For centuries it was a hub for spice merchandisers and bargainers around the universe, but today you will happen Kochi a bustling widely distributed metropolis. Kochi besides has many outlying islands organizing parts of Kerala ‘s celebrated backwater. The larboard metropolis of Kochi is a mosaic of diverse civilization and communities. In maintaining with multiethnic composing, Kochi celebrates traditional Kerala festivals like Onam and Vishu along with Christian and Islamic festivals like Christmas, Easter and Eid-Ul-Fitr. Kochi is a turning Centre for information engineering, touristry and international trade and the National Geography Traveller listed Kochi amongst “ 50 greatest topographic points of a life-time ” ( NEED REFERENCE OF WHERE YOU GOT IT ) .

The Kochi organizers consist of the Kochi Port Trust and Kerala Tourism Department which have formed a Consortium to host the way station. As a portion of the Race Event they are besides organizing out-of-door concerts, cultural events, nutrient fests, shopping dainties and pyrotechnics shows. Harmonizing to the imperativeness the event attracted around a million people merely to witness this dramatic race. Besides 100s of stables participated in the exhibition conducted as a portion of the event. The organizers have planned a series of amusement events to attach to the halt over. The Indian portion of the event is jointly hosted by the Cochin Port Trust and Kerala Tourism. Apart from the universe ‘s fastest ocean rushing yachts with state-of-the-art engineering backup, the event will besides pull 100s of other luxury yachts and sailing vass. The race events are designed to enable planetary corporate patrons to keep networking conclaves with leaders of commercialism and industry of the host state at the way station ports.

In order to ease the event one of the major undertaking were to build offshore and onshore substructure, including a Race Village to host sporting every bit good as the corporate events. The Race Village is where all major activities takes topographic point, including choice distribution and besides cordial reception collapsible shelters, nutrient tribunals, amusement will besides take topographic point here. The roads and civic comfortss in and around Kochi were besides upgraded to run into the demands of the Event.

Community based festivals and events are going popular and later more legion. They incorporate diverse scope of specific nutrient, multi-faceted jubilation, etc. Events are considered as a vehicle to ease entrepreneurial endeavors or regional development. Culture and economic development frequently go manus in manus and both festivals and events as centerpieces. Among event organisers and research workers, there is turning acknowledgment of the demand to mensurate socio-cultural impacts of festivals and events as host community dissatisfaction threatens their long-run success even if the event is economically feasible. As a consequence of the alone interaction between tourers and a finish country and its population, socio-cultural impacts occur. During a festival or an event, traffic congestion, parking jobs, overcrowding in local installations can interrupt lives of locals which in bend create societal jobs and makes manner for instability in sustainability.

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The impacts of festivals and events can be categorized as under six chief subjects:

1. Environmental – refering the wider environmental impacts of festivals and events such as C footmarks and organisers attempts to cut down it.

2. Socio environmental – covering the impacts on local people in footings of environmental issues like parking perturbation and anti-social behavior.

3. Economic – the fiscal benefits to local, regional and national economic systems of hosting festivals and events.

4. Socio-economic – the wider economic and societal benefits for an country.

5. Social, cultural and community – positive societal impacts like regeneration, local individuality and cultural development.

6. Assorted coverage – narratives covering a scope of issues non included in the above subjects.


Festivals and events require a batch of planning, disbursals and clip, but they in bend can bring forth fantastic wagess for the community and regional countries every bit good. Get downing up a new event can excite local concerns, bring in tourers. With some research and readying, one can “ sell ” their thought for the new event to the community leaders plus they can besides assist excite the local economic system as their thought comes to fruition.


Positive Impacts

-A Shared experience

-A Building community pride

-A Increased community engagement

-A Expanding cultural positions

A Negative Impacts

-A Community disaffection

-A Negative community image

-A Substance maltreatment

-A Loss of comfortss


Festivals and events must hold programs for the undermentioned countries of the environment: A

Land usage

Intervention with ecologies


Smoke – from fires, cooking

Dust – from traffic

Greenhouse gases – from traffic, cookery, unfastened fires

Misc. – gas from pyrotechnics


Run off – from spills of oil and gasolene

Diverted watercourses – for readying of festival evidences

Drinking H2O – storage and safety

Sanitary sewerage – aggregation and disposal


Solid waste – paper and nutrient residue

Liquid waste – sewerage, cooking oils, greywater

Construction waste


Local ordinances

Public wellness

Disease control

Food control

First assistance


Electrical conformity


Bing a sporting event, the race itself attracts public, private and voluntary organisations like event direction organisation, patrons, local authorities, eating houses, athleticss nines and security forces. The cardinal stakeholders that we could tie in with this event are as follows:

Public or Spectators

The populace is considered to be the most of import stakeholder because without public engagement no event can win. It is the responsibility of the organisers to pull as much public attending as possible. Exhibition stables and marquees were set up as a portion of affecting public engagement. The event being a planetary sporting event at that place was ample public engagement. Besides the local authorities tried to utilize this chance to advance touristry so as to pull people from different parts of the universe to witness this dramatic event.


Organizers are the people behind the success of any event. They are the 1s who provide the basic necessities and substructure for the event Kochi port trust and Kerala Tourism Development Corporation ( KTDC ) jointly organised this event as it is an international event they should besides take proper security steps.

Race Participants

The participants include all the crew members of squads that are take parting in the event. The primary aim of a way station is to supply installations for care and adjustment for the crew and their associates


Patrons play a critical function in the ongoing, success and enlargement of the event. The major patron of this event is Volvo, one of the taking auto fabrication companies in the universe. Other fiscal spouses besides play an of import function in the success of the event.


The engagement of the local authorities is inevitable. They provide adequate support and service for the successful ongoing of the event. As the event attracts planetary attending, it is of import for the authorities to utilize this chance for both societal and economic development.


Consistent and positive media coverage is one of the premier ends of all athleticss decision makers and participants. Sports and the media are the two most powerful influences that affect how society works. Media can supply ocular profile and besides can pull sponsorship chance for the athletics. This event covers a major portion of the universe, so without proper media coverage the event would be miscarried. Harmonizing to beginnings the event expected to make 1.5 billion Television viewing audiences in more than 180 states and would offer unparallel planetary visibleness to Kochi port and Kerala.

Forms of capital

The different signifiers of capital that can be affected by this event with regard to the stakeholders involved in the event are as follows:

Physical capital: – This is the consequence of past events in the transition of constituents of natural capital through building and care, utilizing human, societal and knowledge capital. It includes human habitation, towns and metropoliss, Bridgess, roads, edifices and equipments. It characteristically depreciates and requires care. Schools, clinics, houses, offices, mills, streets, Parkss, museums, public art, squares and Bridgess combine to organize the physical capital of a peculiar topographic point. These assets have value in themselves and in the manner they combine within the reinforced environment. And how they are designed, managed and maintained is a cardinal determiner of how far their possible value is realised. Physical is considered to be the plus of a community or an country.

Any event or festival taking topographic point in a peculiar country will certainly hold to use the physical capital of that topographic point. As it is a Global Sporting Event the usage of such physical capital is inevitable. Everything from roads, Bridgess, ports, infirmaries, hotels have to be utilised.

Environmental capital: – This is frequently a public or common good associated with a topographic point or portion of a complex lawfully evolved web in which constituents are owned in signifier of packages of rights. In simple words it is the entire ofA renewableA and non-renewableA natural resourcesA of aA state. ThoughA substitutesA for some natural resources may be found throughA engineering, most of the natural resources are non-substitutable. Environmental capital is besides calledA natural capital. When an event takes topographic point or is organised in a vicinity, everything from land, H2O, other natural resources of that vicinity have to be utilized. This event has been conducted near the Kochi port for easy entree to the ocean. So frequent usage of H2O resource is required and besides ingestion of renewable and non-renewable resources is inevitable. As it is a yacht racing competition, there is no inquiry of utilizing any kinds of fuel for the race. As it is universe category featuring event the halt over should hold installations for care and crew to rest. For this a Race Village which will distribute over 2.5 estates will be set up near the Kochi port.

Social capital: – This is a step of community intangibles such as webs, cultural chases, trust, linkages, and committedness to local well-being and shared values. It determines the ability of a community to absorb dazes, exploit chances and orient towards the hereafter. Without societal capital, a community lacks coherence, can non organize to keep its environment or its economic system and accordingly is unattractive to foreigners.

Human capital: – This is frequently seen as a topic of societal capital. It can be operationalised expeditiously as a separate signifier of capital to stress that its constituents need to be considered individually when be aftering how to utilize human capital, consciousness, accomplishments, and finance factors need to be addressed for the betterment of the environment. During this century, instruction, accomplishments, and other cognition have become important determiners of a individual ‘s and a state ‘s productiveness. One can even name the 20th century the Age of Human Capital in the sense that the primary determiner of a state ‘s criterion of life is how good it succeeds in developing and using the accomplishments, cognition, wellness, and wonts of its population. This peculiar event has an inauspicious consequence on the human capital of that vicinity. As a batch of planning and readyings is required for this event, the usage of human capital is ineluctable. Human capital provides the necessary accomplishment, cognition and adult male power for initial readyings for the event. It is compulsory to put up a Ocean Race Village at each and every way station for care and for the crew to rest, the building of such a installation would necessitate adult male power and accomplishment.

Fiscal capital: – This is the most recognized signifier of capital. It consists of exchangeable points that are surplus to bing demands. It has been amassed in the past and can be borrowed from the hereafter. It can be accumulated through the usage of other signifiers of capital and through its investing in transforming procedures. The issue is how to bring forth more positive ways to turn to the environmental direction.

Impact of the event on the different signifiers of capital

We have clearly identified all the possible signifiers of capital associated with the event. Some are straight related and some are indirectly related to the event. The subdivision below will research how the event makes an impact on these signifiers of capital.

Impact of the event on Physical capital

We discussed earlier that physical capital is an plus for a peculiar topographic point. It includes everything from roads, Bridgess, schools, infirmaries, etc. when a major event takes topographic point in a vicinity it will hold a direct impact on the physical capital of that topographic point.

Some possible effects of event on roads are as follows:

Inadequate auto parking installation which may ensue in over-flow parking. So a subsequent sum of land has been utilised for supplying sufficient auto parking installation.

Possibility of route closing and traffic recreation for the event.

Because of the extra traffic coming into that topographic point, there might be a demand of widening and upgrading of the bing roads. All major roads taking to the event locale were upgraded and widened in order to manage the extra traffic.

When a major event takes topographic point it will certainly pull an tremendous crowd. So the organisers should be to the full prepared so as to set up needed adjustment installation for the participants every bit good as for the tourers and witnesss.

As it is a H2O athletics event, it is indispensable that the event locale is located in such a manner that it has an easy entree to the nearest port. The event attracts a big figure of yachts which may ensue in high traffic in the Waterss. So thickening and broadening of the H2O organic structure is besides required.

Hotels play an of import function in suiting the big crowd from different parts of the universe.

Impact of the event on environmental capital

Environment capital includes renewable and non-renewable resources of a peculiar country. The resources involved with this peculiar event are H2O, land, non-renewable resources like fuel, power and electricity, etc.

Impact on H2O resource

Run off – from spills of oil and gasolene – even though yachts do non necessitate any kind of fuel, fuel is necessary for boats that accompany each race squad. This may ensue in oil spills into the ocean and other H2O organic structures.

Diverted watercourses – the H2O organic structures in and around the event country demand to be diverted or widened in order to ease the race.

Sanitary sewerage – as the event is been organised near the port which is really near to the ocean there is ever a possibility that sewerage and waste is dumped into the H2O resources.

Impact on land

Around 2.5 estates of land is been utilized for puting up of the event locale. The land demand to be levelled in order to concept required installations for the event. It is mandatory for each halt over ports to build a Race small town that includes care installation for the boats and yachts and besides adjustment for each squad crew.

Metric tons of wastes are generated each twenty-four hours in and around the event locale hence, a proper waste disposal systems are required for disposing of the waste. A great trade of the event is been used for supplying auto parking installations besides. Stalls and exhibition marquees consumes big part of the entire country.

Impact on Air and natural flora

Even though there is n’t much impact on air, the lone impact that we could place was that the immense figure of generators and other machineries used in the event locale let out a considerable sum of pollution into the ambiance. This in bend can do a certain sum of air pollution.

Besides a great trade of grass lands covering the country was cleared for the building of the event locale.

Impact of the event on the fiscal capital and human capital

When Kochi was announced as one of the races top way stations, the authorities identified this as an chance to advance touristry and thereby achieving economic development. A planetary event like Volvo ocean race attracts tourers from far off land. This would assist in conveying in a immense trade of gross into the state. Income from touristry is one of the major beginnings of gross for the province. So this event was a great encouragement for advancing touristry and in return generating gross for the province. The beginnings of gross are as follows:

Gross from the tourers

Gross from patrons and advertizements

Income from ticket gross revenues.

The event besides provides employment chances for the people shacking in the regional country. Whether it is for building of different installations or as event voluntaries, the event has helped in using the accomplishment and cognition of people shacking the regional country.


Measuring all the groundss this subdivision will mensurate how sustainable the event is. We have discussed the impact of this peculiar event on different countries of sustainability. We besides listed how each country has been affected by this event. Equally far as environmental issues are concerned there is n’t much of an impact, as Volvo Ocean Race takes effectual stairss to undertake environmental issues. Volvo claims that they have implemented an environmental public presentation system that helps to supervise and describe the environmental effects from the Volvo Ocean Race corporations. Seafaring is considered to be one of the purest and most environmental friendly athleticss with ferocious competition depending merely on the air current as the beginning of energy. They have besides taken enterprise in continuing the marine life through candidacy and environmental plans. But there are certain environmental impacts that are ineluctable. The impacts vary from H2O to set down pollution in and around the event locale. The organisers have clear cognition on how to undertake such environmental jobs, and besides implemented a system that can supervise and describe any kind of issue connected with the environment.

When Kochi was announced as one of the way station of Volvo Ocean Race, it was expected that it would convey in a great trade of gross. This event was besides a encouragement for the touristry and regional development. The event was helpful in supplying employment chances and regional development of the country. The event has besides helped in development of the physical capital of the topographic point. Physical capital includes roads, Bridgess, hotels which were developed and upgraded peculiarly for the event.

Sport and touristry are important industries in the economic system in footings of economic and societal development every bit good as their widely recognised potency for growing. The Volvo Ocean Race is non merely a clean event but besides a venture to develop the Tourism Sector of that vicinity. So it is, in fact, this potency for growing, most notably during the current planetary fiscal crisis where economic lag is regional, which makes the demand to understand the impacts. It is of import from an ethical position to understand the impact that athletics and touristry has on the external environment so that these impacts can be more efficaciously managed, it is besides of import that the impact of alterations in the external environment on the sustainability of athletics and touristry are understood in order to guarantee the long term viability of the sector. Equally far as Volvo Ocean race is concerned their purpose is grow and develop this race in a sustainable manner, taking into consideration Corporate Social Responsibility and environment direction. They even undergo a proper environment audit by one of the most recognized and experient companies in this field. Apart from the minor environmental jobs which can be controlled and rectified, the event had achieved its ends sustainably because of strong committedness towards environment protection and besides because of their policies sing sustainable development.


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