Given this scenario, how have Linda and Larry handled the conflict thus far? What should they do now? If Linda and Larry have already asked Dale and Donna about limiting the noise personally then they should tell the apartment manager. In alerting management they can ask what course of action will be taken along with an estimated time frame. If nothing has changed then Linda and Larry can use the last resort in calling the police.

Linda and Larry (if they are dealing with immature individuals) should probably expect some type of retaliation from these noisy neighbors. During this entire process I would recommend Larry and Linda keeping a written record of times, dates, and a short description of when they made contacts with the neighbors, apartment complex and even the police. If something like retaliation was to occur, they could hopefully present a good case as to why Dale and Donna would retaliate. On the other hand Linda and Larry could have called the apartment manager directly to have them handle the situation or even called the police.

This would keep Linda and Larry from being retaliated against and they might even have a better response with individuals who are not living under those types of conditions. I believe they should take the “rights-based” approached because they do have a couple more options to exhaust which would be to contact the landlord as I previously stated or call the police. In first contacting the landlord, L&L could also contact other apartment residents to report D&D as well to ensure the apartment management would resolve the issue of these parties. If other neighbors implant then L&L will not look like the trouble-makers.

The downside to calling the police would be the situation may not get resolved and the situation could escalate. In using the police, the situation could become worse in which retaliation can occur by D&Del would also agree with Jorge that the situation could also become zero-sum or distributive. I also agree with Alicia when she stated that if the personality does not align with “the cup of coffee” approach a resolution would not be defined. It would be like a teenager trying to reason with a toddler. Some negotiating is “interest-based”, and some is “rights based. What determines which approach is better and which approach is least costly? When is “active avoidance” appropriate? SQ After reading the case, identify and explain the conflict that occurred, how it occurred, now It could nave Eden eave, Ana want Kelly Ana ten toner AL Is snouts do now. There is most definitely a cultural difference as it pertains to work ethic, how women are viewed, and age. Mr.. Highs already had assumed the role of father to the ALT workers instead of boss. We know that the Atlas did not work enough ours in some of their co-workers eyes and that they may have seen inferior at their jobs due to their age.

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In regards to the incident, it seems Mr.. Highs decided to use his own interpretation of how to submit time for excused days the ALT employees were off. He wanted the ALT employees to use paid vacation time instead of using their sick time. Sick time was a part of the ALTO’S contracted provided services. The host school district and its employees failed respect the contract with the JET organization. In utilizing this program, there should have probably been more raining and education in regards to the cultures that would be participating within the program.

Mr.. Highs had some issues with follow-through and respect to the ALTO’S time outside of work and utilizing common courtesy in scheduling the ALTO’S for additional volunteer work, (asking them to volunteer instead of Just signing them up). The ALTO’S could have respected more the customs and work ethic of their hosts. Working an extra hour after work or one afternoon with their peers could have fostered a better relationship with their host’s employees (even though it’s not squired for them to do so). When Mr..

Highs was alerted of the sick pay clause of the contract he should have honored it immediately, breaking a contract could bring greater issues. Kelly should have contacted CLAIM once Mr.. Highs decided not to honor her sick pay to let the two agencies has out the contract dispute. Professor Fisher, I agree with what you said but I believe that if Mr.. H wants to continue to have a work in this program he will have to modify his behavior towards the ALTs. What I believe is that Kelly probably should have contacted the CLAIM staff and not have tried to get the battle themselves.

When someone works for a temporary agency, even though they are working on site with a Job, their direct supervisor is located at the temporary agency, not the Job site. When a person calls in sick, they call the agency, when the pay is short or days are missing, you contact the agency not the site. The difference between this story and the Noisy Neighbors, I agree with the fact that this battle should have played out differently as it pertains to Kelly’s response. She should have backed down and tried another path.

In the Noisy Neighbors, L;L ay not be able to move right away so they need a more immediate resolution of their problem. After Kelly had been denied to use her sick time, she should have told Mr.. H that she was going to contact JET/CLAIM to manage this situation. Sometimes in removing yourself from the situation and allowing your manager/host agency fight on your behalf would be the best solution due to all of the cultural differences. Crystal and Kenned do make great points sometimes some issues are not a battle worth fighting but on the other hand the rights of an individual need to be respected.

In this situation, many scenarios can be formed as to what is the correct course of action but I nave to Delve Decease AT ten type AT culture Japan NAS, allowing ten most agency to resolve the issue of pay would have been appropriate. What questions in the Personal Bargaining Inventory (located in the Appendix of the text) are more highly valued by Kelly as a matter of cultural influence, and which are more highly valued by Mr.. Highs? Given your own scoring on the Personal Bargaining Inventory, how well would you have likely handled the situation if you were Kelly?


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