Weight Obsessed Women Essay, Research Paper

Weight Obsessed Womans

Today? s media topographic points an utmost sum of force per unit area on adult females to keep a slender

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figure. Through childhood to adulthood, adult females are bombarded with images of stick skinny

adult females, and this is the manner about every adult female wants to look. Although there are other factors,

the media is the primary beginning of the compulsion with being thin. Why has this become such a

popular tendency? This is what society says is acceptable. It has been proven that these images of

perfect adult females do impact the normal adult females who wish to look like that. Shaw and Stein found

that, ? Womans exposed to images of thin theoretical accounts experienced more depression, emphasis, guilt,

shame, insecurity, and organic structure dissatisfaction than adult females exposed to exposures of mean sized

adult females or command exposures? ( ? Media? s? n. pag. ) . Now, thanks to the unrealistic outlooks put

on adult females to keep the perfect form, eating upsets are on the rise. Then, one time they enter

college, the organic structure images of adult females get even worse. They are on their ain now and can eat

whenever and whatever they desire ; hence, college misss gain weight and diet. When they gain

the weight they are willing to make anything to lose it. A individual? s organic structure image can besides change

depending on that individual? s race. On the surface it may look that the media is seeking to work

through this weight issue, but society already has a bias against being excessively heavy. Every

media influence is jostling in all American misss? , womens? , and sometimes work forces? faces, that thin is

in and fat is out.

The load of trying to hold the flawless physique has been mounting to unrealistic

highs in the past old ages. In the 40? s, the sexy expression for adult females was to be bosomy and have

some meat on her castanetss, nevertheless ; from the late 80? s to the 90? s more accent was

placed on holding no figure at all. The best organic structure for adult females today is a waifish organic structure, if you have

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curves you are considered over weight. This amendss the self-concept of less than perfect

adult females. ? The increasing force per unit area to be thin and the unrealistic images portrayed in the mass

media may hold a annihilating consequence on adult females? s self-perceptions, ego regard, and individuality

development? ( Heights 603-614 ) . There have been many surveies on the weight diminution of

Playboy centrefolds and Miss America Pageant contestants over the old ages. In 1960, the norm

Playboy theoretical account? s weight was 91 % of the population mean. By 1978, it dropped to 84 % and

continues to plump. From 1979 to 1988, 69 % of Playboy theoretical accounts and 60 % of Miss America

contestants weighed 15 % or more below their expected weight, which is standard for anorexia

( 603-614 ) . Who is excessively blasted for this monolithic ego destructive phenomenon? Most of the mistake lies

with the media. Children every bit immature as two old ages old start to see images of perfect adult females, who

one twenty-four hours they are supposed to look like. Even the dolls and Barbies they play with have flawless

figures. In the 40? s and fifty? s kids we seeing more shapely theoretical accounts and actresses, so there

was non the strain on those kids of making anything possible to accomplish a so called perfect


When you turn on the telecasting, do you see many heavy adult females or work forces for that affair?

No, the bulk of today? s histrions and actresses are thin. The fat people are normally the good story

unusual people on situation comedies and daylight shows. The merely other topographic point you might happen an over

weight individual is on a hapless talk show. When you merely see fat adult females as suffering talk show

invitees, so you are believing if you become over weight you might stop up where they are, so you

had better travel on a diet. Speaking of diets, a survey found diet publicities, nonexistent in 1973,

do up about five per centum of telecasting commercials ( Berg n. pag. ) . When making sections on

weight, manufacturers want to cognize what the adult females look like. The manufacturers explanation for this

is, ? We do non desire to turn off our viewing audiences? ( ? Fear? N. pag. ) You might believe that seting existent

life people on their plan alternatively of adult females that are non representative to the majority of the female

population in the United States today, might raise their evaluations. As society gets fatter and fatter,

the media is traveling to hold to get down covering with this issue. They say that they are, but actions

Mattis 3

speak louder than words. Some magazines have dared to compose articles on heavier adult females, but

there are ne’er any images. An illustration of that was in Harper? s Bazaar, they ran an article on a

new theoretical account named Wanderful who was 183 lbs and proud of it, but once more there were no

images. They are stating that it is acceptable to be imperfect, when it truly is non ( ? Review? N.

pag. ) .

Preteen to teenage misss are particularly susceptible to the media? s influence on everything,

non merely their size. ? Magazines for adolescent misss give preparation in lookism. The accent in on

make-up, manner, weight and how to pull male childs, with about no infinite given to athleticss, avocations

or callings? ( Berg n. pag. ) . Girls will set on a false individuality of how society expects

them to be. They no longer experience that they can wholly be themselves without looking over their

shoulder. An illustration of this was shown at the 1996 Academy Awards when Alicia Silverstone

was made merriment of for deriving five or ten lbs since her last film. The headlines read? Batman

and Fatgirl, ? and? Look out Batman, here comes Buttgirl? ( Berg n. pag. ) . Their being accepted

in this state depends on being sallow thin, no affair what the wellness hazards are. High school misss

say they are terrified to go fat. In a survey of 326 New York high school misss, 72 per centum

said they had attempted to diet. Presently dieting were 20 per centum of scraggy, 32 per centum of

normal weight, and 54 per centum of fleshy misss ( Berg n. pag. ) . On the coach, in category, after

category, at tiffin, and on the weekend, misss obsess over their weight and how bad they look. They

talk about how different parts of their organic structures are excessively soft and how they wish they could travel

fat from one portion of their organic structure to another. No affair how hard they try, these immature misss will

ne’er live up to

their ain outlooks.

Another factor that has had an consequence on how earnestly misss and adult females take the media? s

advertisement of the perfect organic structure is race. African Americans are more accepting of adult females with

organic structures in assorted forms and sizes. These misss do non hold to be skinny to be thought of as

reasonably. White and Hispanic misss on the other manus do hold a immense duty to themselves, so

Mattis 4

they think, to be every bit little as possible. A survey done in Arizona of 300 misss showed the huge

contrast of the ideal organic structure of a white miss and a black miss. Even when the miss? s weight was

normal, over 90 per centum of the white misss were unsatisfied with their current size. They wanted

to lose weight to be? hone? and popular. The? perfect miss? described by the white misss was a

miss weighing 120 lbs, long legs and long blonde hair. Even though most of the misss, when

comparing themselves to this ideal miss, were displeased with their organic structures ; they are covetous of the

misss that do suit that description. The black misss in the survey had more flexible images of beauty.

Bing yourself, holding manner, holding assurance, and looking good, were the most of import parts

of being? perfect. ? They say beauty comes from, ? Making what you have work for you? ( Berg n.

pag. ) .

Many female function theoretical accounts, past to show, hold had to fight with media force per unit area to be

thin. Now no adult female that sees that go oning wants to travel through the same circumstance, so she

must diet to maintain a figure that is acceptable to the populace, no affair what the effect.

Before Princess Diana got married the media got a peep of her at about a size 12. They knew

nil about her, merely that she was non a size five. So, they public harassed her until she lost

weight and her hair got blonder. When she did that, she got tormented by the media one time more

for looking anorectic. Which is better, being excessively fat or excessively thin? The ideal organic structure is really slight,

but when you are that thin, you are thought to be ill. An Extra function theoretical account that has had

weight issues is Oprah Winfrey. She has lost weight and gained weight many times, and every

clip person has something average to state about it. She can non win either manner ( Berg n. pag. ) .

The lifting star, Calista Flockhart, otherwise known as Ally McBeal, has had many jobs with

the media thought that she is anorexic, although ; she insists that she ne’er denies herself nutrient.

The torment started with her visual aspect at the Emmy Awards. She wore a sheath,

open-backed frock that left small to the imaginativeness. That left the media request: is she excessively scraggy

or is she anorexic? To see how the media anguish her about her size, we can look to Jay Leno.

Mattis 5

On The Tonight Show. Leno said that the typical McBeal repast consisted of three peas and a Lima

bean. This indicates even being the ideal tenuity can be unfavourable ( Duffy 71-72 ) .

Once adult females enter college they have entered the most high hazard clip of their lives for

geting an eating upset. They have dealt with it all their lives, but now that they are off

from place it becomes more hard to bear. The media besides plays a portion in their battles which

is worse than all the other adult females, because the emphasis of go forthing place makes them even more

susceptible to the media? s influence. Jennifer Biely, EDAP? s manager says, ? College adult females are

off from their households, and at that place? s enormous force per unit area to happen their manner in the universe. Food is

one thing they can command? ( ? Out? 52-72 ) . It is tough to derive consciousness of these diseases on

college campuses, because so much clip is spent on colza, intoxicant, and drug consciousness. They do

non desire to believe that this is the immense job that it truly is. As colleges are detecting

that non covering with the issue is far more dearly-won than step ining before the misss have serious

wellness jobs, people are hopeful that consciousness of this developing job will be addressed.

In February 1998, over 600 college campuses participated in a National Eating Disorders

Screening Program ; of the 26,000 pupils who filled out questionnaires, 4,700 were referred for

intervention ( 52-72 ) . As this job rages on campuses across the United States, most do non

recognize how annihilating these diseases can be. Surveies have shown that with good intervention, 70

per centum of people with eating upsets will be cured ; although, this remedy could take old ages to

achieve. Sociologist, Traci Mann, says, ? I can state that what matters is what? s traveling on in her

caput and bosom, but when she turns on the Television, she sees that what truly affairs is how you

expression? ( 52-72 )

In decision, the media plays a enormous function in adult females? s organic structure dissatisfaction ;

although, there are other causes, the media merely makes those worse. Most adult females are really

vulnerable to how the media portrays adult females on Television, in magazines, and many other facets of our

mundane life. It is a really extended job set uping small misss to adult adult females. Even though

the media says it is seeking to work with the issue, their actions speak louder than words. Will this

Mattis 6

job of all time be treated? Will adult females ever want to be skinniest of them all? It used to be

unstylish to be sickly thin, but now it is the manner to be and if you are non a boney skeleton

so you are considered fat. This makes for a hapless ego image and adult females are believing they are

fat when truly they are that their normal weight. If the normal weight in the 40? s and 50? s was to

be bosomy and have some meat on your castanetss, how will it be in the old ages to come? It seems

that the normal weight supports acquiring smaller and smaller. When will we be small plenty? With

the utmost sum of force per unit area on adult females to be thin, who knows what the ideal adult female will look

like in twenty old ages. If this continues, eating upsets will be huge epidemics that will distribute all

through the state, worse than it is today. It is wholly unrealistic to aver that the adult females on

Television are perfect. They may hold a flawless organic structure, but are they truly happy? Womans must recognize

that there is no perfect figure and being? hone? involves more than simply what you look like.



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