General intent: I am sharing this piece of information with my audience so that they can cognize more about Voodoo the faith of forfeits.

Specific intent: At the terminal of my address. the audience will hold more information about Voodoo the faith of forfeit. the beliefs. its maps and services. how the ceremonials are performed. and the types of juju and their symptoms and effects.

Introduction: Despite all the development that has struck both technological and scientific Fieldss. different faiths remain prevailing in different parts of the universe. Some ancient faiths still prevail one of which is juju. Voodoo is a West African word significance ‘spirit’ ; the original word was vodun where the basic ethos of the faith is that everything in the existence is connected. and nil happens by opportunity.

Cardinal thought: Leonardo Da vinci has non merely celebrated innovations. but besides really celebrated pictures. They are non merely simple pictures to hang on the walls. Both the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper have deeper significances than any other pictures. They are more than merely a picture. Its truly interesting to cognize about what Leonardo was thimking back at that clip that inspired his pictures.

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Preview: We must be able to distinguish between the original picture of the “Mona lisa” and the reproduction by the description that’ll be given below. And besides an interesting description about the “The Last Supper” picture will be given.

Body Outline:
I. Voodoo: The Religion Of Forfeits
A. What is Voodoo?
Voodoo is a West African word significance ‘spirit’ ; the original word was vodun where the basic ethos of the faith is that everything in the existence is connected. and nil happens by opportunity. B. What are the beliefs of Voodoo Religion?

The chief belief and construct of the Voodoo faith provinces that there are two parts of the human psyche which are: petit-bon-ange ( Gallic for small good angel ) and the gros-bon-ange ( Gallic for great good angel ) . The gros-bon-ange is the body’s life force. and it is believed that after decease. the gros-bon-ange must return to the universe and existence. And besides there is Merely one God: Bondye

C. What are the classs of religious existences?
There are three of import classs of religious existences: Loa: It represents the liquors of the major forces of the existence ( Good. Evil. … ) The Twinss: A funny and instead cryptic set of forces of contradictories ( good and evil. happy and sad ) The Dead: represents the psyche of one’s ain household members who have died but have non yet been reclaimed by the household

D. What are the maps and services of Voodoo?
The maps and services of Voodoo are Mending. Performing spiritual ceremonials. Keeping induction phases. Predicting the hereafter and reading and analysing dreams. Projecting enchantments and making protections. and making potions for assorted intents. E. Where are Voodoo ceremonials held? And what do they make in such ceremonials? Voodoo ceremonials are held out-of-doorss. people dance all dark long and their chief musical instrument is the membranophone. They sacrifice animate beings and utilize them as offerings to the Gods and ascendants. .

II. Different ways of practising Voodoo: The Religion of forfeits A. What is a Voodoo Doll?
The Voodoo doll is used to stand for the spirit of a specific individual. You can turn to the doll as if you are speaking to that individual. bespeaking a alteration in attitude. act uponing the individual to move in conformity with your wants. your desires. B. What does the Voodoo do for a individual holding ownership of it? Once in ownership of an reliable Voodoo doll. you can bespeak the doll to name upon powerful forces known as Loa. You can execute a simple but effectual ritual to carry through a specific dream. an pressing desire. This timeless ceremonial is carried out to carry the liquors to exercise their influence in this universe

C. What is Black Magic? And for what can it be used?
?Black thaumaturgy is the negative usage of energies and power by covetous and malicious human existences of Kalyuga. It is the evil side of the heavenly rhythm or negative energies. Black Magic can be used to harm or ache another individual by executing certain Acts of the Apostless even at a far off topographic point.

D. Black Magic’s Symptoms and Effectss
Black thaumaturgy puts a block on a person’s wisdom and intelligence. A individual might besides experience like there is heaviness and weight on the bosom and bottleneck in the pharynx. There could all of a sudden be bluish Markss on thighs without acquiring injury. or faster & A ; fickle pulse and take a breathing without any physical effort. There are wrangles in the household without any ground. One might experience the presence of person in the house. Effectss

Black Magic can truly play mayhem with the life of the mark individual by destructing any facet of life. It deprives him materially of everything he was destined for. and affects the mind of the victim. The effects of Black Magic go more chronic with clip. if untreated.

Sign station:
Voodoo is a West African word significance ‘spirit’ ; the original word was vodun where the basic ethos of the faith is that everything in the existence is connected. and nil happens by opportunity. In Voodoo faith. people have different beliefs and they pattern this faith in different ways by executing voodoo ceremonials. There are besides different type of practising such a faith. These types are the juju dolls and the Black thaumaturgy. Decision:

I wanted to portion this information with you because one thought its very interesting and it gives thought of another type of a faith. known as the faith of forfeits. Like any faith. the vodun faith has its ain beliefs. advantages and disadvantages. If some people chose to mistreat it. that does non intend that the full faith is corrupt.


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