Visual communication widely influences our society provided by the fashion industry. It captivates me how the ever-changing fashion cycle so profoundly impacts the worlds moments today and the effect this can have on individuals. From the development of; ethical fashion campaigns, in store visual-merchandising to trend forecasting, the applications are limitless. Ultimately my desire for working in this area stems from an early age, through understanding how brands manipulate a consumer’s perception, to completing an individual design and manufacture.Fashion isn’t merely a superficial medium. It features an elaborate essence impacting cultural, environmental and economical changes. Ultimately, I am attracted to this course as it will permit me to understand how a simple yet strategic event carefully effects another, feeding my overall curiosity on things such as, the negative results of fast fashion. Fashion possesses the unique capability of redefining its trends in a matter of moments. An example of this phenomenon is my favourite menswear designer, Raf Simmons – whom inspired my AS textiles coursework. He has successfully incorporated the once frowned upon street-wear into high end, couture fashion in a fleeting period. I admire his accomplishments in putting forward concepts through minimalist look-books, intricate details and political messages, clarifying to me that individuality harbours success. Through enhancing my knowledge on this course, I will be educated on how to be prosperous in this industry, I utmost admire the variety of methods which can be utilised.Amid my other A-level courses; religious studies and english language I have established methods of expressing my voice strategically, probing methods of critical analysis whether it be through composing opinion articles or structured essays. Transferrable skills like these have begun to equip and prepare me with the course requirements, they are imperative as they have enabled me to be opinionated and focused in my written communication. Nonetheless, I am excited to be able to dedicate my time specifically to one area as it will allow me to contribute my most extensive amount of time and effort, allowing me to flourish and express my visions.I view myself as an advocate for equality I have actioned these values through multiple roles, having been an anti-bullying officer in my current school. This role has enlightened me on how to problem-solve considering delicate issues, developing my interpersonal aptitudes. Through being directly involved in this great injustice my level of responsibility has heightened, dealing with sensitive matters and developing trust with more adolescent students has not only been uplifting but eye-opening. For me, equality is a necessity for the fashion industry – prime issues regarding; suitable bodyweight for models, representation of ethnic minorities and gender equality, confirm the reality that the industry needs amending, for the better. I feel I can be pivotal to this process. Moreover, Volunteering at Multiple Sclerosis Society a local, non-profit organization has provided me with morally elevating experience which I can utilize in my future career prospects. By partaking in this activity, I have gained confidence which will benefit me in the workplace. Also, I have been directly involved in my local community helping individuals, even if it be in a simplistic form. Personally, the idea of obtaining creative freedom is highly compelling, I am driven to be involved in an industry which successfully recreates itself every season, possessing a unique capability of influencing a generation. With the rise of social media and modern innovations, I am ardent to study as it offers an element of excitement and unexpectedness. I am keen to expand my knowledge further, participating in challenging live projects and professional work placements will allow me to embrace the fashion industries uniqueness and all that it offers.


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