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JRR Tolkien s The Hobbit and Lord of the Ringss have inspired me to analyze the universe he has created. One of the facets that is of great involvement to me is the armour and arms used by the warriors and ground forcess of Middle. In many ways Tolkien has modeled his books after our ain ancient universe. Particularly the Dark and Medieval ages. Obviously Middle Earth can non be precisely equated to any period of our ain universe, but in a wide sense it is like our Dark and Medieval ages. The all of the arms and armour, and some of the conflict tactics used in Middle Earth are really similar to those used in our Dark and Medieval ages.

Throughout the Medieval and Dark ages ( approximately 500-1100 AD ) , the prevailing type of organic structure armour was a coat of concatenation mail with a light helm ( either conelike or unit of ammunition ) . Vambraces, cracklings, and baseball mitts could besides be added, in which instance it would be see a full suit of armour. Besides for added protection a hairdo of concatenation mail could be worn around the caput and neck country. The norms warrior s equipment was completed with a arm of some sort and normally a shield. Common arms used back so included blades, axes, and lances. Bows and pointers were besides used extensively but normally non in concomitant with heavy suits of armour. In order to spot whether Tolkien paralleled the arms and armour of the Dark and Medieval ages in his ain creative activity, we must look for back uping stuff in Tolkien s plants.

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In the Lord of the Rings about all of the activist animals had similar armour: Gimli, Aragorn, Legolas, Theodin, the Riders of Rohan, the Citadel Guards of Minas Tirith, and the Orc Captain of Moria to call merely a few. Gimli wore a mail shirt, a helm of mail and Fe, a shield at times, and wielded a dwarven-made axe. Aragorn wore an Elven mail coat, a shield, and wielded the blade called Anduril ( made by Elvess and reforged by midgets ) . Legolas wore an Elven mail coat and a shield like Aragorn s, and as arms he used a long knife, and longbow from Lothlorien. Theodin wore a mail coat, a helm, a shield, and wielded a blade and a lance. The Riders of Rohan used the same apparatus as Theodin but some substituted lances for short bows. The Citadel Guards of Minas Tirith used Mithril helms, coats of mail, shields, and blades. The Orc Captain of Moria was clad in mail from caput to toe, and he used a shield, a lance, and a scimitar.

The Elven guards in Caras Caldhon are said to be have oning Grey mail. The Lord of The Nazgul is have oning a mail byrnie and bearing a Mace when he is contending Eowyn and Merry. Merry got around the mail by knifing with his Barrow-Blade up underneath the byrnie and into the dorsum of the Nazgul & # 8217 ; s articulatio genus. Denethor wore a mail coat dark and twenty-four hours beneath his robes so that he would non go soft with age. Boromir was equipped with a shield, blade, and helm, but had no mail coat since he was going afar and presumptively wanted less weight for greater velocity. If he had reached Minas Tirith he would no doubt hold been equipped as Aragorn had been.

After Boromir & # 8217 ; s decease the reader learns two of import facts refering Orcs. It is learned that there are several different cabals of Orcs, each holding trueness to a different maestro. Some of the Orcs that killed Boromir were from Isengard and presumptively sent by Saruman, and others were from Mordor, presumptively sent by Sauron. The other of import thing that the reader learns is that the Orcs decorated their mail, ornately in some instances. Much of their armour was decorated with runic letters or carved to resemble something. This fact is a st

rikingly parallel to the flowery ornaments of arms during the Dark and Medieval ages. The ornaments likely helped to separate between friend and enemy, and to demo a sense of pride for one s ain ground forces.

Upon Boromir & # 8217 ; s decease, it was noted that the Orcs he slew had been equipped with mail, helms, and shields. The Orcs of the Misty Mountains among this group were armed with scimitars, short bows, etc. This was inferred by the comparing to the three Orcs from Isengard that he slew. These great Orcs were armed with longbows and short, broad-bladed blades, alternatively of the conventional equipment. At this point it was noted that the Orcs from Isengard bore white custodies on their shields, and white S-Runes on their helms, while Orcs from Mordor used the mark of the Red Eye on their equipment. It & # 8217 ; s non clear if the Orcs of the Red Eye took portion in the conflict with Boromir. It seems more likely that they caught up with the other Orcs a spot subsequently on, so the comparings in equipment seem to be made through the extended cognition of Aragorn. During the expedition of the assorted group of Orcs across Rohan, some notes are made mentioning to their horrid, jaggy knives. The leader of the Orcs from Mordor, dullard and interesting knife whose hilt was carved in the similitude of a caput with a barbarous face.

Theodin s work forces besides decorated their armour extensively. Borne on the shields of Theodin & # 8217 ; s family warriors was the symbol of the house of Eorl ( a white Equus caballus on a green field ) . It besides seems that green treasures were popular in Rohan. Green treasures decorate the blade hilts of Theodin & # 8217 ; s guards before his doors, and the sheath of his blade,

If the arms and armour of in-between Earth are the same as those of our Dark and Medieval ages so the manners of contending would likely be similar excessively. In fact, the manners of contending were similar. In The Hobbit during the Battle of Five Armies the Wargs and Goblins used a tactic called encircling the enemy, which was used in our ain universe as good. When you encircle your enemy you are in a place so that all of your work forces can assail but the enemy s work forces, who are on the interior of the circle, can non. The work forces of the enemy, who are on the really inside of the circle, are surrounded by their ain work forces, and hence uneffective.

In Lord of the Rings, when Isengard is being assaulted by Rohanners on pes, shield walls are used extensively. A shield wall is formed by work forces of an ground forces marching in a tightly packed horizontal line and seting their shields together. This maneuver has been used extensively throughout our history, get downing with the Vikings. Another tactic that was used during the same conflict was that of utilizing trenches for defence. Trenchs were non used extensively in our ain universe until World War 1, but they were rarely used in the Dark and Medieval ages.

In decision, about all of the arms and armour used in Middle Earth are the same as those used in our Dark and Medieval Ages. Every combatant animal in Middle Earth, from Aragorn to the Orc Lord of Moria, used arms and armour common to our ain universe. The arms and armour used in Middle Earth were even decorated much in the manner that work forces of Earth decorated theirs ; with runic letters, pictures, and symbols of all sorts. The several of the conflict tactics mentioned in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were the same as those used in our Medieval and Dark ages, including: blockade, shield walls, and trenches. Tolkien was a maestro of uniting things both familiar and unfamiliar to make a fabulously credible universe.



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