Support for the concern procedure and operations: An ‘Information System’ helps directors to carry on day-to-day activities and maps decently. For illustration in a bank different activities. which involve but are non limited to: history creative activity. the backdown of money. statement coevals among others. the Information System helps troughs to carry on such activities accurately and in a timely mode with the aid of different package. Support for determination devising in footings of employees and directors: An Information System can merely be defined as: “input – & gt ; process – & gt ; information” . An Information System will take informations as an input and procedure it therefore bring forthing information.

Directors can so utilize this information for to better their administration. As an illustration. an Information System can analyze bing historical informations about clients in a bank and generate information such as which clients were ‘good’ . which were ‘bad’ every bit good as other properties. Directors could so utilize this information while make up one’s minding to supply a loan for new clients. whether it be the limitations thereof. the sum the loan is for or even whether a loan can be given at all support in doing strategic determination for competitory advantages. IS can give information like which points to establish in which location by analyzing informations collected from different beginnings such that company can hold advantage by utilizing these information over their rivals. IS besides can assist concern houses in carry oning their concern procedure otherwise than their rivals. The strategic function is besides helpful for any planning involved in respects to the administration because through strategic function the hereafter will be planned.


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