Graded Assignment Growth of Democracy (50 points) 1. The presidential campaign of 1828 was unlike any other that had come before it. Explain how and why the election process had changed from that of earlier elections, and describe the long-term effects it had on the political process in the United States. Include information about each of these points in your answer: Economic and social changes in the United States: how had the nation changed since 1800?

The makeup of the electorate: What types of people were allowed and not allowed to vote? Campaign practices: How did candidates organize their campaigns and make themselves known to the people? Background of candidates: How were Adams’s and Jackson’s backgrounds different, and how did they compare to those of earlier presidents? Voter turnout: About how many people voted in the 1828 election compared to earlier elections? There have been many changes sense the early elections.

One change from those early times were political parties, after the war of 1812 ended the federalist parties. After that came the era of good feelings which in that time no political parties existed. Only sectionalism existed which in most cases caused problems. The bank of the united states helped established economical independence. When the charter ended in 1811, a second bank opened further advancing American economic independence. People that were allowed to vote in the early 1800’s, were only men who owned land.

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This of cores narrowed voting rights of Americans and picking the right president. Women, African Americans, and natives were not allowed to vote. In the election in 1824 many more Americans were able to vote than ever before. When the 1828 election came around, about three times as many votes were processed than in the 1824 elections. The campaign in 1828 was the first to be organized, and appeal directly to the voters. There were parades, barbeques, and erect hickory poles for Jackson.

He got on the peoples side and this is why he won so greatly in his election. Unlike most of the previous presidents, Jackson did not come from a wealthy background and lacked a high education. Adams, like others was one of the sons of the founding fathers, Jackson however was not. ———————– | | | |Your Score |___ of 50 |


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