This experimental probe was designed to analyze the impairment of vitamin degree Celsius ( ascorbic acid ) content when placed in conditions with different oxidation and temperature exposure. Home trade name orange juice was placed in different temperatures, such as room temperature, deep-freeze, and electric refrigerator. Besides with different oxidation as one beaker from each temperature was covered with glad wrap. Over 6 hebdomads, cast, odors, Fungis, bacteriums and vaporization where merely some of the observations that we made. Although, every bit good as detecting we took trial consequences and it was apparent that deep-freeze uncovered and deep-freeze covered had the most content of vitamin degree Celsius preserved. Over 6 hebdomads 8ml of orange juice was used from each beaker to prove with indophenol, with most juices the juice can be added to the indophenol solution until the juice becomes clear. In some instances the orange juice wo n’t alter clear, and travel a little finger brown. For this ground a control is used to compare colorss. Over 6 hebdomads the experiment was conducted, informations was collected and reached a decision based on the findings.

Introduction: [ 4 ] Vitamin degree Celsius is an organic compound consisting of C, H and O, vitamin degree Celsius is a water-soluble vitamin, being water-soluble this means that the organic structure does n’t hive away it. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the least toxic substances and this is why vitamin degree Celsius is necessary for growing and development ; it helps mend tissue in all parts of the organic structure. [ 10 ] Vitamin degree Celsius helps the organic structure make an of import protein called collagen, in which is used to do tegument, gristle, sinews, ligaments and blood vass, vitamin degree Celsius is besides indispensable for mending lesions and assisting maintain and fix castanetss and dentitions. [ 4 ] Vitamin C is besides indispensable in an person ‘s wellness for the care of healthy connective tissue, which gives support and construction for other tissues and variety meats.

[ 5 ] However, the protective function of vitamin C goes far beyond our tegument and gums. Cardiovascular diseases, malignant neoplastic diseases, joint diseases and cataracts are all associated with vitamin C lack and can be partially prevented by optimum consumption of vitamin C. [ 6 ] Vitamin C achieves much of its protective consequence by working as an antioxidant and forestalling oxygen-based harm to our cells. Structures that contain fat ( like the lipoprotein molecules that carry fat around our organic structure ) are peculiarly dependent on vitamin C for protection.

The human organic structure uses vitamin degree Celsiuss to finish a assortment of chemical reactions, for illustration supplying energy to cells and directing information through to neutrons. [ 7 ] Vitamin C is besides really of import because it metabolizes cholesterin, which means it may assist lower cholesterin degrees. Vitamin C is an indispensable food responsible for fabricating compounds and helping in basic chemical maps. Worlds must consume vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, because we can non do it ourselves. [ 11 ] The organic structure gets its day-to-day allowance of this vitamin by eating natural fruits and veggies as portion of a healthy diet.

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[ 8 ] Vitamin C is needed in order to assist the organic structure to protect cells and to maintain them healthy. Vitamin C is found broad assortment of nutrients, chiefly being in the fruit and vegetable countries. Good beginnings include:

* Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Sweet murphies, oranges, Chinese gooseberry fruit, ruddy berries, ruddy and green bell Piper nigrums, tomatoes spinach, and juices made from Psidium littorale, Citrus paradisi, and orange.

Vitamin C deficiencies occur as portion of general under nutrition, but terrible lack is uncommon. Vitamin C lack symptoms include:

* Dry and dividing hair, Bleeding gums, Rough, dry, lepidote tegument, Decreased wound-healing rate, Easy bruising, Nosebleeds, Weakened tooth enamel, Swollen and painful articulations, Anemia, Decreased ability to contend infection, Possible weight addition because of slowed metamorphosis

[ 21 ] A terrible vitamin C lack is called scorbutus, is a medical status caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. Left untreated, scorbutus can be fatal, but fortuitously this status is highly easy to turn to, as all that is required to extinguish scorbutus is an addition of vitamin C consumption. Scurvy is comparatively rare in the modern epoch, thanks to widespread cognition about the demand for vitamin C, but it sometimes appears in malnourished persons, babies, and the aged.

Early marks of abject include fatigue and joint hurting. If the status is allowed to come on, a typical roseola will develop on the legs, the mucous secretion membranes will get down to shed blood, former break sites may come apart, and the patient will see terrible musculus failing. The deficiency of vitamin C allows the connective tissues of the organic structure to basically draw apart, leting blood to leak freely through the blood vass, and doing long-run harm to the musculuss if the status is non caught early. If vitamin C an single consumptions excessively much vitamin C it can ensue in tummy hurting, diarrhoea and flatulency.

[ 9 ] As worlds can non synthesise Vitamin C in their ain organic structures, there have a great demand for dietetic addendums of it. Although, good beginnings of vitamin C are fresh fruits and veggies, particularly citrus fruits. Vitamin C can besides be made in a research lab ; most experts recommend acquiring vitamin C from a diet high in fruits and veggies instead than taking addendums. Vitamin hundred addendums are effectual for intervention and bar of vitamin C lack, including scorbutus, besides these addendums are likely to be effectual for bettering the manner the organic structure absorbs Fe and handling a disease called tyrosinemia in neonates when given as an injection.

[ 2 ] Vitamin C is safe for most people when taken by oral cavity in recommended doses or when applied to the tegument. In some people, vitamin C might do sickness, purging, pyrosis, tummy spasms, concern, and other side effects. The opportunity of acquiring these side effects increases the more vitamin C you take. Sums higher than 2000 mg per twenty-four hours are at hazard and may do side effects, including kidney rocks and terrible diarrhoea. In people who have had a kidney rock, sums greater than 1000 mg per twenty-four hours greatly increase the hazard of kidney rock return.

[ 3 ] Vitamin C maps as an antioxidant and as a coenzyme. Molecules called free groups are formed during normal cell metamorphosis. Free groups cause harm by responding with fats and proteins in cell membranes and familial stuff. This procedure is called oxidization. Antioxidants like vitamin C are compounds that attach themselves to free groups so that it is impossible for the free group to respond with, or oxidise, other molecules.

During the fabrication phase of treating Orange juice industry add excess vitamin C into the liquid in order for the orange juice to deteriorate less than usual, this is besides so the orange juice content abides with the label that is processed onto the packaging, this same label besides states demands after opening the juice in order when to hive away the juice and at what temperature. If false statements are given on the label the industry can confront serious effects. Therefore, the purpose of this experiment is to look into what environmental factors cause the rate of vitamin degree Celsius to deteriorate quicker, with variable conditions being O exposure, different temperatures and besides oxidation. Our hypothesis is that the room temperature would lose vitamin degree Celsius faster due to the factors of temperature oxidation.


– 2L Home trade name orange juice

– 6 x250ml beakers

– 9xPipettes

– 18x Test tubing

– 3xTest tubing racks

– sword lily wrap

– paper

– pen

– sticky take

– Indophenol solution 0.1 %

– 2xWatch spectacless

– 1x scalpel

Method A

1. All stuffs were gathered

2. Each beaker was designated a figure ( 1-6 ) which is written on a piece of paper and stuck to beaker utilizing gluey tape

3. The beakers are so put in braces ( 1-2,3-4,5-6 )

4. Each beaker brace is so designated to an country room temperature ( 25degrees-37degrees ) , electric refrigerator ( 3 grades ) and deep-freeze ( -5 grades ) this is besides written on the paper attached to beaker

5. 230mL of place trade name orange juice was so carefully poured into each beaker

6. Each beaker was so tested with indophenol to happen standard ( mention to method B )

7. In each designated country ( room temperature, electric refrigerator or deep-freeze ) one beaker was chosen to be covered with glad wrap doing the liquid unable to take a breath.

8. Each beaker was so placed in designated country and go forth juices for one hebdomad

9. Gathered 18x trial tubings 3x trial tubing rack and 9xpepits and 2x ticker spectacless 1x scalpel

10. Gathered all samples of juice and placed on designated safe work bench

11. Observed any noticeable alterations ( odors, colorss, casts & A ; fungi ) and recorded in log book

12. 15 beads of indophenol was put into each trial tubing utilizing a pipette

13. Using a pipette orange juice was carefully added to the indophenol solution each bead was carefully counted and swirled after each bead until a coloring material changed occurred.

14. Recorded how many beads in each trial tubing along with what designated country and covered or non-covered

15. Retested each beaker one time a hebdomad by reiterating stairss 9-12

16. On Microsoft excel, each hebdomad informations was entered in, and created a table format, with the headers, which test it was 1-6, mean and standard mistake, with each hebdomads tests consequences ( figure of beads ) being put under the headers 1-6 and besides what it was and where ( electric refrigerator uncovered. ) This was done each hebdomad and a line graph was made

Method B- set uping criterion

1. Placed 15 beads of indophenol solution into a trial tubing

2. Added 0.1 % ascorbic acerb solution, one bead at a clip, into the indophenol. Counted the bead added.

3. Swirled the trial tubing after each bead was added

4. Continued until the indophenol becomes colorless

5. What was the entire figure beads of 0.1 % ascorbic acerb solution required to bleach the indophenol solution.


Graph no. 3- Abscorbic Acid Standard

Photograph 1: Week 1 Beakers with labels

Photograph 2: Week 2- Mold and fungous beings present on room

temperature covered

Photograph 3: Week 3- Obvious coloring material alteration in beaker 4, H2O vapour

nowadays on beaker 3 and beaker 2 important vaporization

Photograph 4

Photograph 5: Week 4- Change of coloring material in beaker 3 and 4 vaporization in beaker 2

Photograph 6: 5- Obvious coloring material alteration and vaporization in beaker 1 & A ; 2

Photograph 7: Week 6-

Photograph 8: Week 6- Fungal beings in room temperature beakers

Photograph 9: Week 6- Fungal being found in beaker 3 room temperature covered

electric refrigerator covered

electric refrigerator uncovered

Room temp covered

Room temp uncovered

Deep-freeze covered

Deep-freeze uncovered

It is extremely apparent that the chief tendencies throughout this experiment are:

* The higher the temperature the addition in degree of vaporization

* The exposed samples above stop deading displayed much higher degree of vaporization compared to covered samples

* The freeze samples displayed same sum of vaporization for covered and exposed

* Orange juice becomes more intense over the content of 6 hebdomads due to evaporation

* Fungal beings increase the vitamin degree Celsius content

Evaporation played a major portion in this experiment. Vaporization is the procedure of liquid turning into gas by mechanisms such as: the fastest moving molecules at the surface of the liquid have enough energy to interrupt the attractive bonds with other molecules. They so escape the surface of the substances. Since at higher temperatures the molecules have more kinetic energy, more of them are likely to get away and so evaporation occurs more rapidly at higher temperatures. The rate of vaporization is higher due to factors such as: increased temperatures, high humidness and air current exposure. [ 15,16,17 ]

Oxidation is a common signifier of chemical reaction which is the combine of O with assorted elements and compounds ; oxidization besides transfers H atoms or negatrons from one molecule to another. Oxidation is a reaction in which the atoms in an component lose negatrons and the valency of the component is correspondingly increased. . [ 12, 14 ]

Oxygen, the most plentiful component on Earth, combines readily with legion other elements. When combined with other elements in a compound or molecule, O often is an negatron “ pig. ” It takes negatrons off from many other elements and this oxidizes them. The O takes the negatively charged negatrons and becomes a negatively charged ion. The O has been reduced. However without certain factors impacting the rate of oxidation, it can be reduced quiet significantly. [ 12,13,14 ]

A figure of factors affect the oxidization rate, including temperature, force per unit area, crystal orientation, O beginning ( O or H2O ) and dross doping. Oxide growing rate is really sensitive to temperature, because the O diffusion rate in Si dioxide is exponentially related with temperature, increasing temperature can significantly increase the oxide growing. Oxide growing rate is besides related to the O beginning. Dry oxidization with O2 has a lower oxide growing rate than wet oxidization with H2O. This is because the diffusion rate of the O molecule O2 in Si dioxide is lower than that of hydrated oxide HO generated from the dissociation of H2O molecules at high temperature. Therefore the wet oxidization procedure is preferred to turn thick oxide beds. [ 13,14 ]

Fungus kingdoms are classified within their ain land – The Kingdom Fungi, while some are in the Kingdom Protista. A fungus is similar to a works, but it has no chlorophyll and can non do its ain nutrient like a works can through photosynthesis. They get their nutrient by absorbing foods from their milieus. The land includes the barms, casts, Smutss, and mushrooms. Fungi must take in nutrient stuffs synthesized by other beings due to the absence of chlorophyll ; the Fungis can non photosynthesize their nutrient from simple substances. Saprophytic fungi derive nutrient from dead and decaying stuffs. [ 18,19,20 ]

Fungi exist in assorted home grounds, including deep down in the ocean, lakes, stones, comeuppances, really piquant environments, and countries of highly high or low temperatures. However, factors such as temperature, H2O and visible radiation all affect the rate of fungous beings turning. Fungi grow best in warm temperatures. Assorted species of Fungis do turn better at warm temperatures ; furthermore, there are a figure of fungous beings that thrive in really high temperatures of and few that will boom in really low temperatures below stop deading. [ 18,19,20 ]

Fungi need tonss of H2O to turn. For most Fungis this is true. This is why Fungis are more of a job in the Torrid Zones than in temperate countries of the universe. Personal belongings that is usually safe from fungi, such as vesture and places, can be damaged in the Torrid Zones. However, some Fungis can turn in really dry conditions. At the other extreme, there are besides fungi that can populate under H2O. Besides, Fungis can merely turn in the dark. For the most portion, visible radiation does non play a function in how good fungi turn. [ 18,19,20 ]

It is apparent in the consequences that the higher the temperature the increased degree of vaporization, by sing the result in the vaporization graph it can be seen that the electric refrigerator exposed sample evaporated 7x more than the deep-freeze sample and the room temperature uncovered evaporated 14x more than the deep-freeze samples. This is due to the higher temperatures in the room which increases the motion of molecules at the surfaces of the orange juice ensuing in the molecules holding adequate energy to interrupt the attractive bonds with other molecules, ensuing in the molecules get awaying the surface of the substance, and get awaying into the air as H2O vapour.

It was evident that room temperature exposed sample ( 25-37degrees ) had evaporated the most. The ground being that, this beaker was in direct sunshine, increasing the temperature and the juice temperature was increased over the other samples. This is due to the fact the molecules of a heater liquid ( room temperature ) are vibrating more often and with more energy than in a cool liquid ( deep-freeze ) . The added energy of heat therefore makes it easier for a given molecule to get away the liquid.

Oxidation impacted the consequences significantly as the exposed samples above stop deading displayed much higher vaporization compared to covered samples. This is due the samples of exposed beakers easier being able to obtain more O ; this is because the oxide growing rate turning procedure grows thick oxide beds within a moisture or moist country. Besides, the juice was capable to higher temperatures, this was because there was no bed in between the gas, to the orange juice, it is evident that through our informations the higher the temperature increases important oxide growing.

It was demonstrated that at stop deading both vaporization and oxidation had minimum affect on the samples. On the vaporization graph it is apparent that there was minimum vaporization within the both freezing samples. Both stop deading samples evaporated about 10ml over the continuance of 6 hebdomads. This is because the deep-freeze temperature being at -10 grades it would hold slowed down the procedure of vaporization due to the fact the molecules would hold been traveling slower than usual and it would hold had deficient energy sum to interrupt the attractive bonds with other molecules. Making the substance unable to get away from the liquid. At stop deading it is apparent there is small kinetic energy within the sample ensuing in about no vaporization and nothing oxidation as both the covered and exposed samples returned the same consequence.

It was apparent through our informations that the ascorbic acid content changed dramatically over clip. The orange juice became more intense over the content of 6 hebdomads, with each sample ascorbic degrees increasing or remaining the same. This is apparent in the alteration in % ascorbic acid content over clip.

Over the continuance of 6 hebdomads it was apparent due to the consequences that via, oxidization and vaporization the juices became more intense with vitamin c. Not merely was it oxidization and vaporization, but it besides includes fungous growing. Fungal growing played a major portion in the room temperature samples. Over the continuance of this experiment fungous growing was observed, foremost sighted in hebdomad two. From the informations our consequences showed, fungous beings and bacteriums increase the degrees of vitamin c. Fungal beings thrive in warmer conditions and of away moister this is apparent in the manner the fungal organisms merely grew in the room temperature samples. In the heater clime the bacteriums and fungi reproduce faster and more frequent, this would increase the growing of fungous beings within the room temperature samples. [ 22 ] Kambucha tea is an illustration where fungous beings secrete vitamin degree Celsius into the drink, the drink is known as ‘the miracle fungus. ‘ Kambucha tea relates to this experiment and the orange juice because, they both have vitamin degree Celsiuss being produced into the liquid via, fungous beings.

Our hypothesis was that room temperature would lose vitamin c the fastest, from the informations and consequences that were produced, it is apparent that the room temperature samples within the first 1-3 hebdomads dropped significantly, nevertheless, in hebdomad 3 there was a sudden alteration to the consequences and both room temperature samples started increasing in vitamin degree Celsius content. Therefore our statement was right for the first 1-3 hebdomads and so deemed incorrect for the concluding consequences of this experiment.

In decision, the major results of this experiment are that vaporization, oxidation, and fungous beings are all different factors that have affected the orange juice impairment procedure. Temperatures and O exposure besides played a big function throughout this experiment. In making this experiment once more in the hereafter, more research and anterior background cognition would hold been benefited. Besides, holding more temperature variables would increase the informations and would assist in order to broaden this experiment.

The writer would wish to admit Katy Ollard and Maddison Hoffman in working good as a squad and assisting each other in order to increase background cognition. Equally good as Mr. Fesuk, in assisting in supplying background cognition about vitamin degree Celsius and kambucha tea and assisting within the practical side every bit good.


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