Volstead Act Essay, Research Paper

The Volstead Act of 1919 was the jurisprudence that made the sale of alcoholic drinks

illegal, protagonists of this act thought that this would do the state better

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as a whole. They said this jurisprudence would take down offense rates and would increase the

wellness of Americans. This jurisprudence did the exact antonym of what they expected,

overnight this jurisprudence created a black market that lead to the rise of organized

offense. The wellness of people who drank alcoholic drinks besides decreased because

there was no quality control in the illegal market. Thousands of Americans were

poisoned by the drosss of the illegal Alcohol. These are merely some of the

grounds why I think that Prohibition was non the best jurisprudence that we could hold

come up with. The new Torahs on intoxicant are much better because they do non

wholly ban the gross revenues of intoxicant, they merely limit who can purchase it and when.

This is much better because the drinks are much safer, distilled decently and

the per centum of alcoholic contend is controlled. Another ground why this jurisprudence

was non sensible is because of the clip period

that it took topographic point in, this was

in the center of the great depression and at that place could hold been many more occupations

if they did non censor the gross revenues of intoxicant. Prohibition was non a good thought out

amendment and following clip the people want to censor the gross revenues of something they

should see what will go on after they do. A twosome of good thing that

ended up coming out of this was they set an age bound on the buying and

imbibing of intoxicant, which likely is safer than if they merely let people of all

ages do it. They have besides came up with many good Torahs for imbibing and drive

to do the roads safer, and they are get downing to do the Torahs more rigorous than

they already are. Prohibition did the exact antonym of what the people who

supported it thought it would make and that is why it merely lasted from 1920-1933.

This jurisprudence manufactured moonshiners and many organized offense groups. Although it

was non a good jurisprudence it was likely good in the long tally because possibly following clip

a group of people want to censor the gross revenues of something they will believe of the

effects of what will go on if they do.


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