West And Torgovnick Essay, Research Paper

West and Torgovnick: Manichaean Political orientations

Both Cornel West and Marianna De Marco Torgovnick

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discourse the thought of domination, Manichean divinities, and

autocratic behaviour in their essays. However, they deal

with these thoughts otherwise and for different grounds. In

West? s essay, ? Malcolm X and Black Rage? , he explains Mal?

colm Ten? s positions on how to reassign black fury in such a manner

that it would reject domination. In Torgovnick? s essay, ? On

Bing White, Female, and Born in Bensonhurst? , she writes

how her hometown held supremacist thoughts and how this af?

fected her. West is still prosecuting the end of black free?

dom by looking into the past, particularly Malcolm X? s writ?

ings. Whereas, Torgovnick sort of tallies off from things and

refers to populating in Bensonhurst as holding? at the same time

choking and alimentary power. This difference is chiefly due

because West wants to seek to do things better, while

Torgovnick leaves her hometown feeling that she needs to

start things over.

Torgovnick writes about supremacist thoughts in her dead end?

tural background. For illustration, she says, ? Italian Americans

in Bensonhurst are noteworthy for their coherence and pro?

vinciality ; the slightest force per unit area turns those qualities

into bias and racism? ( Torgovnick 123 ) . In other words

there is a batch of racism and bias, particularly towards

Hawash 2

inkinesss, in Bensonhurst. Torgovnick? s male parent besides held

supremacist thoughts. Her male parent reacted with indifference to

the decease of a black adult male in Bensonhurst. As Torgovnick


? ? Oh, no, ? my male parent says when he hears the intelligence

about the shot & # 8230 ; He has no problem admiting

the inappropriateness of the decease & # 8230 ; The account is right

before him but, ? Yeah, ? he says, still agitating his

caput, ? yeah, but what were they making at that place?

( Torgovnick 125 ) .

Even though, he recognizes the inappropriateness of the decease, he

says the inkinesss weren? T supposed to be at that place. His ground

for his decease holds supremacist thoughts, because here he is

being a racialist. To state that inkinesss wear? T belong in a conditioned emotional response?

tain vicinity, is merely like stating that they aren? T good

plenty. Thus, Torgovnick male parent is being a racialist.

Torgovnick? s hometown besides holds Manichean political orientations,

which means to see things merely as black and white, right and

incorrect. In other words people who hold Manichaean political orientations

normally wear? t see things in between. She writes,

? Bensonhurst is a vicinity dedicated to believing that

its values are the lone values ; it tends to towards certain

signifiers of inactiveness? ( Torgovnick 124 ) . Therefore, the people of

Bensonhurst believe that any other values are incorrect, and

their values are right. Here you can see how Torgovnick? s

hometown held Manichaean political orientations because the people feel

Hawash 3

that there values are the lone right values. Any other

values would be viewed as unacceptable to the people of


Authoritarian behaviour besides exists in Bensonhurst. For

illustration, when she was come ining high school, her parents and

counsellor recommended a secretarial path despite her high

tonss. Tor

govnick writes, ? Although my tonss are brilliant,

the counsel counsellor has recommend the secretarial

path & # 8230 ; My female parent? s penchant is clear: the secretarial

path & # 8230 ; My male parent besides prefers the secretarial path?

( Torgovnick 128 ) . This is autocratic behaviour because

instead that inquiring Torgovnick which track she wanted to

follow, they wanted to take it for her. Just because she

is a miss, they wanted to set her in a path that is below

her criterions.

Cornel West uses Malcolm X? s Hagiographas to explicate su?

premacy, Manichean political orientations, and autocratic behaviour.

West agrees with most of Malcolm X? s thoughts, nevertheless he

disagrees with Malcolm X? s rejection of black church and

music. West argues by utilizing the metaphor of wind that, ? an

improvisational manner of protean, fluid, and flexible dispo?

sitions toward world suspicious of? either/or? point of views,

dogmatic dictums, or supremacist political orientations? ( West

119 ) . In other words, to West the black church and black

music represents freedom, something that Malcolm Ten does non


Hawash 4

In order to explicate Manichean political orientations and authori?

tarian behaviour, one must look at Malcolm X? s fright of dead end?

tural hybridity. West writes,

? Malcolm X? s fright of cultural hybridity rests upon two

political concerns: that cultural hybridity downplayed

the barbarous character of white domination and that

cultural hybridity closely linked the fates of

black and white people such that the possibility of

black freedom was far-fetched? ( West 117 ) .

Meaning that if inkinesss and Whites are to portion things

( cultural hybridity ) Whites will ever hold the advantage.

Therefore, inkinesss will ne’er accomplish entire freedom. Malcolm

Ten saw this as a failing, which does look apprehensible.

However, Malcolm X fails to recognize that if inkinesss are to travel

away on their ain, this would take to domination and Manichean

political orientations. West says, ? Furthermore, the cultural loanblend

character of black life leads us to foreground a metaphor

foreigner to Malcolm X? s position & # 8230 ; ? ( West 119 ) . If inkinesss

are to travel off on their ain, this would take to Manichean

political orientations ; inkinesss against Whites. As a consequence, there will

be no alteration in footings of racialist positions by Whites and suprema?

cist behaviour as each group begins to contend for control.

One can see how some of Malcolm X? s positions can take to su?

premacy, and Manichean political orientations.

West feels that Malcolm X? s best position is his impression of

psychic transition. He writes, ? & # 8230 ; we must continue and

Hawash 5

spread out his impression of psychic transition & # 8230 ; These

infinites & # 8230 ; -beyond the best of black music and black religion-

reject Manichean political orientations and autocratic & # 8230 ; ? ( West

119 ) . West explains that Malcolm X? s impression of psychic

transition will impart black fury to black humanity and


Both West and Torgovnick trade with domination, Manichean

political orientations, and autocratic behaviour. However, they have

different ways of covering with things. Cornal West utilizations

Malcolm X? s Hagiographas to cover with these political orientations, while

Marianna De Marco Torgovnick does so by mentioning to her

hometown of Bensonhurst.


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