These parties act like the political wing of Three-e-Taliban and are constantly trying to manipulate the minds of people by forcing them to believe that if Pakistan stops supporting USA and NATO Forces in this war against terror, the lives of the innocent Pakistani people will be saved and there will be no more bombings and killings in the country. If people really believe that this is not our war and peace will find its way back into the country once we withdraw from it then they are the biggest fools.

Patricia Briggs said in Dragon Bones, Stupidity will kill you more surely than your opponent’s blade” I am afraid the future of this nation won’t be pretty until and unless our people learn to difference between right and wrong. Our people need to understand that by disowning the war against terrorism not only are we lowering the spirit of our soldiers but also ignoring the sacrifices our people have made in this war. Let’s go 34 years back to see the roots of this war that how, why and by whom was this this war stated? In 1979 when the USSR attacked Afghanistan, the US sided with the Afghan forces to fight against USSR. Pakistan Joined the war to aid its Muslim neighbor and also to ensure that the security of the country because it was feared that after Afghanistan, Pakistan would be the next target of the USSR, because the USSR needed access to the warm waters. The US and Pakistani forces trained Munched in Afghanistan and with more than enough aid from the US and the Arab countries, the Munched came up as a strong blow on the face of the USSR.

When the war ended these Munched fought for power in Afghanistan meanwhile in the outer world feelings against the Munched were created by the US. Due to these anti-Munched feelings, the Taliban and AAA-Qaeda came into being with Osama bin Laden being their leader. Later Mullah Muar, a Taliban leader, was able to form an extremist government in Afghanistan. Our religious political parties backed up the decision to fight in Afghanistan and vowed to fight alongside USA.

It was only these political parties who backed up the Munched and it was only these political parties who protested when Pakistan ended its alliance in the war. Not only this, but they also supported the Taliban when they came into power in Afghanistan. Why is it that fighting a war alongside USA in 1979 was right but now it has become a sin? Due to the hatred expressed against Islam and Munched around the world the AAA-Qaeda attacked the US twin tower on 1 lath September 2001 and the world saw the greatest drama ever made.

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After the incident of 9/1 1 the Taliban and AAA-Qaeda were labeled as terrorists and the US took this opportunity to declare war against them and attack was in Pakistanis best interest to side with US in this war otherwise the US would have wasted no time in declaring Pakistan the same as Afghanistan and there is no guarantee that US wouldn’t have invaded Pakistan too as. US made it clear to Pakistan that “You’re either with us or against us”. After the US invasion of Afghanistan the situation in Pakistan grew worse and the area near Pack-Afghan border became the nest of terrorists.

Pakistan had to put a stop to these terrorists also because they were spreading extremism in the country and were worsening the country’s situation. After Pakistanis declaration of war against terrorism, a series of constant terrorist attacks started in Pakistan. Over the years over 49,000 people have lost their lives, in which majority were purely innocent and had nothing to do with war against terror. The war became Pakistanis war when there was the first terrorist attack in Pakistan. These terrorists are killing our army, our rangers, our police, and our family and still are saying that this is not our war!

Our armed forces have sacrificed more than 22,000 soldiers and are still fighting to get rid of terrorism. “Our people are being killed and injured in this war. It is our internal problem, and we will have to set it right ourselves,” the MGM had chief said. Those who are pretending that if we suddenly end our alliance with US, all the terrorism would Just magically disappear from the country, there would be no more bombings and no more killings, should cake a look at reality. The Italian’s are fought alongside US army in Libya and are still fighting in Syria, then why do they have a problem with us in being alliance with USA?

People need to realize that this is nothing but a drama going on and the results will be the same whether we support the USA or the Taliban. USA is leaving Afghanistan next year and it is confirmed that even after the departure of USA the Taliban will not stop their terrorist attacks, this war was our war then and is our war now. People also support the thought that we should negotiate with these terrorists. These are those people who until now have remained unharmed. We have been trying to negotiate with the Taliban but the only reply we ever get is another bomb blast.

Enough is enough, half a million people have been killed and instead of avenging those people we are going to negotiate and forgive these terrorists for killing our fellow Pakistanis, NO WAY IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN because these terrorists only know how kill and terrorize and they should be punished for their crimes. The policy of these “negotiate with terrorist” people seems to be that you kill my parents, I will only negotiate, then you kill my siblings, I will only negotiate and finally you will kill be and I will do nothing but surrender to you.

Even the Judicial system of Pakistan and the current Government of Pakistan supports the Taliban and willing to sacrifice many more Pakistani people in order to please these terrorists. The courts don’t punish terrorists due to lack of evidence and when they do the government does everything it can to save that certain terrorist. The terrorists who are released from the courts due to lack of evidence, come out as even more dangerous than before ND their aim is to kill more people than before. These terrorists should be killed before they destroy our country completely.

It should be understood that it is a do or die situation in Pakistan, to be safe from terrorism we should destroy it completely mercilessly. It is amazing to see that despite the loss of so many lives, our beloved political parties are willing to go to extreme lengths to support terrorism. Not only do terrorists SHADED and GAZES. The question here arises that if these terrorists are fighting in the name of Islam, exactly how many concerts, dance parties, fashion cat alas and drinking clubs have they attacked? The answer is none.

These terrorists are the soldiers of Islam who only attack Mosques, Shrines, Churches, Temples, Shopping Malls and Parks. Their only aim is to wipe out all the good and innocent people. Their aim is nothing but destruction. They will continue to destroy lives, whether we are with or against USA. Their problem is Pakistan and its people not the USA and its people, if it was so than it would have been 49,000 Americans dead, not Pakistanis. I would repeat again that it is our people who are dying and it is our army ho is fighting the most against terrorism.

By every means this is our war and we should support our soldiers who are fighting it. We must raise the moral of our army by supporting them and play our own role in war against terrorism. Negotiation with terrorists is useless Just like it is useless with India. The results of negotiating will be the same as they are with India. Peace cannot be restored in the country until the terrorists are wiped out from the country. This is our war which we are fighting for the survival of OUR NATION and Installing, like it or not, we WILL get rid of terrorism.


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