What is your ideal superhero? You may be told that a superhero is someone with extraordinary abilities and powers; motivation and a sense of responsibility, or either courage and ability to face fears. Superheroes could be characterized as best as it could be. Ever since the creation of Captain America based on the comic book character in the 1940s, he has been written as a person who embodies what’s best about the United States, traits such as individualism, justice, and fairness. An overall look at the history of comics has been laid out, but the term ‘superhero’ has already been brought up. Superhero comics and movies deserve their own part in the history, especially since most movies nowadays are only about superheroes, and Captain America, the focus of this paper, is in fact a superhero. During that time, America needed a symbol that can be a united factor. America needed a hero to rise to the challenge and lead the people to bring their great nation back to how it used to be. Who could grab the attention calling of the American people none other than Captain America? Captain America is a famous Marvel superhero created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He is a superhero, but he also has the attitude and discipline of a soldier, a super soldier. There is no other hero out there can be like Captain America, the backstory or skill set. Most of the heroes from previous mythology are not even half the man that Cap is. Captain America is not like the heroes in ancient movies as he grew up like you or I, with mannerisms that anyone wish they emulated him is a hero, but not merely heroic. His job and concern are to stand between innocent people and harm, dispatching evildoers in the pursuit of saving people. In The Avengers, directed by Whedon, Captain America is the one who always goes around helping people to safety. While Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk break, smash, and blow stuff up, he’s the one who’s making sure there’s no (or few, he’s not perfect) casualties. It is a thankless role, but he does it and that’s why he’s the leader. The extraordinary part of the sense, such as the American nation is inherent in the storylines of Captain America. The Captain is always willing to die for his country, and this “reinforces the centrality of the nation in the readership of the comic book…Captain America’s willingness to die for his country illustrates the essential centrality of the nation to him and, by extension, to every American reading the comic book” Which makes the symbol of Captain America s much stronger traditional symbols of America, such as the bald eagle or the American flag because Captain America can both embody and narrate America. That the American flag, or other American symbols cannot. “These fans aren’t passionate simply because it’s a fad or a “youth” thing. It’s because these comics and the movies they inspire are a window into America’s soul”, said University of Central Florida history professor Richard Crepeau.


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