A knowing black adult male. with dreams of doing it in the universe. is What Jerald Walker was determined to make. Walker had grown up in a community where sentiments about “whites” were shared by everyone. White persons discriminated against black people and anything that was believed as bad by black people. was blamed on the white people. In order to win. Walker would hold to “Be” like his brother Clyde. Clyde did non suit the “stereotype” . of a regular black adult male.

His brother said things like. “whites aren’t an obstruction to success” and “only you can’t stop you” . In Scattered Inconveniences. Jerald Walker is up against what seems to be a “redneck cowboy” that is seeking to intimidate and frighten because his household wasn’t from that portion of the state. it turns out that the cat blaring his horn and siting his bumper. is merely a good Samaritan seeking to forestall a washer from falling out of the dorsum of Walkers truck.

I think that Walker is speaking from his ain experience. when he states that everyone is a racialist merely by nature. he is stating that we all learn pigeonholing from the people around us. I don’t believe that his statement is needfully being a racialist. I feel that everyone is discriminated against for something whether it be the colour of our tegument. the apparels that we wear. or the topographic point that we live. I see myself being like Walker. merely presuming this cat is out to ache me and my household merely because I’m a different race. Not suiting the stereotype. I would likely respond the same. merely acquire huffy and so experience truly bad for merely automatically believing the worse first.

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