What Makes Us Love Essay, Research Paper

What Makes Us Love?

What makes us love? This inquiry has been studied for centuries by

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philosophers, scientists, and even authors in hunt of a reasonable reply.

Shakespeare, for one, explored many thoughts to warrant love. In his drama, ? A

Midsummer? s Night Dream? , he lists assorted ideas on what he thinks causes

people to love. Some are overpoweringly pathetic, while others make some


One of his far-fetched replies as to how people fall in love was Cupid.

He believed Cupid would hit his pointers of love into persons, and they would

as if by magic autumn for the following individual they saw. ? Cupid all armed. A certain purpose he

took/At a just vestal throned by the West, / and loosed his love-shaft cleverly

from his bow ( 2.1.163-65 ) . ? After the shooting, the individual wouldn? T know what hit


He intertwines this idea with the construct that one falls in love after

looking in another? s eyes. After losing a shooting, one of Cupid? s arrows hit a

flower, defiling it with his powers to do people fall in love. When placed in a

individual? s eyes, they will be infatuated with the following thing they see. For

illustration, after being placed in his Lysander? s vitamin E

yes, his huge love for Hermia

grows weak with merely one expression into Helena? s eyes.

Shakespeare? s idea here is that eyes have all the power over who

we fall for. Do non misconstrue him, though. His use of this enchanting

juice is non to be taken earnestly. He is seeking to do a point, and at that, a

good one. Looking into person? s eyes had a certain power over one? s

feelings. You merely acquire a strong feeling in your bosom. It is unmanageable, and

sometimes, it genuinely is one of the chief grounds we fall in love.

However, he contradicts himself in act one when Helena says, ? Love

looks non with the oculus, but with the head ( 1.1.240 ) . ? He now states that the

head is what the individual falls in love with, and non the eyes. It is true, nevertheless ;

you have to love a individual? s ideas and thoughts before you can experience that particular

passion for them. That is the cardinal to true love.

Although he had highly different ideas on the grounds we fall in

love, they all made some sense. By beliing his accounts, he, in my

sentiment, is doing a point. He? s indicating out the fact that he, excessively, doesn? Ts truly

cognize the reply to the inquiry of what makes us love. And he knows that

no 1 of all time will.

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