Belonging is a manner of holding credence, security, fulfillment and a connexion in association to people, topographic points, groups, communities, and the universe itself. There are different impressions of belonging, nevertheless, they are recognizing in cultural, historical, personal and societal contexts. New experiences and alterations in relationships affect our sense of belonging, in which explored through household relationships, connexions with land, and into a new society universe. These subjects can be seen in Alice Pung’s Asian-Australian memoir ‘Unpolished Gem’ and the movie ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ directed by Philip Noyce. Another related movie ‘The Blind Side’ written and directed by John Lee Hancock, which besides explores the same construct of belonging. The novel ‘Unpolished Gem’ and two movies ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ and ‘The Blind Side’ are narratives of stating 1s journey to happen a sense of belonging. The chief character Alice Pung in Unpolished Gem narrates her childhood and adolescence through the usage of anecdotes, contemplations and re-told memories.

Merely as Alice Pung, three immature half-caste Aboriginal misss, Molly, Daisy and Gracie explore the troubles, challenges experienced and success on their journey across the huge and alone Australian Outback. And the chief character Michael Oher in the movie ‘The Blind Side’ besides explores the troubles and challenges in life as he grows up sing new things into a new society. To get down with, the sense of belonging arises from a household Relationship. Alice Pung recounts a series of memories from her childhood and adolescence as she grows up Asian-Australian straddling two universes and about her parents and extended household, who one time lived in Cambodia but the rough interventions they’ve been experience in Cambodia forced them to migrate to Australia. Alice recounted her memories in first individual, ‘We get down our narrative in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, in a market teeming with fat hogs and thin people’ . This shows that it is the author’s personal story/journey.

Through these retellings of remembered conversations between Alice and her paternal grandma, Alice uses Vivid composing descriptions of her childhood feelings and imaginativeness. Alice describes the series of emotions she went through as she was truly shocked when she found out that her grandma had stroke and passed off. As the quotation mark says, ‘My grandma was non meant to decease. She meant to be portion of me everlastingly, so that I would ever cognize that there was a life before me, and a life after me. My grandma and her narratives. What would I make without them? She asserted my being before I knew I had one. Soon after the decease, Alice became down and had a dislocation. Alice’s grandma is the whom she is closest at her immature age. Her relationship with her grandma seemed to give her a life focal point and way, but now sore. The intent of utilizing vivid is to lure us into her painful experiences and felicity.

Similarly, in the movie ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ by Philip Noyce explores the same construct of sense of belonging to a household relationship through the utilizations of secret plan and camera shootings. Camera shots represent the subject of household bonds when there is a close up shooting of a female parent Maude and girl Molly looking up to the Spirit Bird. This shows both the physical and emotional intimacy of the two, every bit good as the strong relationship they have with the land. One of the most actual ways household relationship is shown in the movie, is in the scene when the police officer Riggs arrived, where the three immature half-caste misss, Molly, Gracie and Daisy are being taken off from their female parent. The manager uses a tracking shooting to follow the girl’s flight from the police officer Riggs. This technique makes the spectator feel empathy for the misss, as their terror is obvious to even the least sympathetic spectator. Their female parent is urgently contending for her appreciation over the misss, and we can truly see the emotional she portrays both physically, and mentally.

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Furthermore, a sense of belonging arises from a connexion with land in the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence” which presents a strong sense of Aboriginal individuality and the three immature girls’ connexion with land through the spirit bird and the Rabbit Proof Fence to their manner back place. This is apparent in the scenes where it shows the motive of the “Spirit Bird” and how it gives Molly inspiration, when she sees it her dreams when at Moore River Settlement, which made her privation to run away back place. This is such a symbolic connexion between her and her place land. Besides near the terminal of the long journey where they are fighting to acquire place, a long shooting of misss collapsed on land juxtaposed with close up of their mother’s concerned face, with the sound of an Aboriginal chant- sense of belonging-willing the misss place. And an extreme close up of Molly’s eyes easy unfastened as she sees the Spirit Bird fly over her, which gives her the finding to maintain traveling to acquire place to her household, and non to give up. Culture plays an of import function for the autochthonal people, and their love and attention for their land. Last, a sense of belonging besides arises from a new society universe.

In a novel Unpolished Gem, Alice reveals the anxiousness of her female parent experiencing. Alice’s female parent finds the accommodations in her new life hard to bear. She falls into depression visual perception as she does non hold ability to work in Australia because she does non cognize the ‘English’ . Other ground as why she is in down province because she struggles to pass on with her household and other people. Alice’s female parent confesses all her problems in work to Alice. She states that her unjust intervention at work is doing her to crumple. “I can’t wok there any longer! I can’t work at place I cant work anywhere.” Showing her assurance to be really low, lack self-esteem and self-worth. This is an apparent that the barrier of cultural background forestalling Alice’s female parent to belong. Unpolished Gem is a little peep into the complex universe of people who have to accommodate. Not merely to the state they have come to but to their ain egos as they change over clip. Alice’s female parent is similar to the character of Michael Oher in the movie ‘The Blind Side’ as who ab initio showed uneasiness in traveling into a new universe. Every clip he is placed in a new place, he runs off. This shows early-signs of response towards non belonging.

His short narrative entitled ‘White Walls’ is an evidenced of his emotional withdrawal towards the school. He recounts his first-impression towards the school and depict it as ‘Everything I see is White’ . This adjective is an grounds of Michael Oher’s battle from experiencing a sense of belonging which reveals his anxiousness and uncomfortableness. The voiceover emphasizes his character while he confesses his battle and troubles in seting into a new environment.` Therefore, belonging is an natural demand of every life being and a procedure affected by an individual’s position influenced by one’ context. In all of these texts, we can see that belonging is a cardinal and of import facet of life necessarily intertwined with impressions of credence, individuality, understanding and relationships. Differences in footings of faith, value, sentiment, visual aspect, race, gender to call a few is what makes us alone persons and assist’s us in finding who we truly want to be and where we truly want to belong.


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