Law and show how it will benefit North Carolina. A recent poll by the Washington Post shows that 74% of Americans support requiring I. D. To vote. Having an I. D. Is an integral part of life. Without an I. D. , one would basically be a second-class citizen. One cannot board a plane, buy cigarettes, buy alcohol, cash a check, fill out employment papers, get a loan, go to college, get insurance, rent an apartment, and do many other things. Why is it that the argument gets heated when the topic is having an I.

D. To vote. One would think that keeping our elections accurate and untainted would be more important than buying cigarettes. Voter I. D. Will keep people from committing voter fraud. Voter fraud consists of voting more than once, voting under an alias, a non-citizen voting, and toting for someone else. With House Bill 859 in place voter fraud will be practically impossible. The opposition claims that there is not a real problem with voter fraud in America.

Voter fraud is hard to catch because there is currently no way of proving that you are or are not the person that you claim to be at the polls. There are more than 1. 8 million dead voters still on the rolls, as of the 2012 election (theretofore. Org). More than 2. 7 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state (theretofore. Org). There are even some counties throughout the nation that have more registered voters than residents (theretofore. Erg). House Bill 859 will help do away with most of this fraud and keep our elections pure.

There are many opponents to House Bill 859. Their arguments are mostly based on the claim that it would hurt the minorities and poor citizens. They claim that they are less likely to have an government- issued I. D. And that requiring one for them to vote would be discrimination, but one of the provisions of House Bill 859 is that citizens can get free I. D. ‘s. I personally think it is discrimination to think that a minority as a whole is not capable of accomplishing something on their own without overspent intervention.

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Democrats claim that House Bill 859 is Just a GOP led initiative to keep the base of the Democratic Party’s supporters from voting, but in Indiana, whose voter I. D. Laws were in effect before 2008, Democratic turnout rose more than in any other state in the 2008 elections (Stephan and Abigail Tormenters). In conclusion, one can see how House Bill 859 will clean up our elections and prevent further fraud from happening. It will benefit all Americans by making sure the nation is run by the majority.


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