Essay: Western Women are Free or Not More women are used as toys for the pleasure of men and the marketing industry for big companies. This Is the case with some of the women In America and Europe. Although this may seem like a small minority, women do not have freedom in the western world. People would argue that western women are free because women can do Just about anything a man can do in their societies. Women have more rights In the western world than any other part of the world, so that is why many people would say “yes” as to western women being free or not.

Women are not restricted as to what they do. Women in western society can work in any job, and they can wear whatever they want too. Therefore, western women have a lot of rights. However, women are manipulated in the western world as well. Women are also used as things that create the pleasure In other people. For example, whenever a big company wants to announce a new product they always go to a model to showcase their new product. Otherwise, nobody would be interested in buying the new because the people are not attracted into buying the new thing.

Another thing that limits women In western society Is Judging women based on their looks. A lot of people don’t realize this, but women are judged more on their looks than anybody because that’s how people find them attractive or no. Female Celebrities are watched like a hawk on their looks, and if something happens to their looks social media and magazines will make Immediate gossip. Furthermore, women are underestimated at their Jobs by being paid less than men. People are really secretive about women being paid less than men, but it’s true.

These are Just some of the few reasons as to why women are not free in society. Women are used for pleasure as well they are underestimated. Many people would say that western women are free because they do have more social and political rights than anywhere else in the world, but many people don’t take Into consideration that women are manipulated and underestimated. Western women have higher social expectations in the as well they’re not treated as fair, but they do have more rights, but the reasons are not enough as to say that they have total freedom.

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