Was Columbus discovery epochal? Many of us have grown up believing from our earliest school years that Christopher Columbus was the voyager who found America. In between the centuries several European explorers navigated around the world searching for treasures and new lands. Of all the explorers, Columbus is the most celebrated and acknowledged – for supposedly founding America in 1492. Columbus was born in Italy in 1452, of humble origins; he grew up surrounded by sea ships and sailors due to his father’s Job. Ever since Columbus was a little ay he loved the sea.

Christopher Columbus became a sailor at the age of 1 5 years old. After many years of experience with the sea and with a captain with him he became an excellent sea captain. Over the years he collected all sorts of maps that showed that the earth was round, some maps even showed that it was possible to sail west and end up east. Some acclaim that he found a new world and Jumpstarted an age of exploration like no other. With Columbus founding of America, massive colonization, giant trade increases, and more resources as old and silver were being surfaced.

Christopher Columbus wanted gold, wealth, and power. He wanted to find a short way to get to the Indies by ship. He was greedy and cared too much about finding gold. His discovery might be considered epochal since it provoked so many things in the course of history, but not necessarily in a positive way, it entering Europe, changing the political and social dynamic of the continent. The discovery tot the Americas also brought new s such as potatoes and corn, sources of cheap food that led to population growth. It also introduced new ideas about religion, politics and economics to Europe.

He “discovered” the new world thousands of years after the natives and 500 years after the Vikings, Leaf Erickson was the first to actually discover America, however, Columbus is important because his explorations made Europeans much more aware of the New World, which helped to encourage more exploration of onto and south America in the ass’s . People get confused with this because it was Columbus voyages that led to the first long lasting European contact with America, marking period of European exploration and colonization of foreign lands that lasted for several years as we know.

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He had, therefore, a huge impact in the historical development of the modern western world. While one can debate whether Columbus was good or bad (I’d say evil), there is no denying that the discovery of the Americas marked a critical turning point in world history, therefore it was infant epochal. We can also affirm that America would probably not be the same if it weren’t for the unfortunate way he treated the natives


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