Sincerely, Executive Summary After evaluating all the options based on various criteria the following solution has en Identified: Mr. Fred Western should hire Ms Mimi Brewster in Hathaway Jones’ US office to launch designer clothes in the US market for young people. To utilities Ms Brewster expertise on fashion trends In China, she can also be made part of the strategic team working on Chinese store launch. Further details of the evaluation criteria, action plan implementation and contingency plan are given in the report.

Situational Analysis Hathaway Jones is a luxury apparel retailer based in Philadelphia. During current times the firm was facing difficulty in maintaining its sales due to deteriorating customer perception of its image. Mr. Fred Western, who is the company CEO, plans on radically revamping the company’s image and product line as young people wanted clothes which were affordable and had more flair. As a part of this strategy Mr. Western planned on expanding the company’s operations into China.

To head operations in China Mr. Western interviewed Ms Mimi Brewster who was his college friend’s daughter. Ms Brewster was born in China, spoke both Mandarin and a local dialect, and had completed her graduation UCM lauded from Berkeley majoring in modern Chinese history. She later completed her MBA from Stanford and got recruited by Eleanor Gaston, the largest clothing, shoes, and accessories company in the US. Mimi has been described by her employer as an aggressive, risk taking, dynamic, fashionable person.

She has two successful brand launches credited to her. Being born in China she knew about the Chinese traditions, culture and what the China’s Yuppies wanted in terms of luxury goods. As a part of the hiring process Ms Virginia Flanders, Vice President of Human Resources, put together a file on Ms Brewster containing the letters of recommendation as well as the routine check on Google. During her online search she found articles about Ms Brewster taking part in a protest against Chinese government outside their consulate in San Francisco.

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She told Mr. Western regarding her recent discovery about Ms Brewster and raised concern that her involvement in the new store’s launch may cause trouble for the story Ms Flanders retorted that he should first consult the company lawyers to avoid any legal implications of the action. Although Mr. Western and Ms Flanders had always been at loggerheads the revelation caused Mr. Western to reconsider his decision regarding hiring Ms Brewster. Problem Statement The course of action Mr. Fred Western should adopt while hiring Ms Mimi Brewster which is in the best interest of Hathaway Jones. Options 1.

Hire Ms Mimi Brewster for launching the store in China 2. Do not hire Ms Brewster in Hathaway Jones 3. Arrange a second round of interview with Ms Brewster to discuss the current situation 4. Hire Ms Brewster in Hathaway Jones’ US office Criteria for Evaluation The following are the criteria that I have used for evaluation. The numbers to the right correspond to the weights assigned to each criterion. Impact on Hathaway Jones’ expansion plan 0. 30 Relationship with Chinese government Credentials of the candidate 0. 25 0. 20 Legal implications and firm’s reputation as an recruiter 0. 5 Relationship with John Brewster 0. 10 Each option will be evaluated against the given criteria by using a 5-point scale which rates the criteria in degrees of affordability. The following is the assumed rating spread and definition: 5 4 3 2 Most Favorable Favorable Neither Favorable nor Unfavorable Unfavorable Most Unfavorable Criteria Rating Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 5 Legal implications and Firm’s reputation as an recruiter 0. 15 Relationship with John Brewster Total 3. 8 2. 9 3. 2 4. 25 Evaluation of the options are done on the basis of the criteria generated.

Evaluation of options Option 1 is unfavorable for Hathaway Jones in several aspects like it may cause problems with China’s government during store launch due to Ms Brewster involvement in the protest. As Chinese government is known to view protests as a serious offence this could hamper the firm’s expansion plans. Option 2 is also not suitable to solve Mr. Westerns problem. It is not known as to whether the firm will be able to get another candidate as qualified and apt as Ms Brewster so the decision’s s he is responsible for hiring the best talent for the company.

Also this will affect the friendship between Mr. Western and Mr. Brewster. Option 3 will be unfavorable for Hathaway Jones as Ms Brewster can sue the company on account of using information available on internet against her during the hiring process. This can have legal implications which the company cannot afford. Also the company’s reputation as a recruiter will be damaged which can further cause problems in hiring talented people. Option 4 will be favorable for Mr. Western in several aspects. First the firm ill be able to get on board a talented candidate like Ms Brewster.

Second the company will not have to face any legal issues and also maintain its reputation as a recruiter. Apart from this Mr. Western will also be able to maintain his friendship with Mr. Brewster. Recommendation Based on the ratings assigned to each option we recommend that Mr. Western should go with the Option 4, I. E. Hire Ms Brewster in Hathaway Jones’ US office. Plan of Action First Mr. Western should offer a position to Ms Brewster to be a part of Hathaway Jones’ operations in US. Considering her past experience of launching two successful rand’s she can be assigned to launch designer clothes in US market which are targeted at young people.

To utilities Ms Brewster expertise on fashion trends in China, she can be made part of the strategic team working on Chinese store launch. Contingency Plan In case Ms Brewster refuses to accept the Job offer in US, Mr. Western should look for other candidates with similar profile for expansion plan in China. Also, along with this Ms Brewster can be offered a role as an independent consultant for developing the Chinese store launch plan. This way her involvement in the project will not hamper the relations with Chinese Government.


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