Westinerazation Of Russia Essay, Research Paper

1.Louis Fourteen lived up to the rubric? Le Grand Monarch? by constructing the great

topographic point of Versailles and by conveying the humanistic disciplines back to France. He surrounded himself

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with luxury and had merely the finest things money could purchase. Yet he likely still

ache his state more than he helped it and I don? T think he was worthy of the

rubric? Le Grand Monarch? .

2.Versailles what the castle that was ordered to be built by Louis XIV.

Versailles was the most epicurean castle of its clip. The castle itself stretched

an amazing 500 paces. Versailles was built on swampy land about 11 stat mis

sou’-west of Paris. Life at the castle was besides handled in a royal affair, Louis

exhausted dozenss of money to environ himself with luxury. Every repast was feast, he

had about 500 cooks and servers to fulfill his gustatory sensations. Every forenoon the head

gentleman had the occupation of waking Louis at 7:30, and every bit shortly as he woke there where

one hundred of the tribunals finest Lords waiting and trusting to in some manner aid

the male monarch frock. Versailles besides had jobs, for illustration since it was immense the

nutrient was frequently cold by the clip it got from one terminal of the castle to the other,

there was besides a H2O deficit. Versailles became a centre of the humanistic disciplines during

Louis? s reign as male monarch, he made opera and ballet more popular. Some research workers

hold estimated that Louis spent up to 60 % of France? s income of that twelvemonth, on

the edifice and up maintaining of Versailles.

3.Louis XIV died unhappy because he had come to the realisation that he

had done more bad to France that good. His wars had ruined the glorification of

France. Although he had the great castle of Versailles built he still regretted the

fact that his people had suffered more than rejoiced during his reign as male monarch.

News of his decease brought joy throughout the countryside.

4.One of the ways which Russia differed from the remainder of Europe is that was

still on a system of boyars and helot. Serfdom lasted much longer in Russia that

in western Europe, it continued in Russia into the mid-1800? s, many old ages after

the remainder of Europe had ended it. Besides Russia had been under Mongol regulation and

was cut off the from the ages of Renaissance and Exploration. Geographical

barriers besides isolated Russia. Russia merely had one haven, Archangel, and it was

stopped by ice much of the twelvemonth. Religion was besides another dividing factor

between Russia and the remainder of Europe, Russians where the Eastern Orthodox

subdivision of Christianity, while Western Europeans were largely Catholics or

Protestants, Russians viewed them as misbelievers and stayed off from them.

5.Peter knew how to travel about the Westernization of Russia because he had

visited Western Europe foremost manus. He worked as a shipsmen in his stay in

Western Europe. He was accompanied by 200 retainers and 55 boyars, doing

his visit no existent secret. His end was to larn about European imposts and

industrial techniques which would be critical in breaking his ain Russia. Although

it was obvious of what Peter was making he still insisted on maintaining his individuality

secret he wore field apparels and tried to move as a common man. He worked on

ships for four months. Peoples where shortly absolutely cognizant of his individuality, yet if a

worker addressed him as? your stateliness? or? sire? Peter would non react.

Peter besides made visits to Austria and England before returning place.

6.Peter reinforced St. Petersburg for many grounds. He wanted to advance

growing and instruction, but largely Peter wanted a easier manner to go West and

frailty versa. The metropolis was built on a swamp which had to be won in war with

Sweden. Constructing a metropolis on a swamp was no easy undertaking, every summer the ground forces

would coerce 1000s of helot to go forth there households and occupations to travel work at St.

Petersburg. It is estimated that 25,000 to 100,000 helots died from the awful

working conditions and diseases of St. Petersburg. The edifice of St. Petersburg

showed merely how much power the swayers of absolute sovereign had anything


said had to be done, must be done. Peter wanted a metropolis and 1000s of work forces

died to construct his metropolis yet none of these work forces had a choose in the affair. This

showed the absolute power of swayers of these sovereigns.

7.Peter made many reforms on Russia, he brought the Russian Orthodox

church under province control. He besides abolished the office of patriarch, which is the

caput of church, he so set up a group called the Holy Synod to run the church,

which was under his way. He besides made a great attempt to overhaul his

ground forces, he hired European officers who drilled Peter? s soldiers utilizing European

tactics and arms, being a soldier was now a life-time occupation. Because of the

figure of the turning ground forces Peter besides had to enforce heavy revenue enhancements to pay for it.

Peter besides reduced the power of the great landholders. He recruited able work forces of

low-ranking households and so promoted them to places of authorization and

rewarded them with grants of land.

8.In the English monarchy the male monarch is non in absolute power, his determinations

are still limited because of the English parliament. In France the male monarch has

absolute power he can do all he determinations and name with out anyone to

inquiry him or state him he cant make it. Parliament is like the Congress we use in

America the male monarch made the calls but the parliament hour angle to O.K. of them foremost.

The system which the English usage is the footing of our system we use in America

today, which consists of a president and Congress much like the male monarch and

parliament that they use.

9.The English Civil War was between those loyal to King Charles, known as

Monarchists or Cavaliers, and those who where Puritan protagonists of Parliament,

who where jeeringly called Roundheads due to there short hair cut which went

over there ears. The Royalist were led by King Charles himself, while the

Roundheads were led by Oliver Cromwell, who founded the New Model Army

which proved to be excessively much for the Royalists. The war lasted from 1642 to

1649, and was started all because Parliament passed Torahs to restrict royal power.

Charles who was ferocious about the new Torahs attempted to collar Parliament? s

leaders in January of 1642, but the at large. Very ferocious as good a rabble of

Londoners raged outside the castle, Charles so fled London to the North of

England and started up a ground forces where people were loyal to him.

10.Louis Fourteen ran his state the manner he wanted to see himself. He tried to

conveying glorification to his state, when in fact he hurt his state more than he helped

it. He took his state into many wars which many of them he lost. He besides built

the castle at Versailles which showed his demand to be surrounded with luxury,

this entirely about drained French republics? s economic system, merely so he could look good as male monarch.

Peter I of Russia was a wholly different adult male than Henry, he wanted to assist his

state to overhaul and turn, and he went about making this the right manner. He

made personal forfeits to guarantee the growing of his state. He went and

worked as a shipsmen merely to larn how to do his state better, and when it

came down to the terminal he died seeking to salvage another adult male? s life. I can? t imagine

Henry who did nil but run out his state? s economic system to pleasure himself,

jumping in stop deading cold H2O to salvage another individual? s life. I decidedly believe

Peter deserves to be give the rubric? great? much more than Henry. They were

called Godhead right because of there outlook that they were God? s retainers on

Earth and could reply merely to God. I don? T believe that a monarchy could work

at all in today? s universe. In our society and universe today we have to many civilizations

and demands which can? t be revolved about merely what a male monarch wants. With our

rebellious nature of these yearss a monarchy would non merely ne’er work it would

ne’er last it would be overran in a affair of no clip at all. It merely would be

unthinkable to hold swayer who made every callwith no say from the people,

there is no manner it could work in our universe today.

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