Jocelyn Alicea ENG 102 What movie, TV series, music genre or event has influenced you? When asked what has influenced my life the most, my answer would definitely be my daughter, Gianna. On the day of her birth, I took one look at her and decided that I would do whatever it took to get my life in order and work at being the best person I could be for her. Today, I am proud of my accomplishments and owe it all to Gianna. She is my biggest influence and the best thing that has happened to me.

Because of Gianna, my whole outlook on life has changed and as a result, I now have a great relationship with my husband’s family, I have a great job, I am back in school, and am a better person today because of her. My husband’s family and I were estranged for quite some time before I decided to try to work out our differences. I was a person who held on to grudges therefore, did not feel the need to mend the strained relationship. The conflicts between my in laws and I were over insignificant things which ultimately caused us to grow apart over time.

After the birth of Gianna, I felt compelled to let go of the grudge that took over our lives and make an effort to repair the relationship between my in-laws and I. Succeeding in my goal to try to rebuild a relationship between Gianna’s grandparents required me let go of all the bitterness and move forward in a positive direction, and made me want to succeed in other aspects of my life including my career. I have been employed in a variety of fields and while was good at getting the job done, I never considered doing more than what was asked of me nor did I push myself to further my knowledge.

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A few years ago I took a position as an assistant, and I was content, until Gianna came into my life. I became ambitious and craved more. I wanted to be successful in all aspects of my life, and so I would observe my peers, ask questions and eventually received a promotion. Through trial and error, I am now a paralegal at a great firm. Although it appeared that my life was finally on track, and fate seemed to be on my side, I did not want to risk losing it all since was not a certified paralegal, I quickly enrolled myself in College.

After not having been in school for almost nine years, I found it difficult to take the initiative to return to school. I believed it was too late for me since so much time had passed by. Gianna gave me motivation and as a consequence, am now enrolled in College and am learning great things and having wonderful experiences. I am currently an Education major and hope to graduate college and become a Special Education teacher. Gianna has definitely changed my whole outlook on life.

Since Gianna’s birth, I have learned so much. I have learned that determination can take you very far. I have a new perspective on life and am very proud of all my accomplishments. Today, I am very close with my husband’s parents; I have a wonderful profession and am enrolled in school so that I can continue to improve and ultimately reach my goal of becoming a Special Education teacher. Gianna has been my biggest influence and my greatest achievement and because of that I feel very fortunate.


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