Weed Control? ( Legalize Marijuana? ) Essay, Research Paper

Weed Control


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First Period English 10 Awards

August 23, 1998




English 10 Awards

August 23, 1998


Marijuana is the focal point of more argument today than any other drug. This struggle has late intensified due to propositions passed in Arizona and California that allow the medical usage of marihuana to handle serious unwellnesss. Recent public sentiment polls have shown that 70 per centum or more of Americans support the legal usage of marihuana in the intervention of serious diseases ( Brazaitis C1+ ) . Many people have tried marihuanas and found that reduces their complaints without inordinate damaging side-effects. Therefore, due to its medical utilizations and limited serious side-effects, marihuana should be legalized for medical usage in the United States.

Marijuana has many good medical utilizations. Of its many medical applications the most common medical usage for marihuana is as an appetency stimulation and as a control for sickness. The symptoms of chemotherapy are reduced by marihuana. In fact, Marinol, the commercial name for man-made THC, was approved to alleviate sickness and emesis in chemotherapy patients. Besides, marijuana proper was proven to be effectual in the bar of sickness for chemotherapy patients. Fourty-four per centum of oncologists suggested the usage of marihuana to command sickness for their chemotherapy patients in a 1990 study ( Grinspoon 1875-76 ) .

The antinausea quality of marihuana besides aids in the intervention of those with AIDS or HIV. It helps to relieve the loss of appetency and emesis caused by the AIDS cachexia syndrome. Furthermore, peptidase inhibitors, new antiviral


drugs used in AIDS intervention, cause extreme sickness that marijuana helps to command ( Fackelmann 15-18 ) . ? Thousands of patients with malignant neoplastic disease, AIDS, and other diseases report they have obtained dramatic alleviation from these lay waste toing symptoms by smoking marihuana. . . The relief of hurt can be so dramatic that some patients and their households have been willing to put on the line a jail term, ? wrote Jerome P. Kassiner, main editor of the New England Journal of Medicine ( Fackelmann 15-18 ) . Some have even proposed that marihuana be used as intervention for anorexia nervosa because of its stimulation to the appetency ( Marijuana and Health 13 ) .

In add-on to appetite stimulation, marihuana has many utilizations due to its control of nervous physiological reactions. THC, the active chemical in marihuana, may help in the intervention and control of bosom onslaughts ( Marijuana and Heath 13 ) . Fackelmann suggests that based on lab findings, marihuanas can be used to cut down the symptoms of Huntington? s disease and spinal cord hurts ( 15-18 ) . Furthermore, it has been found utile in the intervention of Gulf War syndrome ( Brazaitis C1+ ) . Cannabidiol, another constituent of marihuana, was shown to quiet unnatural motions in five people enduring from dystonia, a status in which musculuss spasm ( Fackelmann 15-18 ) . Last, in people enduring from multiple induration or intellectual paralysis, THC may assist command musculus cramps as indicated by preliminary research ( Marijuana and Health 13 ) .

Marijuana contains other chemicals that give it many other medical utilizations. The largest of these applications is glaucoma, an oculus disease characterized by abnormally high oculus fluid force per unit area and loss of vision. The National Academy of Science accepts that marijuana reduces force per unit area in the eyes of patients enduring from glaucoma which, by the way, is the taking cause of sightlessness in the United States ( Armentano 137 ) . More specifically, THC has been shown to


cut down force per unit areas within the eyes of glaucoma patients, and therefore salvage the retina from harm. Other utilizations for marihuana include the alleviation of apparition limb spasms, catamenial strivings, and other chronic hurting such as megrims ( Grinspoon 1875-76 ) . THC has even been shown to protract the lives of cancerous mice. Furthermore, THC has delayed the rejection of skin transplants and therefore has increased the opportunities of the organic structure accepting the transplant. ( Marijuana and Health 13 )

Even if marihuana does hold good effects upon the organic structure and head, its usage must be proven without important side-effects if it is slated to be legalized. The greatest of these unintended effects are upon the physical organic structure. Marijuana fume has been proven to diminish sperm production, but it does non look to do sterility. Likewise, marihuana usage inhibits ovulation without upseting estrogenic activity. Heavy usage of marihuana for six to eight hebdomads has been shown to do a mild obstructor to individual? s air passages. Though this may do some harm to the lungs, baccy fume has much more dramatic effects. Another major physical consequence is related to the immune system. Marijuana lowers the capacity of white blood cells to contend infection, as proved T

hrough multiple surveies. However, even though marijuana reduces the organic structure? s ability to contend infection, it has ne’er been proven to increase the symptoms of AIDS. ( Hollister 662 ) It besides does non speed up the rate at which HIV-positive persons develop AIDS ( Armentano 137 ) .

Marijuana besides has certain mental effects upon those who use it. Harmonizing to Grinspoon it is habit-forming, but less habit-forming than musculus relaxants, soporifics, and anodynes ( 1875-76 ) . If marihuana is used improperly, it many contribute to accidents on the route or at work. However, intoxicant and other hurting slayers have similar if non worse effects. Last, the usage of marihuana has been proven to decline schizophrenic disorder ( Hollister 661 ) .


The usage of marihuana bears no great dangers. In fact, the ratio of deadly dosage to effectual dosage is 40,000 to 1, and there is no known instance of lethal overdose ( Grinspoon 1875-76 ) . Many experts even agree that marihuana is less toxic than cocaine or diacetylmorphine ( Voelker 1645-48 ) . Although marijuana fume contains more pitch and atoms than baccy fume, much less marihuana is needed for an effectual dosage ( Grinspoon 1875-76 ) . Indeed, Francis L. Young, the former head jurisprudence justice of the Drug Enforcement Agency said that marihuana is? one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to adult male ( Armentano 137 ) . ? Therefore, if marijuana really deserves its Agenda I position, it must be proven to be insecure even as a drug for deceasing patients, which it clearly does non due to its frequence of recommendation for patients ( Grinspoon 1875-76 ) .

Today, Marinol is the lone legal option to marijuana. Yet, marihuana is superior to Marinol due to several factors. Most significantly, the method of disposal of marihuana is superior to that of Marinol. Marijuana is easier to modulate with regard to dosage and continuance of THC than orally taken Marinol. The pill signifier of Marinol has a delayed consequence ; whereas, inspiration of marihuanas smoke delivers an immediate dose ( Fackelmann 15-18 ) . John P. Morgan, MD, of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine says that when marihuana is smoked, the THC is absorbed much faster into the organic structure than when one orally takes Marinol ( Voelker 1645-48 ) . In add-on to being easier to administrate, marihuana is besides less toxic than the Marinol for which it is substituted ( Armentano 137 ) . A physician testified before a Drug Enforcement Agency hearing to describe that in a 1978 to 1986 research plan, marihuana was found to be superior to man-made THC in commanding sickness for chemotherapy patients ( Grinspoon 1875-76 ) . Furthermore, Marinol appears to do high degrees of


anxiousness and depression that marihuana does non ( Brookhiser 9 ) . In support of the usage of marihuana Kevin B. Zeese, an lawyer and president of Common Sense for Drug Policy, says that many patients are forced to stop their chemotherapy because they can non take Marinol which must be swallowed to command their grim emesis ( Fackelmann 15-18 ) .

The legalisation of marihuana for medical usage continues to be a topic of much argument. Some feel that it should be wholly banned while others would wish to see it approved for all utilizations. I feel that a in-between way is appropriate. Marijuana should merely be legalized for the intervention of chronic diseases and hurting. It is a drug, and like all drugs the potency for maltreatment exists. However, marijuana clearly has many good maps that no other drugs can imitate. If it were partly legalized, the authorities could so command its usage and distribution. As Professor Lynn Zimmer, a sociologist at Queens College, asserted, ? The War on Drugs is truly a war on marihuana? ( Nadelmann 51-53+ ) .


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