1 ) How has the execution of NAFTA affected Walmart’s success in Mexico? The execution of NAFTA has affected Walmart’s success in Mexico by lowering/abolishing the tariff’s which Walmart was originally capable to prior to NAFTA. This has allowed the Walmarts in Mexico to offer the same “Every Day Low Prices” to its consumers on both sides of the boundary line without holding to raise monetary values due to tariff fees. Prior to NAFTA. Walmart was sing strong degrees of success in the Mexican part but the largest challenge it faced was integrating the import charges on the goods it sold in its shops.

NAFTA execution in 1994 non merely lowered duties from 10 to 3 per centum on all American goods going into Mexico. but it besides encouraged the Mexican authorities to better its substructure. These betterments to unsatisfactory roads and transit paths helped to bridge the logistical issues foreign companies were holding transporting goods into the state and therefore resulted in an inflow of foreign investing involvement. The new involvement in foreign direct investing besides worked to Walmarts advantage as it lead to the stationing of new fabrication workss by some internationally owned supply companies such as Sony. an electronics fabricating company based out of Japan which sells its merchandises to Walmart.

2 ) How much of Wal-Mart’s success is due to NAFTA. and how much is due to Walmart’s built-in competitory scheme? In other words. could another US retail merchant have the same success in Mexico post-NAFTA. or is Walmart a particular instance? As aforesaid. Walmart had experienced success in Mexico prior to the NAFTA execution and this is mostly due to the company’s competitory scheme. The company’s operations are 2nd to none in minimising costs and their system of buying big measures from providers at the lowest negotiable rates and so hive awaying them in cardinal locations to be shipped off to assorted retail locations gives Walmart a big competitory advantage over any other retail merchants. The fact that Walmart has package with calculating power 2nd merely to the Pentagon for mapping its logistics is a testament to their cost-cutting dedication and their ability to offer consumers the lowest monetary values.

North american free trade agreement may hold propelled Walmart to the successful place it finds itself in the Mexican market presently. but I feel that in the long-run a company such as Walmart would hold made the stairss necessary to achieve this place. Companies like Comerci. or Soriana’s which have been strong participants in the retail market would hold remained much more competitory if so NAFTA had non given Walmart the ability to import goods at such a low cost but in the long-run they would hold had to follow some of Walmarts schemes or go victim to the giant. In footings of other retail merchants seeking to interrupt into the Mexican retail market post-NAFTA. I feel that their success would be limited to their supply and logistics systems ; or that so Walmart is a particular instance of a company being able to ordain its scheme in a foreign market.

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3 ) What has Comerci done in its effort to stay competitory? What are the advantages and challenges of such a scheme. and how effectual do you believe it will be? In an effort to stay competitory with Walmart. Comerci along with two other Mexican retail companies ; Soriana. and Gigante. formed a buying pool called Sinergia in 2004. The end of making Sinergia was to take down the costs for each of the retail merchants by purchasing supplies together in majority and therefore negociating monetary values. The advantages of making such a pool are that retail merchants like Soriana’s. Comerci. and Gigante can now efficaciously lower their monetary values within ground to vie with a company the size of Walmart who’s 55 % portion in the market allows for such big buying dialogue. By take downing the cost of supplies the members of Sinergi will non significantly lower their border when they cut down monetary values for consumers. There are important disadvantages every bit good nevertheless with banding together to organize a pool which Sinergi will hold to turn to in order to successfully vie with Walmart.

The first job Sinergi faces and which it has already experienced issues with are from Mexico’s Competition Commission ( CoFeCo ) . the regulating board which deals with ailments about unjust pricing forced on providers and monopolistic behaviour. When Sinergi was foremost created. CoFeCo rejected their proposal and reasoned that their combined purchasing power would set unreasonable forces on local providers to take down monetary values but was so accepted when Sinergi restated that creative activity of the pool was in response to Walmart’s low monetary values and control of the market. Many issues resulted from Sinergi’s credence as a individual purchasing organic structure and of these ; things like maintaining a to the full disclosed record of trades and purchases. and being limited to merely local providers are merely two of the disadvantages.

If Sinergi’s scheme is carried out with diligence and all three members hand in glove do their portion in disclosing and being transparent with purchases so I feel they will efficaciously vie with Walmart in the retail market. Low costs of supplies has been one of Walmart’s keys in their scheme to win in the retail market. and the low costs to the members of the Sinergi understanding are what will finally let them to be on a flat playing field and to vie with Walmart. Although other factors like distinction of merchandise and making a more suited environment for consumers may pull more concern. I feel that finally low monetary value will trump other factors in keeping a strong pes in the retail market.

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