Many consumers take clip and consideration when taking a local pharmaceutics to take their concern to. since many of the pharmaceuticss now have expanded their merchandise choices to include many of your mundane family demands. When you are out looking for a local pharmaceutics and the two closest locations to you are CVS and Walgreens and they merely go on to be located across the street from each other. what characteristics are traveling to do you take one over the other?

Since both locations have drive-thru pharmaceutics services. the convenience is available at either location. Traveling into each shop you will detect that Walgreens has a larger interior retail infinite due to high rise postponing units and is able to offer a wider assortment of merchandises such as ; seasonal vesture points. accoutrements. playthings. nutrient and drinks. Whereas CVS has less interior infinite due to take down profile postponing units that promote a more synergistic client experience.

Consumers appreciate being able to interact with knowing staff and holding easy and accessible merchandise arrangement while shopping in any installation. Walgreens pharmaceutics shops have a wellness and beauty wall. and employs knowing wellness and beauty advisers. They

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are available to help clients in non merely turn uping and choosing cosmetics. aromas. but wellness attention merchandises every bit good. CVS pharmaceutics shops as good have similar wellness and beauty subdivisions located in their shops but without a designated or trained wellness and beauty adviser on staff to offer aid clients.

In add-on to wellness and beauty merchandises Walgreens has a full exposure lab and on-line exposure printing services available and they employ to the full trained exposure lab technicians to help clients with all their printing demands. The exposure lab section offers a broad assortment of services to enable clients to publish to any location. CVS pharmaceuticss every bit good hold a full exposure lab available to clients but do non employee designated exposure lab technicians. While sing the local CVS. you might meet a little delay if you were to be utilizing the facility’s exposure lab since the teller located at the forepart of the shop besides is in charge of manning the exposure section.

The most of import characteristic of each location to include in an overall determination would hold to be the pharmaceutics section itself. Are they to the full staffed with knowing employees? Is the client service high quality. do they run into your ain personal demands? Walgreens’ pharmaceutics employs merely province board certified pharmaceutics technicians to work behind the pharmaceutics counter. They require 1 druggist to be present in order to run. and merely let 3 technicians to be present for every druggist on the floor to guarantee the best possible quality control. The pharmaceutics section has installed window splitters for patient privateness while dropping off or picking up medicines. They have druggists certified in immunisations to administrate Garcia 3

inoculations to patients in designated suites for patient privateness. They besides have the most 24 hr locations to better service clients. CVS pharmaceuticss employee province board certified pharmaceutics technicians every bit good as pharmaceutics technician trainees who are in school to obtain their enfranchisement. They allow certified technicians to run the pharmaceutics section without the presence of druggist for up to 3 hours. In making so technicians would be able to help clients in selling already packaged prescriptions but could non make full new 1s or reply inquiries that were to be directed to the druggist.

CVS pharmaceuticss have non installed any privateness splitters for patient privateness but alternatively hold a one individual at the counter at a clip policy. CVS employs druggists certified in immunisation every bit good. but it does non hold specific immunisation suites set up for patient privateness. Ultimately both separate installations offer many of the same merchandises. publicities. and services. What will put the two apart and do any single semen back is the degree of client service experienced at each separate location and the cognition of the staff members on merchandises.


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