What Is ClickBank And How Does It


ClickBank is the world’s largest internet provider of digital
products. Every day numerous products are put into ClickBank’s marketplace for
online marketers to judge whether they would like to promote them or not. Those
who are newcomers to affiliate marketing can visit ClickBank, examine all of
the products and then put up campaigns and internet sites to advertise them.

When we talk about how to make money from home, ClickBank comes to
mind immediately. This is one of the top moneymaking platforms the internet has
to offer in this time and age. Like I said earlier ClickBank is an electronic
marketplace. What it does is what it is and presents to you a whole lot of
informational stuff such as e-books, PDFs, and white papers from a bunch of
highly skilled authors.

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So when you decide to join hands with ClickBank you agree to work
as an affiliate. What an affiliate does is that he/she goes to the ClickBank marketplace
and simply do a search for let’s say your own niche or industry. Let us assume
that you are into gardening. So you do a search for gardening and the next
moment what you’ll see is all the e-books that were written by authors on
gardening and below the description of the book you will be able to see how
much money you earn by referring your visitors to that book.

Now, the reason why ClickBank is so profitable and is so
attractive to so many affiliates, both new and experienced ones is that its
commissions are very high. You can even compare ClickBank to the topmost online
marketplace Amazon. Now, Amazon’s affiliate program pays between four and eight
percent. So if you if you sell a 50$ book on amazon.com you can only get maybe
4 dollars commission on that.

Needless to mention that Amazon will have to pay you, then the
publisher, the author, the shipping and handling and then even Amazon gets a
cut and if there’s a third party involved, then they too get a cut and what
not! So where do you stand in all this long list of people?

So yes, the commission on the world’s leading online marketplace
Amazon is quite low but with ClickBank the story changes. You have an
electronic book to promote or any other kind of digital product that does not
require any kind of physical handling and transfer whatsoever. So yes there’s
no shipping and handling or transfer. The product is sent right to the buyer
via email so the only people that are really getting paid are the author, ClickBank
and then you.


How Much Commission Do I Get For
Each Purchase That I Result In?

Understand How Commissions Are
Calculated at ClickBank

Every product listed at ClickBank has a commission rate which is
set by the vendor. It can range from 1% to 75%. When you are successful in
driving a sale to that product, the sale procedure is processed by ClickBank and
then the commission rate is calculated. The commission rate you get will be
based on the remaining net sale amount. Now let’s consider an example of a
product that has a 55% commission rate:

Retail Price
of the product: $29.95

Now Subtract
7.5% + $1 and we get: -$3.25

The Net Sale
Amount is: $26.70

commission is 55% of the remainder which results in: $14.69

functioning as a marketing or referring affiliate for this sale would get you

recurring products may have different commission rates for initial and rebill
purchases, but the calculation will be performed in the same way

The maximum
amount of commission that you can earn with ClickBank on a single transaction
is $150


How Do I Get Paid?

Clearly, the aim of being an affiliate is to get remunerated for
your efforts. To receive your first commission, there are two requirements:

You must
have reached your payment threshold, which you can set in your settings

You must
also meet the Customer Distribution Requirement

Isn’t it amazing? You get a commission just for referring an e-book
from your own site.

Is There A Downside To Clickbank

You see, there is a lot of nonsense and huge scope of fraud here
in this field. E-books are so easy to create. This is because all you have to
do is get some PDF creation software. Then you can surf the internet and find a
topic on your niche and search for facts from the World Wide Web and rearrange
them and start calling it an e-book. Later you can slap a 20$ or 30$ price tag
on it. If you’re wondering still how to make money from home with ClickBank,
you have to be extremely vigilant. I suggest you choose products from ClickBank
very carefully.

If you see something that you would want to refer to your
audience, don’t just stand there and look at it, go for it! How much you’re
going to earn per sale/transaction will also depend on whether you have bought
the book and read it. Make sure you read through and review it so that you can
identify with its ideology and thought process depicted in it. This way you can
find a common ground with its author and connect with the potential buyer as
well. This whole approach makes you honest and truthful to your work and you
can obviously avoid sounding like an amateur salesman.

The best way to make money from home with ClickBank is to look for
anything that fits your topic or niche or your theme and if you’re sure that it
is most likely to help and impress your audience, go for it. ClickBank may
prove to be a very good way to monetize your website. All you have to know is
how to work the system and be honest and proactive in your approach.


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