What is the relationship between money and
happiness? Everyone wants to have lots of money while being happy. Then, can we
buy happiness with money? It has been generally believed that I can be happy
with lots of money. In fact, several studies have tried to find the magic
income level for happiness that means how much money can we make happiness. As
a result, the study of Princeton university published in 2010 found that
happiness rised as incomes rised until $75,000 a year, but happiness didn’t rise as income rises more than 75,000 a year. On the contrary,
several studies supported that happy people earned more money. If so, How can
people who feel happy make more money? There are three reasons why happy people
earn more money.


The first thing is that happy people’s optimistic approach makes more open to opportunity and new
experinces. According to many studies, optimism has been proven to improve the
immune system, prevent chronic disease, and help people cope with unfortunate
news. In addition, being optimistic means that they really believe they will be
able to get something they want to have. Therefore, they see not the negative
feelings or disappointment but the positive in all situations. Most happy
people have this kind of thinking. Because they have optimistic thought, they
think that they can reach their goals and develop their targets relatively
well. Even thought the things flow badly, they can overcome hardships through
effort and perseverance. That’s why they are also
willing to accept challenges and take risks at the career. Because they aren’t afraid of challenges and risks, they can concentrate on their work
and have opportunities to make lots of money. Afterwards, isn’t money a natural result to happy people?


Happier people have more initiative and
productivity at work. This is the second reason why happy people earn more
money. Does happiness make human beings more productive? A new study said that
happier employees are more productive in the workplace. The study was conducted
by the university of warwick. The researchers chose individual at random and
either showed them a 10-minute comedy clip and provided them with snacks and
drinks. They then followed up with a series of questions to ensure that the “happiness shocks,” as they’re referred to in
the report, actually made the subjects happy. The experiment showed that
productivity increased by an average of 12% and reached as high as 20%.
According to the result of study, we found out the correlation between
happiness and productivity. Imagine that there are many employees who feel
happy at work. Many employees can boost the productivity of company. As a
result, the company will works well and happy employees can have a chance to
get a better position and good salary.

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The last reason for why happy people earn more
money is that happy people spend their time investing themselves. It has often
been said that people who invest themselves will succeed. In addition, there
was a saying that ” I will prepare and someday my
chance will come” said Abraham Lincoln. Actually, there
are many successful people who manage themselves thoroughly. They always
concentrate on improving their life with daily managing. Likewise, people who
feel happy develop themselves while investing a lot such as regualr exercising,
studying more, reading books and so on. In addtion, happy people can keep
controlling their self. Hence, their self-esteem will rise as well. Can people
who don’t feel happy have positive thinking on
investing themselves? It can’t be easy for them.

After all, happy people know well that what is
important for their life. Therefore, they are always investing themselves
steadily. Aren’t happy people who constantly investing
themselves qualified for making money?

In conclusion, there are several reasons why happy
people earn more more money. They have optimistic mind, more productivity, time
to spend investing themselves because they feel happy. It was a chance to think
again about the relationship between happiness and money. Surely, Is happiness
the driving force that can make money?



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