Voodooism Essay, Research Paper


When you mention the word juju to person, the thought

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instantly conjures up those images we all see on the

films & # 8230 ; spooky small black work forces have oning tonss of grass, and jabing

pins into ugly dolls. But there is rather a spot more to this group of

spiritual patterns than this simple Hollywood impression. Voodoo as

a pattern is obsessed with the supernatural, chiefly the thoughts of

ownership and spiritualism ; and maps rather frequently within the

parametric quantities of a mainstream faith such as Catholicism. Many

people who pattern it think voodoo augments, instead than

contradicts, their belief in God, and the pattern of their faith.

The survey of vodoun involves many constituents, and one

of these is the construct of? animism? . A belief similar to? mana? ,

it is the construct that all objects, whether life or inanimate, hold

liquors and psyches of their ain. These liquors are an incarnation of

some critical component which gave the object life. It is a belief that the

psyche can, and most normally does, hold a intent and feeling, and

one must ever be careful to avoid piquing these forces to

avoid some instead awful effects.

As with all beliefs, vodoun has its patterns, imposts, and

traditions. As we have discovered earlier, voodoo deeply involves

the supernatural and spirituality. Spiritualism is specifically the

communicating with the shades or liquors of the dead, and more

specifically, any forces these liquors can exercise on the universe of the

life. In juju, thaumaturgy is seen to pull its power from these

supernatural forces. A big portion of spiritualism is the construct of

ownership, that is to state the business of a life organic structure by

another spirit, which fights for control over the organic structure and manifest

its presence in all sorts of curious ways. Some juju

priests ( einsteiniums ) feel they can foretell the hereafter, by utilizing

supernatural forces to let their life force to go around and see

visions of what it to come. These practicians besides believe in common people

medical specialty to bring around unwellness, but beyond that the usage of sometimes

eccentric rites to forestall or bring around complaints and other jobs.

They provide appeals and the similar to guard off immorality

liquors, and all of

us have heard of juju dolls. These practicians are besides really

concerned with decease and death, possibly because it is seen as a

gateway into the supernatural.

Throughout history, Christianity has had a difficult clip with

vodoun. For case the Catholics have made serious

efforts to stomp out juju, particularly in Haiti. They have

attempted this at certain times by prohibiting the whipping of the

membranophones at any temple. But in some ways it is a lost cause.

Catholicity and vodoun are so closely interlacing in Haiti that

to most Haitians they are one and the same. To the norm

Haitian, there is nil incorrect in being a good Catholic and a

truster in Voodoo. Voodoo enters the Catholic system because it

is believed that the Catholic faith does non give work forces and

adult females direct contact with God and his supernatural powers. It is

a alone integrating between the faith that was in Haiti before

missionaries brought the Christian faiths, and Catholicism.

After go toing the seminar and researching the subject of

vodoun and other such animistic faiths ; I have come to

realize that there is more to voodoo than lodging pins in dolls and

what we see in the films. Voodoo is a really complex and

comprehensive set of beliefs profoundly rooted in tradition and trueness

by those who pattern it. It is one of those things in which you

become every bit involved as you want to. There are so many ways and

occasions in which a individual can go involved in vodoun. I

hold discovered that people who follow these beliefs besides have

great regard for their organic structures and other deeply-seated feelings

about their beliefs.

As for myself, I do non believe I could follow this faith

because some of the constructs and the foundations on which the

faith is based are non credible to me. They have truly

unusual ways of idolizing animate beings and liquors, they do bizarre

things to animate beings during rites, and the construct of the

supernatural is to hard for me to accept to the grade that the

practicians of vodoun seem to. I guess to each his ain,

vodoun is an interesting faith, but non something that I

believe in.



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