( A Remembrance of a journey from Bodh Gaya to Patna Junction ) The prophesying hall overflew with the fans with supreme hilarity at their Black Marias to have the sacred authorization from His Holiness. It was on 10th January. 2012. the concluding twenty-four hours of His Holiness’s 32nd Kalachakra Empowerment at Bodh Gaya ; the sacred place of Buddha Dharma. Personally. it was my first of all time journey to the topographic point inside Bihar and so for Kalachakra. It enthralled me for being able to go to this clip with my grandfather who merely arrived from Tibet. Generally. it had been an unerasable grade on the wall of my memoir to larn how to set in such a crowd from assorted states across the Earth. For the first clip in my life. I have seen how a human being can really be beast in times of accomplishing his demands and the public scene brought me back to the Darvian theory of ‘‘Survival of the fittest” . I was both one among the witnesss every bit good as the participants of the whole public scene where a adult male truly doesn’t attentiveness to see what is go oning with the little kid and the elderly grandparents under his pess while hotfooting after the sacred togss and the ritual consecrated staff of lifes.

I couldn’t truly believe my eyes to see a grandma following to me was so avaricious plenty to conceal three staff of lifes inside her Chupa pocket in forepart of 1000 eyes. while go forthing others without even a piece of it. Every forenoon. I see people contending for their seats and it merely offended me badly to see a group of grandmother from Dharamsala who were non ready to accept the echt civilization of first come first place and claimed their seats on the really oncoming of His Holiness’s authorization and boiled my blood inside with their violative mutter merely at my ear membranophone! With the completion of His Holiness authorization arount 11a. m. I had to travel rapidly to my room for I had scheduled my train ticket from Patna Junction to Bangalore City in the eventide though Mandala Offering and other public references were go oning later. While believing about the incommodiousness with local train travel from Gaya to Patna entirely. I went to the Bihar Government Tourist Bus Ticket counter for a ticket at 2pm from Bodh Gaya. After a series of questions. the counter reaffirmed my reaching at Patna at 6pm ; 2 hours in front of my train going clip. It was clip for me to offer my last glance and collapse to the Mahaboddhi temple and had to go forth towards bus stand with a heavy bosom bubbled with nostalgia. brimming with bliss and approval.

The coach driver was out of sight though clip was striking beyond 3pm. The Indian adult female sitting following to me state me “It is impossible for you to catch your train at 8pm since the coach takes 6-7 hours with its frequent interruptions at every minor coach halt on the manner and it is already late by one hr from now” . Just imagine. what would you make if you fall at such point of critical occasion where you are all entirely and don’t have any thought about the topographic point ; particularly Bihar province ; ill-famed for robberies and abductions? A blast of fright twosome with rage blew through my ribs to hear that and I rushed to look for the driver. What is the beastly Indian Government policy is it! He was waiting for the ticket money from the engagement office and said the office telephone was non making at the minute. I couldn’t control over my emotional explosion. but nil really can be done besides eyes welling up with cryings out of fright. I left with no pick as there wasn’t any possibility to make Patna and on top of that there was a large job with inter communicating with my broken Hindi and their inapprehension of English. I was the lone 1 who had to catch the train at the earliest among all the riders in the coach.

What should I make by so? If I decide to non travel. go forthing the train ticket money aside. where should I remain in Bodh Gaya? How will I be able to acquire a ticket to travel either to Bangalore or to Delhi in the thick of those crowds running and contending for their return tickets at that clip? And if I go and miss the train. where will I be traveling to pass the dark? I had no any thought and I was incapacitated! ! ! The lone Tibetan-Tawang kushokla ( monastic ) in our coach came to assist me to speak with driver and even with the traffic constabulary. It happened to me that even two Ladakhi misss stopped their moving car to see my status and helped to dispute with the driver. Gradually I got about eight caputs from my coach ( one Sikkimmese pala ; three Ladakhi chaps ; one local Indian twosome and the Tawang kushokla ) to coerce the driver to travel the coach instantly. By so. I was ready to give a tight smack to the ticket counter adult male if I happened to travel back and I promised to make so if I of all time go on to see Bodh Gaya in the hereafter! I was numbering each and every subtraction with fright of acquiring late and the 10 people consoled me non to worry approximately it as I had already been blessed by His Holiness and the journey is 4 hours without any halt on the manner.

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After about half an hr journey from Gaya metropolis ( around 6pm ) . the coach rear wheel fell in a canal and it took half an hr to come out on the surface with every male including me forcing from the dorsum ( what’s the snake pit! My bosom was crushing so fast! ) After an hr from that topographic point. the coach forepart wheel got crashed and by so. there wasn’t any hope to make by 8pm! I had nil to make except shouting so loud and scared to believe about the following effects. Al the eight people were so much worried about me. but they besides didn’t have anything to make except censuring the driver and praying for God’s clemency. In between. one Tibetan adult female and one Pala ( the merely Tibetans in the coach ) came to me and asked “Bhumo. what’s the usage of shouting when everything is over? My immediate choler explosion on with “None of your concern. merely shut up! ’’ Out of sudden after about half an hr. the Sikkimese Pala and the three Ladakhi chaps had talked and called a cab ( I am still clueless how and from where they were able to acquire a cab from such black hilly jungle where there is non even a flicker of visible radiation can be seen! ) and told me to travel in the cab ( which charged 600/ ) with kushokla. the local twosome and the Indian adult female.

They reassured about my safety and requested them to assist me till I get inside my train. The Sikkimese Pala even asked me whether I have adequate money to pay for the cab where I told I do hold with me and the three Ladakhi chaps consoled me while pass overing my cryings against their coat arms and set me in the cab with Bunches of supplications and humane concerns. Five of us left in the cab which promised us to make by 8pm at Patna Junction. On the manner. I was still in cryings with that fright and the sense of gratitude for the people who I have ne’er known in my life. yet of all time ready to be so humanist without any stark of vacillation. Meantime. the Indian adult female was stating me “Sonam see. Lord Buddha is reflecting upon your caput. He’ll ne’er leave you in a quandary without a solution.

Don’t worry about anything. ” We reached before 15 subtraction of my train agenda and the driver was sort adequate to take us till the interior circle of the rail station where vehicles are prohibited. I was escorted by Kushokla till my platform and the rail information counter merely announced that my train was late by 20 subtraction from its agenda clip. I took a long mark and provided a cup of tea as a item of my deeply felt gratitude for their understanding and we departed to our several platforms thenceforth. This is the recounted journey that I took all entirely at a topographic point where I’ve ne’er been and the humane kindness that I received from the people who I’ve ne’er known and I’ll ne’er meet in my life… . However. I still feel and I will ne’er bury the value of their sincere and practical ethics~ Thank you so much! ! ! Sonam Dolkar. MA English Literature.


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