Of The American Civil War? Essay, Research Paper

Discuss the position that the chief political cause of the American civil war was the leading weaknesss of a? drop the balling coevals?

It is felt by many that the chief cause of the American civil war was the weaknesss of politicians such as Stephen Douglas, Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. They are considered to hold made a series of political bloopers, such as Douglas? s handling of the Kansas & # 8211 ; Nebraska Act and the manner in which Buchanan alienated the North. However it could be said that this was non the root cause of the war, but instead the underlying job of bondage.

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Stephen Douglas created a figure of jobs when he tried base on balls the Kansas & # 8211 ; Nebraska Bill, although Northerners were acute to see Nebraska developed, Southerners were less enthusiastic, due to the fact that it lay North of latitude 36 30. and by the footings of the Missouri via media all new provinces would finally come in the Union as free provinces. Douglas knew he needed Southern support to enable the measure to be passed in Congress, this meant he would hold to alter the measure so that the South had a opportunity of spread outing bondage in this country. The South besides demanded that the district be spilt into two countries ; Kansas and Nebraska. Although in theory bondage could travel Northwards but Douglas felt that due to the clime jobs this was extremely improbable. Douglas, a great truster in popular sovereignty saw no job in allowing the people of Kansas & # 8211 ; Nebraska make up one’s mind their ain destiny. Douglas believed that in making this he had succeeded in winning over the South without professing much in return. However, this was non the instance, his measure, far from mending the North & # 8211 ; South tensenesss in existent fact did the antonym. Douglas? s actions was cogent evidence to the South that there was a slave power confederacy at work, they now considered him a treasonist. The measure was finally passed but it had virtually sectionalised Congress. Douglas still believed this storm would be short lived nevertheless, this was non the instance and the North & # 8211 ; South competition would remain around.

This was non the terminal of jobs in Kansas, during 1854 & # 8211 ; 6 there were a figure of jobs due to the North and South seeking to act upon popular sovereignty in the new district of Kansas. Problems were made by President Pierces assignment of Andrew Reeder, a pro-slaver as governor of the district. It was obvious from that start that he was incapable of managing that state of affairs. In the first elections pro-slavers from Missouri crossed the boundary line into Kansas voted so returned place. This tactic tarnished the construct of popular sovereignty. This caused jobs when the legislative assembly met at Lecompton as it was dominated by pro-slavers who passed a series of pro-slavery Torahs. This of class angered Northerners & # 8211 ; even moderates once more giving them ground to believe that there was a slave power confederacy at work. Events turned awful when a pro & # 8211 ; bondage posse, seeking to collar free dirt leaders, ? sacked? Lawrence ( a free province Centre ) . This event was blown out of proportion by Northern journalists. This sparked of more force caused by John Brown who murder four pro-slavers colonists. These onslaughts could perchance been avoided if Pierce hadn? T endorsed the Lecompton Legislature and appointed pro-slavery governors. Although he tried to rectify the state of affairs by naming John Greary as the new governor who proved to be a good pick, it wasn & # 8217 ; t plenty to ease the tensenesss that already existed due to his irresponsible behavior.

However, by 1857 Americans seemed more optimistic about the hereafter when a new president, James Buchanan was

elected. This optimism proved to be short lived. Right from the beginning of his presidential term, Buchanan caused jobs by estranging the North. Firstly, his pick of cabinet indicated pro-slavery propensities – four of his cabinet were slave proprietors. Although he couldn? T afford to estrange the South as the Democrat Majority in both Houses was dominated by Southerners, he could of done more to reassure the North that a slave power confederacy was non go oning.

Buchanan caused more tenseness with the Dred Scot instance. Dred Scott was a slave who was claiming he was free on the evidences that he had resided both in a free province and a free district. The instance was finally taken to the supreme tribunal. The tribunal went against Scott on three points ; foremost, a slave was non a citizen therefore could non action in a federal tribunal, secondly, he was a occupant of Missouri so the jurisprudence of Illinois was irrelevant. Finally, mere shacking in a district where bondage was banned did non do a slave free ; Congress had no rights to strip a citizen of belongings and in the position of the tribunal the Missouri via media was unconstitutional. This finding of fact horrified most Northerners as some felt it was a move by Southerners to spread out bondage into free provinces. What made the state of affairs worse was Republican leaders claimed Buchanan had been whispering with the main justness Proving he was good cognizant of the finding of fact before he asked the populace to accept it. Buchanan instead than settling the uncertainness of bondage, alternatively, provoked farther subdivision hostility.

However this was by no agencies Buchanan? s biggest blooper. That was in Kansas when he gave his support to the Lecompton convention during 1857 despite the fact that the bulk of Kansas were opposed to slavery. The advice was besides against the advice of his former governor Greary. If he had accepted his advice he would of avoided estranging the North and enraging Northern Democrats. Even the South was embarrassed by the deceitful actions of the pro-slavers when big Numberss of fabricated pro-slavers had been recorded as vote for the pro-slavers during the elections held in 1857. Walker who was the Governor had to turn over a figure of deceitful elections before the true result was revealed, to give free-staters the bulk in Kansas. Walker denounced the conventions actions and urged Buchanan to make the same. However, he could non be moved from his sentiment as he felt it would estrange the South, the support of which he could non lose. His determination to back up the convention proved to be a prodigious blooper as if he had chosen non to back up the convention it is improbable he would of lost Southern support. However his actions alienated the North, giving them more ammo to believe there was a slave power confederacy at work.

To reason, although many of the actions made by these politicians cause deep rifts between the North and South and in many instances these bloopers could hold been avoided. However, it would likely of taken a politician of utmost endowment to forestall the two sides from traveling to war as it would look that the bondage was at the root of all the jobs. Although this job was further antagonised by these bloopers it is extremely unlike these tensenesss could hold been eased. To be just each of the politicians had really delicate state of affairss to cover with and no affair what they did it is more than probably that one side of the Union would hold something to kick about. By the clip Buchanan came into power the jobs within the Union had reached the point of no return.

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