Community For this assignment I decided to go pay a visit to a local retirement community nearby my house. I chose this building because its landscape consists of a mall five story building that Is completely surrounded by cottages all being housed by elderly residents. This faculty Is called Wesley Palms. It Is located on 2404 Lording Street and Its cross street is Quince SST. This facility’s type of occupancy is categorized as Group I-I because the residents it houses are ambulatory. The main building is a five story

Type 1 Fire Resistive building. It is fitted with a sprinkler system, dry standpipe system, fire alarm, manual pull stations, maps including evacuation routes, and at least 2 fire hose cabinets on every floor of the building. The fire sprinklers valve is located at the front of the building right next to the main entrance. The Fad’s for the standpipe system are located next to the fire sprinklers valve, in the stairways on every floor, In the emergency staircase on every floor, two In the back of the building, and two located on either sides of the roof.

The fire hose cabinets contain fat of inch and h hose line, a fire extinguisher, and a spanner. The building has a total of thirteen exits (all of which have a lit sign and arrows leading outside), six located at the lobby (two of which are In the employee only area), and seven on the first floor (two of which are in the kitchen). They all lead directly outside with a reinforced awning protecting the outside. As you go up to the 2nd-5th floors, there is an emergency stairway on each wing that is completely separated from the main building.


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