Wasting Money on Security Something must be done about the US/Mexican border situation. We continue to waste money on a system that is clearly not working while the US needs to use that money to document and register these immigrants to make it safer for Americans and Mexicans. A common debate has always gone on about the US/Mexican border. Especially the last few years because of the many illegal Mexicans in the US. People view these illegals as job stealers and threatening US security and the border should be forever sealed and blocked from these intruders.

But there are too many holes in that theory, such as, maintaining a border that is too big, dangers the illegals face crossing and the big problem; the cost. It’s funny because at one point the US allowed the Mexican workers to come over get employment and now we build a huge wall keeping them out. In fact, it wasn’t a real problem until the economy started falling and more people became jobless. Then people started pointing fingers. They think the illegals are taking their jobs, but if we documented them and allowed them in we would be able to help stop companies from hiring them at lower wages.

That will then help us who are unemployed because the people hiring would not look for illegals to hire at less than legal wages. Another issue is what about the fact that in 2005 more than 500 Mexicans died trying to cross the border. Mexico’s Security of the Commission of Population; Borders and Immigration Issues; Edmundo Martinez, says that 1. 5 Mexicans die everyday trying to cross the border. Most of them either die from the conditions of their journey crossing or they get shot by border patrol. It is even known that the Mexicans are sometimes killed by Mexican cartels for trying to cross in their territory.

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Lots of them are even unaccounted for because their bodies are lost in the vast desert. Now here’s a big question; why should we care if they die? This question goes beyond politics and goes straight to morals. Does anyone really deserve the death penalty for trying to make a better life for them and their family? Does a patrolman have the right to shoot someone for illegally crossing? It doesn’t seem like the justice is equal to the crime. They also say, ’what if these people are criminals’? Well they could be criminals, heck your own child could be a criminal also!

What we should ask ourselves is ‘what’s more dangerous’? An undocumented criminal whom we don’t know where he/she is living, working, age profile or name? Or a documented one that we can keep track of. Hard working illegals are at more danger because if something happens to them that is a criminal act; they cannot go to the police because they will get deported. A statistic on statistic. org showed that 14 percent of crime is targeted toward illegals because they cannot report the crime. This is why we need to spend less on keeping them out and on the border and put more into making illegals legal.

The US already does this for Cubans, so why not Mexicans? If a Cuban lands on American soil after floating for days on a raft then the US says’ get this man his documentation and make him legal. For a Mexican, the US gives him the cold shoulder and sends them back; after they risked everything to get here for a chance of something better. My stepdad is Mexican and at one time was illegal which is why I chose to write this. I can remember my mother telling me stories about Mexicans getting sent back and as they wait to return legally they are killed by cartel.

Or about people getting kidnapped and tortured so the cartels can use them to bring drugs over. My stepdad got deported and it took him two years to get back, legally. I must say those were the longest two years of my mother’s life. She was crying all the time and fell into a deep depression. They had already been together four years before he got deported so it was tough for her. I know many Mexicans and they have not taking one job from an American or done anything crimainal. In fact they have put up with prejudice and hatefulness for just being Mexicans on our American soil!

The point is if they have traveled all the way to the border for a chance at a better life then I promise a big fence will not deter their mission. It will just enhance their risk of dying as they try to cross. Bottom line is if they want to come then they will and building a wall is just a big waste of money. Instead we should have our borders more user friendly like Canada. Allowing Mexicans to purchase visas or contract workers for an extended period of time. The money put into putting up walls and fences between the US and Mexico is a big waste of money.

If the Mexicans want to come over then they will find a way, as we can see. The border is too expensive and unreliable. The money needs to be put into getting illegals documented and made legal to make both Americans and Mexicans safe. If I’m wrong then you can build a wall across the entire border and tell me if you get rid of the all 8 million illegals in the US, estimated half of which are Mexican that are undocumented, unknown and not willing to forward to be deported and at the same time stop all others from coming in.


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