A myth is an extraordinary story invented with a symbolic meaning explaining the creation of something mysterious. Myths always contain mythical objects, human characters. Animals, gods and goddesses. Myths describe things that happened, their success, tragedy and the relationships between gods and humans. Myths always have deep meanings. To illustrate what a myth is, I chose to compare two myths: Pandora ‘s Box and Psyche & Eros, which are both myths from Greek mythology. In this literary essay I shall examine three elements contained in both stories that make them myths.

The first element I have explored is mythical objects. The second element I will examine is the symbolic meanings and the lessons they teach us. The final element Is characters such as gods, goddesses and humans and relationships between them. Furthermore, I will compare the two stories by these elements and show how they are used and how they prove they are both myths. There are many mystical characters places or objects through myths. One of this is a box. The story of Psyche and Eros and Pander’s box both contain the same mythical objects, which make up a big part of the story: a box.

In Pander’s Box, “Zeus gave Pandora a little box with a big heavy lock on It. He made her promise never to open the box. ” But Pandora was so curious that she opened it anyways. Inside the box a god had hidden all the troubles of the world, diseases, sickness, hate and envy. Only hope stayed in the box. These things were let out into the world because Pandora opened the box. The only positive thing that the box contained was hope. Thus we see this object was used In the myth to explain how diseases and hope came Into our world. We can see that the box is a mythical object because no object can contain all he diseases and hope.

In the story of Psyche and Eros, the mythical object is also a box. In this myth Aphrodite the goddess of beauty was jealous to Psyche, which was a beautiful human woman. She asked her son Eros, god of love, to kill Psyche but Eros fell in love with her instead. Psyche also fell In love but he was gone before she saw his face. She asked Aphrodite for help and she told her to obtain a box with beauty and charm and told her not open it. “Psyche’s next task was to go into hell to ask Persephone a box of magic makeup. ” But Psyche was curious and opened the box to e the beauty and charm.

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The box contained nothing but darkness and put Psyche in an eternal sleep when she opened it. The same way a box cannot contain hope and terrible things; it also cannot contain eternal sleep. Thus proves that both stories have a box, which Is a mystical object that contains extraordinary things put In the story to explain the creation of good or bad things. The second element to characterizes the myths is the different symbolic meanings ‘Off meaning we learn from Pander’s Box is that curiosity and disobedience will have aromatic consequences like all diseases let out into the world.

The second symbolic meaning is the explanation of how evils exits in the world and how even with this people can still have some hope. This is shown when Pandora opens the box and disease, despair, and hatred are let out into the world but hope is the only thing that stays inside the box. “l opened the box and all these ugly things flew out. I tried to catch them but they all got away. ” In Psyche and Eros there are also two symbolic meanings. The first symbolic meaning is when you are too curious and you disobey he consequences can be terrible.

In fact a voice even told Psyche not look inside the box. But Psyche was too curious and opened the box. She found nothing inside and as a result was condemned to eternal sleep. The second symbolic meaning in Psyche and Eros is that even when trails come love triumphs everything. ” Eros spoke to Zeus of his love so eloquently that Zeus was moved to grant him his wish. Zeus then Joined Psyche and Eros into an eternal marriage “. We learn that true love defeats evil. So we can see that both have symbolic meanings.

One is similar notably both teach the oral that with disobedience comes consequences. One is different notably in Psyche, god can forgive and love can win and in Pandora box it explains the origin of diseases and hope in the world . Consequently, there are similar and different symbolic meanings but both myths are created to give a lesson or to explain the world. Lastly, one main function of a myth was to explain the creation or the destruction of the world, the bad and the good or to offer a moral. Gods and goddesses and relationships with humans played a fundamental role in this function.

We can find Hess connections with the mythical characters and relationships between gods, humans and goddesses in both stories. This is shown in Pander’s box by the fact that Zeus created Pandora out of clay to have revenge against Prometheus who disobeyed and give to her daughter a box with the interdiction to open her. ” Zeus ordered Hyphenates to make him a daughter made out of clay. ” Zeus gave Pandora a little box ” . For Psyche and Eros, we can tell there are mystical characters because in the end of the story Eros goes to complain to Zeus. “He spoke of his love for Psyche so eloquently that Zeus was moved to grant him his wish. And Zeus changed a human to an immortal goddess to protect Psyche from Aphrodite and live with his love. Certainly we know they are mystical characters because even if Psyche was first a human then became a goddess and Pandora was created by a god. In fact we know this cannot happen in real life because that there has never been a girl created from clay and moreover a girl to become immortal. These characters were only used to portray the moral which is how disobedience can have terrific consequences ,to explain how diseases are coming on world and how loves can win .

In conclusion the three elements explained in my essay characterize perfectly what a myth is and what purpose they have for us. Both have relationships and connections between gods, humans and goddesses. Both purposes are to explain some good and curiosity and disobedience can have dramatic consequences. The last point is that both myths used a mystical object, in fact a box to explain how the world works. These elements prove that both stories are myths. Bibliography www. Mormon. Org www. Websites. Ship. Deed


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