What would benefit a nation most, a small or a large population? A larger population is not a curse to a nation. Yes, the number counts and a nation having a larger population is assured to succeed. A nation with a rapid increase of population, if well managed, is a very positive impact to sustainable and effective growth. What better strength can a nation have than a multitude of able-bodied residents, prepared to run its equipment, produce it harvests, educate its children, create its art and deliver a enormous range of merchandises and facilities that make a nation successful and contented.

The major advantages to a nation with a large population are economic development and its power and national security. A rising population can help achieve economic development. It should not come as a surprise that some nations like, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines are still maintaining a positive growth in their gross domestic product. For example in Indonesia, they have about 250 million consumers, meaning that their GDP is driven by domestic consumption, all thanks to large populations which stimulate an increase in the sales of customer goods and services.

An increase in the consumer goods and services leads to increase in demand meaning an increase in productivity (a decrease in cost of production per unit with an increase in volume). Moreover, when there is a larger population, there tend to be high birth rates, meaning younger populations. There are a lot of advantages of having a large and younger population to a country’s economic growth.

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Larger populations empowers government to invest more on education accomplishment for the citizens, accepting new advance technologies and most importantly it attracts the investors and multinational businesses from established countries eyeing for less labor cost. It is assumed that foreign investors will make higher reserves in these populous countries. Therefore, though a country with a rapid growing population have a tendency for a slow developing economy, this negative connection starts to fade as the increasing GDP of that nation facilitates a suggestive decrease in high rates of poverty in the years to come.

Furthermore, Population growth is the main determining factor for a country’s power and its national security. If a country is able to direct its population, it can have a major military lead over smaller populated countries. A larger population means there is man power and the economic resources essential to preserve a bigger, more commanding and better-armed defense force – generally if that population is young. This resolves a boost in national security by enhancing our capability to secure our large land mass and borders, or provide to global security operations.

More people projected better military power and greater national security with a large population and therefore a large economy. That nation will be in a strong political site to achieve its case and to gain its domestic benefits in global debates over trade settlements or economic pacts and conventions. Population growth bestows a bigger population and guarantees that more young men will join military facility, enhancing a state’s military possessions. As Katherine and A. F. K.

Organski (1961:15) have written that “though few nations arm to the hilt, the size of the sword is significant……. it is the size of total population that sets the limit. ” A recent study reaffirmed the conclusion that population growth must have to be controlled in order to battle global warming, and additional world problems. I beg to contrast. The more people on the globe, bigger the chance that one of them has knowledge of how to improve alternate energies, or to lessen the weather effects of carbon productions.

It takes only one soul to have an idea that can profit many. Improvement in knowledge is faster in a big population as intelligence and masterminds are not contributed only to the rich. It is dispersed normally so therefore, there are large numbers of people among large populations who can make a difference. And a chance that one of them being inspired upon innovations as research shows that bigger markets encourages innovative activity.

A larger population intends to increase a nation’s per-capital income growth and its resources, leading to economic growth and enhanced military services and political power. Therefore after bearing in mind all my points, I believe that if such a big population can be well maintained by its government, then that country can succeed making huge scales of economic growth and a position in the world both economically and by its power. In addition, then a larger population can be a blessing for that nation.



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