One of the obvious sentiments that the audience may hold for one of Bennett’s chief characters. Hector. the bizarre general surveies teacher with an educational doctrine of enrichment. would be disgust and an uneasy esthesis after holding learnt of his inappropriate relationship with the namesake male child. Though in the first act of the drama. nil is specifically admitted. though it is to a great extent suggested ; for illustration. “A manus on a boy’s genitalias at 50 stat mis an hr. and you call it nil? ” . In my sentiment. the fact that. though his behavior has non merely been recognised by other instructors. but has really been called upon by Felix. and still he makes no move to take duty for his actions. taking alternatively to react with humor and inventive quotation marks. This influences comedy within the drama in two ways. one of which in the usage of emotional detachment. in which he reflects the conversation off from himself and his mistakes- “The transmittal of cognition is in itself an titillating act.

In the Renaissance…” . The 2nd consequence on the comedic facet of the text would be gaiety used throughout. minimizing serious topics and moving as if there’s nil incorrect with what had been go oning by mocking them or non taking any peculiar action against them/ to repair them. On the other manus. nevertheless. the thing that makes myself. as a reader. genuinely uncomfortable is the understanding that I feel for the Hector. when in world. I know that I should non. The audience may experience commiseration for his character because of his implied loveless matrimony: “I’m non certain that she’d be interested” . This gives the feeling that Hector is a really stray character. who has cipher he can truly turn to. as his married woman doesn’t attention what he has to state. when he apparently needs person the most. as he comes to footings with his ain gender. every bit good as several other characters within the drama.

This enhances the comedy genre through the usage of a strong. matter-of-fact character. as the jobs that he faces are facets of mundane life. that many people besides struggle with- he seems to seek to do it through his job one twenty-four hours at a clip. trusting on his love for literature and instruction. perchance the lone thing he has that makes him who he is. to acquire him through the twenty-four hours. demoing how much he genuinely depends on his calling and how much it means to him- “What did you name them? Gobbets? ” . giving the feeling that he was genuinely pained that what he teaches is considered nil more than nonmeaningful factoids. The concluding emotion I believe that the audience will experience after holding seen Act 1. would be defeat. as I surely find myself experiencing that manner inclined.

Frustration that Hector is unable to compromise so much. in peculiar with Irwin and his opposing educational doctrine of map instead than enrichment. in order to fix the male childs for their approaching Oxbridge scrutinies. Despite the fact that Irwin is willing to negociate with Hector after holding realised how utile what Hector was learning them genuinely was. holding at one point that instruction is non merely about tests ( “For what it’s worth. I sympathise with your feelings about examinations” ) . Hector is still excessively obstinate to allow travel of his positions and work in harmoniousness with him for the benefit of the male childs.

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This heightens the comedy of the drama as it suggests that his character is non adaptable. which the audience discovery to be diverting. particularly as it besides enhances the thought of the clang between the 2 teachers- Hector stand foring upset whilst Irwin portrays order as we advance through the text and see what is incorrect. be righted. though Irwin’s function is made significantly more hard through Hectors lack of co-operation: “I count scrutinies. … . as the enemy of instruction. ” .


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