Welfare is a charity to the people, organized by the government. There are many issues that are associated with the welfare program. Is society ultimately responsible for the well-being of the poor? If so, how do we help those people that are less fortunate? At what cost are we required help them? Are they to be held in any way responsible for themselves? How do we control and reform the way people spend their welfare support? Differentiating between who receives welfare and who doesn’t is a common concern, and many questions arise while making a decision on who will receive it and who will not.

Generally, there are two types of welfare. The first can be termed “rescue welfare” (Weir, n. D. ). These are people that have lost income temporarily due to no longer being able to work because of illness or being laid off, or other short term reasons for not working. During their working years, the majority of this group will pay their way with contributions and tax by working for the majority of their lives. The purpose of this is to maintain them in good conditions as productive workers so that they can return to the workforce as soon as possible.

The second type can be termed “support welfare” (Weir, n. . ). Support welfare “exists to ensure a long-term income that is adequate to maintain a specified standard of living to those who are of working age, but are ‘unable’ to earn enough to provide this themselves” (Weir, n. D. ). This type is used by those that are not able to work due to long term illness, disability, or other reason for long term employability. Virtue ethics would say that welfare is good when truly needed and whether or not that person will take responsibility in the welfare they receive.

For example, if a person says they cannot work due to being burdened with children, should this mother chive welfare? There are millions of mothers out there not using assistance and raising their children, no matter the number and ages of children they have. There are many ways to work around this, including working opposite shift as your husband or significant other, and share in the raising of your children. Finding a family member or a close friend to help out with watching the children while you get back on your feet could also be helpful. Using your children as an excuse not to go to work is not being a responsible person.

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If a single mother used her children as an excuse, cause she wouldn’t make enough money to live due to her limited experience, she could still get a Job making a smaller income, but use welfare to help pay for food, utilities, child care, etc, until she could make a better income. Showing that she is trying to support herself and her children should be enough to allow her to continue on welfare to help her out. What if a person is disabled? To what extent do we allow someone to accept welfare due to a disability? A person can do their entire schooling online and search for a Job that works from home.

This would allow them to hold a bob while dealing with any issues they may have with their disability that keeps them from holding a Job outside the home. One option that a person with children should be able to receive welfare without working would be if they were attending school full time. This shows that they are working towards a working career and they should be addle to receive welfare. I nee are also snowing tenet centre now to work nard to get a Job they enjoy and that will give them a good life. I do not believe a person with no children should be able to receive welfare while going to school if they are not working.

They are fully capable of working, and there are no children that would need to be looked after. Therefore, they could work in the evening while going to school during the day, or work during the day while going to school in the evenings. I do believe if they are working and going to school, they should be able to receive welfare. They are doing everything they can to provide, but sometimes it’s Just not enough. A person on disability due to being severely overweight with high blood pressure, diabetes, and a number of other health issues, should not Just be given assistance due to being overweight.

Their assistance should be in the form off gym membership that must be used and possibly have some sort of tracking system to show they are using it, knowledge on eating healthy, either from the doctor or a nutritionist, and any food stamps or food assistance should be monitored. Food assistance should be used for healthy foods instead of candy, pop, chips, and other junk food. Then this moves on to an issue of responsibility. A person receiving assistance should be responsible in choosing healthy foods for themselves and their family.

I do not believe that taxpayers should pay for this person to continue to eat DOD that is bad for you, which is what is keeping them from working in the first place. Their families should be taught to eat healthy, so they can better themselves in preparation for the future. Where is the line between helping someone out and “pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps” drawn? It is a given that people use and abuse the welfare system. They hold a Job Just long enough to show they are trying, but they quit before they start making too much to keep their housing assistance and food stamps.

A mother has another child to receive more food stamps and welfare checks. Overweight people are purchasing more Junk food which is what makes them overweight and unhealthy to begin with. Welfare is to help out someone in need with the basic needs for everyday living. It is an investment in human beings. “Many states have found that prospective welfare recipients will co-operate effectively with counselors to avoid going on welfare at all, presumable so the potential benefits remain available to them later when emergency aid may be more needed” (Belled, 2001).

This shows that there are many people out there that would rather work harder to have a good life, than receive welfare from the government. Many people are ashamed to use government assistance, but do so when they are in a major need for it possibly due to unemployment or illness. It used to be difficult to search for a Job while on welfare. They had no care for their children while they were at a Job interview and no way to get to an interview. Since the reform law of 1996, people are able to get assistance in finding care for their children and get help training for their Job (Welfare Reform, 2002).

One welfare recipient said she would like to see marriage counseling offered through welfare. She has been married and divorced three times, and feels counseling may have eloped her marriage survive (Welfare Reform, 2002). In virtue ethics, a person on welfare would be there because they were laid off and have been searching for a Job, day in and day out, with no luck. They would use food stamps for healthier foods instead of Junk food, and purchasing the off-brands of foods to keep costs down. I nee would not nave any more CNN learn until teen nave a JODI Ana are on tenet own two feet supporting themselves financially.

They would accept any type of Job to help support their family. Ethical egoism would see this as they have a right to government assistance, since it is offered to them. They do not see any reason to get a Job, since they are getting assistance from the government to pay for living expenses. Having a few more children would be fine, as they would receive assistance in paying for the food they feed them, the utilities that keep them warm, and the roof over their heads. If they have a disability, they are entitled to that assistance since they are not able to work outside the home.

Many people feel that people will do what pleases them, but no more. In welfare, people can have all the necessities without having to work. This is a great temptation and many people will choose not to work. I feel a person should do anything they can to not be on assistance. I don’t believe our government should be able to tell people what to eat, however, I don’t believe the government should allow (with my tax dollars) a person who receives government assistance to go to the store and buy Who’s, Honey Buns, Cookie Crisp cereal, Chests, Sports drinks, etc.

Junk food should not be purchased with my tax dollars. Alcohol and cigarettes should not be purchased with welfare money. The government has put into use electronic ways of distributing welfare, similar to a debit card. This allows the government some control over what is researched with that card (like not allowing cigarettes and alcohol to be purchased with that card), but they are allowed to receive cash back in some cases. There is nothing preventing them from using that cash to purchase alcohol or cigarettes, which are clearly non-essential.

Many states are cracking down on this by monitoring spending, but it is still a problem that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, those who work hard all their lives to find themselves let go due to cutbacks would have these same restrictions. They suffer humiliation Just by going and asking for the help, and then they feel even more humiliated when they are eyeing “watched” on every purchase they make. This, unfortunately, is something that will have to continue, as too many are abusing the system. This is something I hope the government will look further into in the future and see what options could be used to control this even better.

I believe with the world using electronics in so many different ways, people on welfare should not be allowed to receive cash back when they could Just use their debit card for Just about everything needed these days. Another concern on abuse of welfare is using these cards at a mint-mart or gas station versus going to a regular grocery store. Gas stations hike up the prices of items, since they are usually a quick-fix type of stop. You can see an increase in cost of 50% or more at these types of stores.

Some states do not allow purchases at these places, because of the price increase. With this, another question arises about whether they are shopping in these places out of laziness or because they don’t have the transportation to get to a regular grocery store. I do believe in helping a person get back on their feet after being laid off from a Job. This would include help with child care as needed for training for a new Job, or Job interviews, help in searching or a Job, and help with financial assistance for food and shelter as needed while trying to get back on their feet.

There should be laws in place so someone cannot receive benefits, and get hired somewhere, only to work a few days or weeks and teen turn around Ana cult, to De put Dacca on assailants. I Nils napes oaten Ana It should be stopped. Drug and alcohol testing is a big controversy within the welfare system. There should be alcohol, tobacco, and drug tests for people on assistance. Many people are required to take drug tests for their Jobs, but it is not required if you are receiving “free money’ from the government. These tests should be done for welfare recipients, Just as it is done for a Job.

If you can afford drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, then you can afford to feed yourself and your family, and therefore would not need welfare. There is not one answer to who should receive welfare and when it should not be offered that would make everyone happy. Abuse of the welfare system is a common occurrence, and there are many things that could be done and changed to try to make it less common. The government has started the process by offering debit cards to welfare recipients so they can track what they purchase.

In early 2012, President Obama passed a reform law that requires states to regulate how welfare monies are spent and how long a person can be on welfare support. This is a start to keep welfare abuse to a minimum. We, as individuals, are responsible for our own actions and the consequences of those actions. Welfare should not be used because a person chose to make their situation worse by quitting their Job, or working poorly, which resulted in them being fired. Welfare should be used when necessary, and a person should do everything in their power to return to a life without welfare.


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