Vass. And was later on made into a play by Salinas, which is one of the most popular versions of the story of Smalltalk. (Walked. Erg) The Story Setting Place India Ashram, a place for monks, hermits and other religious people, can be compared to a invent Kingdom of Hast Social Conditions The type of society they had is a place where there are kingdoms, princes and princesses Characters Smalltalk Very beautiful and charming She loves animal and plants Sage Valhalla He is a king and warrior by birth. He is prideful, because he was a king he always wants to be above everyone else. He wants to be a powerful sage and he wants to master austerities so that he can gain the powers of meditation which enables him to walk on water.

Sage Vistas A sage or monk, who lives as an austere (one who practices adolescence). He possesses Kampuchea Very kind and a powerful ascetic (a person who Is greatly disciplined thus acquires powers) Kampuchea Celestial cow It has powers that can grant anything the sage wishes Indri Hindu god of the Rig-Veda; god of rain and thunder She sent Namesake to Sage Vladimir Monika she was a heavenly damsel that was sent to sage Valhalla for the purpose of seducing him.

She is very beautiful and is great in seduction A sage Has a caring and pitiful heart Guitar She is an old hermit in the ashram and she cared for Smalltalk as if she was her own daughter. She caring and living Pyramidal and Unusual Best friends of Smalltalk They grew up together with Smalltalk in the ashram Adjutants King of Hast Handsome and has a silly characteristics yet respectful Sage Dramas Easily angered monk Wants to be seen always. Demands respect Barbara Curious and brave child. Lot Introduction of the Story The story starts by telling how the birth of Smalltalk came about. She is the daughter of Sage Visitation and Namesake. Namesake was sent on earth to seduce Visitation so that Visitation would redirect him attention to Namesake and away from his obsession for Kampuchea which was owned by sage Vistas. Namesake was from heaven and was sent by Indri because she can’t let Visitation get Kampuchea because he might use it on wrong things.

After a few years when Smalltalk was born, Sage Visitation realized that his focus was on Namesake and he forgot his goal that he wanted to be an ascetic, so he left his wife and daughter to go back to what he wanted. Also Namesake ran away because she missed her life in heaven so she left Smalltalk in the forest, where she was found by sage Canvas. Canvas raised Smalltalk in the ashram where he met and grew together with her friends Pyramidal and Unusual. There she also met Guitar who was like a mother to her. She grew up in the ashram taking care of animals and plants.

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When Smalltalk grew up, Adjutants came in the forest where the ashram was located, he was hunting there and when he was about to kill a deer women from the ashram stopped him. Adjutants kindly asked that he be entertained and that he wanted to see sage Canvas. He was entertained but he wasn’t able to see sage Canvas because he was on a pilgrimage. When Adjutants entered the ashram he saw Smalltalk and later on got a chance to meet her and talk to her. And they got along together and eventually fell in love with each other.

And in the Ashram they got married Rising Action Time came for Adjutants to come back to his kingdom, he promised Smalltalk that he would send for Smalltalk to bring her to Hast where she would be his queen. Smalltalk was given a signet ring with the rings insignia serving as a license to show the chariot that she was the one the king has sent for. Adjutants left and Smalltalk was greatly struck by their separation. Smalltalk also felt different because she will have to leave the place she loved, the ashram.

She would have to leave her friends, her pets, her plants, her Mother-like guardian and sage Canvas who has been like a father to her. Because if these thoughts in mind, Smalltalk was often in a haze. Climax Since Smalltalk was always in a haze, while gardening she didn’t recognize that sage Dramas came in the ashram and the sage got angry at Smalltalk for not entertaining him and giving him water for his feet. Out of Duress’s anger he pronounced a curse over Smalltalk that may she be forgotten by the person that she’s thinking of which is Adjutants.

Smalltalk was pregnant and she needs to be tit Adjutants so they decided that she sets for Hast so that she can be united with her husband, but the problem is that Adjutants forgot all about Smalltalk because of the curse of Dramas and the only solution is that Adjutants should see the signet ring that he gave to Smalltalk. Smalltalk came to Hast and she was able to talk to Adjutants but Adjutants didn’t recognize them so Smalltalk showed him the signet ring that Adjutants gave her but as she raised her hand the signet ring, which was big for her fingers, was not there.

She assumed that she might have had lost the inning in the river when they stopped their Journey for some rest and drink from the river. So, unrecognized, Smalltalk left the king and she was greatly hurt by what had happened. Falling action A few days later the kings minister came to him and showed him a signet ring that was found by a fisherman in the belly of a fish. And suddenly his memory came back and he remembered everything. So she looked for Smalltalk in the ashram but no one was there anymore, not even a single person. Adjutants was unable to find Smalltalk and for years he was deeply sad.

After a few years one of Dustman’s rind had a war in their land of which he was a king over, so he asked for Dustman’s help. Adjutants accepted the invitation and came to that distant land with his army to his friend in a war. Denouement They won the war, so when Adjutants was on his way home he came over a beautiful forest where he saw a boy that’s named Barbara, the boys mother called out to him and when the mother came to her child, she saw that her child was with Adjutants her husband. Smalltalk and Adjutants finally met after many years, they talked with each other and the story ended with everyone filled with Joy.


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