One of the most well-known conditions phenomena is El Nino. This type of conditions phenomenon is said to be good known because of its unknown beginnings and unpredictable happening. There are different accounts as to what El Nino does to the conditions patterns all over the universe. This phenomenon is known non merely to change conditions conditions in affected countries but besides affect the lives of people. The El Nino phenomenon is described as the widespread heating of the ocean temperatures particularly in the cardinal and eastern Pacific ( “Australian Government: Bureau of Meteorology” ) .

In El Nino. conditions is disrupted because there is a diminution in the sum of exchange of air currents. hence cut downing the sum of cool H2O and is replaced by the warm Waterss ( Reynolds et al. ) . Scientists until know could non place the exact ground why this phenomenon occurs and in fact they can ne’er happen out how such phenomenon plants ( “Solve Your Problem” ) . Though this may be an unpredictable phenomenon. this is said to be a natural status that the tropical Pacific part experiences ( Reynolds et al. ) .

It may be a natural conditions status that largely is experienced by the tropical Pacific parts. but the effects and its capriciousness makes it more of a menace. The phenomenon El Nino is known for its effects non merely in the change of conditions but besides in destroying the lives of many people. El Nino is known as an “oscillation of the ocean atmosphere” ( “NOAA/PMEL/TAO: The El Nino story” ) where its effects would be change of conditions all over the universe. El Nino alters weather conditions non merely of the tropical Pacific part. but finally the conditions conditions of the full Earth ( Suplee ) .

Most common conditions change caused by El Nino is the addition in rainfall ; more rainfall means inundation ( “NOAA/PMEL/TAO: The El Nino story” ) . Not merely does changing conditionss all over the Earth is one consequence of El Nino. but the most common side consequence is drought. Because of the abnormalcy in the exchange of air currents and the utmost temperature it brings. drouth is experienced by states affected by El Nino. Most of the people that would be affected by drouth are husbandmans. Drought brings catastrophes to the harvests of husbandmans and hence stultifying their agencies of support.

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Not merely does drought convey about the desolation of harvests. it besides brings about drying of rivers and lakes. Because of utmost hot conditions brought approximately by the warm surface sea H2O. most rivers dry up ; this event affects the supply of H2O to people and animate beings that rely on these watercourses. It is apparent that this phenomenon is one factor that could lend other issues. most specifically alterations in clime. The El Nino phenomenon could last for several months. and after a few seasons. a rhythm of chilling back the ocean comes and the phenomenon La Nina occurs ( Reynolds et al ) .

The La Nina phenomenon is another rhythm of the chilling of the ocean seas. La Nina occurs when some of the warm temperatures given off by El Nino give manner to the formation of unusual strong air currents and cold temperatures of the surface H2O ( Reynolds et al. ) . Though La Nina is normally known to happen after El Nino. now this cold phenomenon is every bit much unpredictable as El Nino ( Suplee ) . Most of the known effects of La Nina are heavy rains. During La Nina season. rainfalls are much heavier.

The addition in the rainfall during this season is caused by the interaction between the warm H2O left by El Nino and the now organizing cold Waterss from La Nina ( Suplee ) . Because of this reaction. heavy monsoon rains and higher precipitations are felt by parts in the tropical Pacific ( Suplee ) . Hurricanes that occur during La Nina seasons are said to be the deadliest of them all ( Suplee ) . It could clearly be seen that the La Nina phenomenon relies on what happens during the El Nino season. intending it is during this season that we feel the after consequence of the season El Nino.

Though El Nino and La Nina are a contradicting phenomenon. both contribute to the change of the usual climates that people are sing. These seasons bring about more than merely hot and cold conditions ; they besides dictate the type of climes people will see in the approaching yearss. Works Cited Australian Government: Bureau of Meteorology. N. p. 2010. Web. 1 Jun 2010. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bom. gov. au/climate/glossary/elnino. shtml & gt ; . NOAA/PMEL/TAO: ‘The El Nino story’ . National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory. n. d. Web. 1 Jun 2010.

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