortly as the old adult male would strive to seize them fast a blast would flip them up to the take downing dark clouds. ( 11. 669-680 )

I chose this transition because I thought it had great imagination. I besides thought that this transition truly showed the anguish the liquors in “The Kingdom of the Dead” had to travel through. Tantalus wants to imbibe H2O. but every clip he bends down to imbibe. the H2O would vaporize. Then. if he tries to make for a Punica granatum or a pear from the fruit tree. the tree would travel the fruit to where he could non make it. It seemed like an interesting transition to do a representation out of.

The scene is important to the subject in that it shows enticement. Temptation is shown through the whole book for illustration when Odysseus and his crew canvas base on balls the Siren’s Sweet vocal where Odysseus wanted to crash his ship on their island. Another illustration is Odysseus self-praises to Polyphemus and he seems loath to go forth Calypso’s island.

I designed the scene to where you can state Tantalus is in the Kingdom of the Dead ( the fires environing him demo it ) and I made it where Tantalus is seeking to imbibe. but the H2O is withdrawing so he can non imbibe H2O. Besides. I made a fruit tree of to the side to stand for the fruit tree he was seeking to catch fruit off from. This all shows the enticement of Tantalus to imbibe H2O and grab fruit even though he knows he can non make the fruit or imbibe the H2O. I used a shoebox and cut unfastened a side to easy demo the scene I’m stand foring.

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