I. Problem Statement:
Patrick Dowd must happen a manner to unite the different types of civilizations at the West Indies Yacht Club Resort. Therefore he can utilize his expertness to urge schemes to the resort.

II. Options:
a. Develop ways to acknowledge civilization differences and work on how to coexist. B. Break into groups based on civilization and have these groups form squads and work together. c. Stricter direction.

III. Analysis:
a. Develop ways to acknowledge civilization differences and work on how to coexist. Harmonizing to some quotation marks from employees it seems as if American employees do non understand why the British Virgin Island ( BVI ) employees act a certain manner and vise versa. The exiles are evidently looking to maximise their wage and occupation position while the indigens are looking to keep relationships with the coworkers and have every bit small duties as possible. This believing seems to be set in rock. therefore as they say. “teaching an old Canis familiaris new tricks” is rather tough. Although it would be nice to hold everyone drop their cultural differences and work a certain manner the minute they sign a contract to work at the West Indies Yacht Club Resort. it is clearly impossible. Plus is ever nice to hold different civilizations working together and intermixing. sort of like a large University i. e. Rutgers University or a large metropolis. i. e. New York City. The thought is to larn about the others and step outdoors your norms in order to broaden your skylines. Knowing this. it would be nice for everyone to larn about civilization and how there are specific erudite norms of societies that reflect the attitudes. beliefs. values and imposts of different groups.

One manner for the BVI indigens and the exiles to larn about each other can be through hosting seminars and/or categories that teach about civilization and working together. In the study. Dave Pickering merely can non understand why the indigens don’t flop it for the twenty-four hours cognizing that they can do an excess $ 50 to $ 100 per twenty-four hours. Looking at it the other manner. the BVI indigens refuse to believe they can hunch it like Mr. Dowd and Mr. Pickering did in order to have the excess money. This clearly exemplifies how naif each civilization is of each other. Both are set in their ways and cognize nil about how the opponent civilization operates. Which is why admiting that there is in fact cultural differences will let the others insight to a different mentality. The resort should work to learn and show the employees with facts. theories and imposts of other civilizations so that they can break understand why certain employees are moving in the mode that they do. Overall. it will supply cognition to the employees at the West Indies Yacht Club Resort.

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B. Break into groups based on civilization and have these groups form squads and work together. The West Indies Yacht Club Resort may desire to let people with similar civilizations to work together. They can organize squads based on background. personality trials and ends. Then good directors like Kristin Singiser. and people like Patrick Dowd who are familiar with both civilizations can be the jobber between top direction and the lower employees. This manner people who want to break it and work hard for excess wage will be around other people with the same values ; hopefully this consequences in a squad like attack where the members understand one another.

One manner to make this would be to hold the indigens work with the H2O athleticss and have the Americans work at the forepart desk. This hopefully will let the indigens will be with each other during work and be in better tempers. This will let them to work harder therefore they might hold a better attitude towards the clients. Furthermore the Americans at the forepart desk would do sense because they are covering with the invitees right when they walk in ; people get the first feelings from them. Americans realize that tourers are passing big sums of money to be waited on and pampered as opposed to the BVI indigens who apparently neglected people coming in. Making things this manner would advance employee/team felicity and continuity. which finally leads to a better invitee experience. c. Stricter direction

The study cites instances where employees appreciated being told what to make. how to make it. and when to make it. Furthermore it cites instances where employees are inquiring off and disregarding petitions from invitees. These are illustrations of instances where rigorous direction intercession is necessary ; cultural differences are eliminated with proper direction. The squad is run how the manner the director envisions it and you can acquire on board or acquire lost as they say. The directors will work with the sections all twelvemonth unit of ammunition and acquire a true feel for everyone. Employees will respond to this proper counsel every bit long as the director is just yet important.

IV. Recommendation
As a adviser of this house. my recommendation is for the West Indies Yacht Club Resort to develop ways to acknowledge civilization differences and work on how to coexist.

V. Plan of Action:
The West Indies Yacht Club Resort can put up monthly hourly seminars get downing the first of every month for a twelvemonth where they bring in a professor to learn employees about civilization. In these seminars they will learn the rudimentss of civilization such as the definition. the different types ( low context. high context ) . and they dynamics. One manner of making this would be through PowerPoint slides. On top of that they will make synergistic squad edifice exercisings so the employees understand what is expected of themselves and of each other. This can be related to unwritten exercisings that are done in younger foreign linguistic communication categories. They will be placed in a function and will hold to speak and move it out like they would in existent clip. The undertaking can be run similar to a college class where employees are lectured. assigned prep in some signifier and “tested” or “tried” at the terminal. Each employee would necessitate to acquire over a 70 in order to be allowed to work ; otherwise they will hold to take the scrutiny once more. This will assist everyone working presently catch up so that everybody is on the same page.

Every clip a new employee marks on with the resort. they will be presented with press releases. pictures of talks and will be required to cognize all the information presented. Cultural information will be included with all the other paperwork that a new employee receives.

Eventuality Plans:
It would be ideal to lodge with the “seminar attack. ” However if it isn’t possible to hold a seminar for all employees. they may be able to watch an on-line talk and take an online quiz so that the employees who missed the talk will be able to watch it online at their gait.


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