The united States Is split Into three major parts, lower class, middle class, and upper- class. There is the lower class which consists of a yearly salary of twenty three thousand dollars for a household of four, the middle class which consists of a salary between thirty two thousand and sixty thousand dollars a year, and the upper class which earns a salary of more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars yearly. There are thirteen percent in the category of lower class living in the united States today. The wealthy should help the poor families get back on their feet by providing them tit an education.

If low-income families have the opportunity to receive an education, a lower class would no longer exist. Everybody would benefit by this change that education would make. The wealthy stay wealthy, and the poor better equipped to get a job and earn a salary to support their family. The rich should help the poor by providing them with the opportunity to have an education. The wealthy should offer the poor and low income families education in place of just aimlessly writing out checks. Many may not realize that the richest one percent f the country owns forty percent of everything developed.

So much money Is earned by this higher upper class yearly, that it is nearly impossible to spend all of the money they make. When the high upper class start to provide the uneducated people with an education, they can then later hire them to work in their corporations. Once the unfortunately poor people have bettered their working and financial skills, they can help to better the United States economy. When given money, many homeless or less fortunate people may panic and waste It on little things because they heaven aimed the knowledge of finance.

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When the united States population then are all educated, everyone will better have the ability to maintain a Job and there will be room to create new and Improved technologies and businesses, Another way the wealthy could help the poor and low-income families is by trickling down their amazingly huge amount of wealth Into the pockets of the less fortunate by offering financial incentives for hard work. Coo’s of major business corporations can trickle down their earning to their employees.

This would give the rower positioned workers enough money so that they could purchase luxury products, such as that of the upperclassmen they work for. The Melinda and Bill Gates program offers many deferent opportunities for the low-income families that work for their corporations. There are many examples of this today, and If there were more situations where this method was used, we would benefit by a risen economy. If everybody would have enough money to buy all of the products that companies produce, then the money would go back to the corporations, and the workers would intention to earn more money.

The wealthy would stay wealthy, and the lower and middle class would no longer face the struggles of having insufficient income. Some may think that having the wealthy give up their hard-earned money is not the proper way to handle things. The wealthy have worked hard to earn the money they toy 2 the poor and low income families have chosen to be Jobless and have made no effort to get a Job, so it would be useless to give them money when it is not earned. Many poverty stricken families do not know how to correctly use money, and many times ND up putting it to poor use.

Wealthy people may be offended by this change, and even feel as if they are not being appreciated for their hard work. By offering incentives to the lower income individuals, it would no longer be a handout, but rather income earned. By providing the lower class with an opportunity for education it could only serve to teach them how to better manage their new found income. The United States is split into three major categories determined by the amount of wealth that’s possessed. The lower class consists of people with little to nothing to heir name.

People who take their place in the middle class usually have some type of shelter and transportation, but don’t have the money to spend on luxury items. Upper class earn a salary of at least two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars. There are many in the category of lower class, and that’s not good for our economy as a nation. Many families were born into poverty by the fate of their ancestors. We as Americans need to do what’s best for our country, and put an end to our national poverty rate by spreading money out through the wealthy.


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