Week 9Week 8 is a long enough vacation so I can return to Vietnam and spend the weekend with my family. After my holiday at the end of the year, I feel very comfortable and as I get more energy, I can start the week with an excited mood like the first day of school. Some of you feel unhappy because the midpoint is low but almost everyone feels happy and comfortable, including Christos, not just me.The first thing we learned today was that we had to prepare for the next interview. So how is the interview? For me, interviewing is a very important thing to do my favorite job. That means that I need to take care of it a lot to be able to clearly and clearly answer all the questions that he will set. The first step in preparing for the interview is that I need to create a good resume to present to the teacher. It includes: name, current occupation, current education, contact telephone number, etc. We need to know what our strengths and weaknesses are. That will help us improve our weaknesses and develop stronger ones to make our own advantage. To answer this question, we need to find out about ourselves and write down those things in our journals, and to think about how we can improve or develop our weaknesses. The second important thing for the interview is that we need to know the time and year of the interview. When we know the time, we will not be late. If the interviewer pose a question, we need to answer it clearly, and to get there, we need to prepare the questions to ask the interviewer and prepare the answers to the questions. Asked by the interviewer. We need to make sure that we will have to say about 80% of the time. This will help us make a good impression with the interviewers. Self-confidence is one of the things that we need to practice well. If you are afraid or afraid to make the interview is underestimated.Things we should not do in interviews a lot. First, we should not be embarrassed, which means that you have failed. When talking, do not talk so fast that the interviewer does not hear anything, or talk too slowly, which will make the interviewer feel boring. We need to speak at a moderate pace and the loudness in the voice with the breath must be carefully controlled. If you can not control it, it becomes a big problem in your interview. Smiling is also a good example of how you will appear, how you behave during the interview. If we laugh too loud or joke it will be offensive and the interview may be dropped immediately. Even when we are out of the interview room, we should not laugh at it because it does not respect the interviewer, and of course, it also affects the people around. If you are too afraid and anxious to smile naturally, practice it every day to be more comfortable. Smiling naturally brings a sense of comfort to the other person and the surrounding people. Do not force yourself into any framework, but let your body relax, letting go of the thought that can give you the best and most creative answers possible. Think of the simple, yet effective and creative answer that is most likely to highlight yourself to interviewers. Skills such as smiling, contact eyes, body language, and hand-shaking are all skills that we need to train constantly to be able to express in the most natural way. On uniforms, we also need to be well prepared, the uniform can not flare, too bright or crinkle. This is taboo in the interview as well as in the customer service later.In addition, the information related to restaurants, hotels that we go to interviews must also be thoroughly investigated. It is important to understand this information in the interview. When interviewers questioned, they often posed the question, “How much information do you have about our restaurant-hotel?” This is an important moment for you to create one more thing that can impress your interviewers. In parallel with interviewers asking questions, we also need to ask the opposite question to the interviewers. If you do not ask questions, you will not be able to determine what the trainees will do.Ending a day with the will to prepare for the interview with 100% of the energy that made me feel excited and somewhat frightened. I am ready for the next steps so that I can get into practice with the best possible attitude.


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