The Theory includes: the discovery that there are large aspects of our psychological functioning which, though having a profound determining effect upon us, are largely hidden, that is, they are unconscious the recognition of the omnipresence of an unconscious conflict the understanding that when human beings become involved in relationships with others, they bring to those relationships templates’ derived from early childhood tuitions and transfer them into the current situation, that is they form transference the recognition of the centrality of sexuality and aggression in mental life and that important aspects of this are laid down in childhood Psychoanalysis has a broad relevance in many things, and can be uses to interpret or understand different contexts such as art, literature, philosophy, politics, sociology and film studies. It could be used to understand socio-cultural problems such as racism and paranoia. Psychoanalysis is based, as mentioned before, on the theory hat the early relationship with the parents during childhood would create and determine certain pattern that could be transfer in their adult life relations.

If the kid has love, loss, death or sexual experiences during their early relationship with the parents it is more likely that they would repeat the pattern when they grow up. These patterns are created unconsciously and can bring problems to the individual and limit their development; they would develop as far as the unconscious pattern will allow them. With Psychoanalysis these patterns can be brought down (decomposed) so the patient is understood at a profound level. Therefore the patient is able to recognize the unconscious forces that made him/her act in a certain way and that is repetitively causing problems with his/her interpersonal relationships.

ROLE: The Complex of Oedipus is a theory developed by Freud that basically says that the child (male) develops as sexual attraction for his mother; therefore he has this need to protect her. What happens in most cases with the people (men) who rape especially ho rape men is that as their father was the person who interfered with their relation with their mothers, they are trying to get a sort of revenge against them raping other men, pretending that they are their parents. Psychoanalysis is a very important theory because it helps in Criminality’s. Psychiatrists use psychoanalysis to determine the criminals profile and understand the reasons of his/her attack. WOK: Emotion, Reason, Language and Perception. OAK: Human Sciences: Psychology. What is Psychoanalysis By larboards


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