This way of distributing a film has saved the companies lions because instead of sourcing materials for packaging, then going through the production stage of creating the actual media disc, when they can Just send out a single file from a computer and still release and sell their product to the same amount of people. This is the same with new cinema releases, as now distributors don’t need to process a reel of film, they Just send the production file computer to computer, also this removes the limit on distribution.

This pushes the view that “old” media such as DVD’s are in decline as the large push towards new viewing platforms are slowly diminishing the need for old media. This of new technology which companies are adopting Is pushing the old media out of the Industry. The rise of advanced computer generated animation means that huge amounts can be saved on prosthetics. Programmer such as (can’t remember the name) and (again, can’t remember the name) are so advanced they can make the animations look real so things like Iron Man and Dobby from Harry Potter can be made to look like they’re in the scene.

New technology isn’t always welcomed in the media industry as it does sometimes forces a company to re-lenses millions to reach the same level as their monitors. If the investment doesn’t bring in overall profit the company has lost most of their money in a dead technology. AD technology was forced upon many companies. Camera’s were given to film companies so they could use them to make the movies and if it wasn’t affordable they could pay it back in slow payments.

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This then led on to cinemas as they needed AD projectors to show the AD films. Obviously they had tot have these if not they would see a huge fall In profit, therefore the same thing that happened to film companies was done to cinemas, they paid back what it cost for the projectors in small payments. Now we know this was a risk worth paying because many people – If the option Is there – go to see a film In AD, although many people don’t see films in AD now, the novelty appears to have worn off.

An example of synergy is apparent when you look at Paxar and Disney convergence as Paxar gets the artistic and creative credit which further reinforces their name In the industry, and Disney can gain from Pixies success as the release of another hit from a Paxar release which bears the Disney trademark really boosts Disney publicity as they are dad the process of creating a new production cheap and fast, which is in the best interest of a big conglomerate like Disney. They can even reduce the cost of distribution as they can release a production straight to online streaming, cutting out the need for a physical object like a tape or disc.

New technology has also made it incredibly easy for the public to start producing independent media productions; even with highbrow software such as Render, such highly renowned software created directly from Paxar is available for public release, anyone with a half decent computer can download this software for a small e and create their very own animation. This is also the case with film productions as technology like cameras are getting better and cheaper at a staggering rate.

A camera that would have been considered “high-end” in the sass’s, a quality equivalent is now used on a modern smart phone for a fraction of the price, even editing software like Sony Vegas and Finalist can be purchased for public use. Even recently, a simpler version of editing software can now be purchased as an app on a smartened or smart device, this type of technological multi-platform use is now used in most cameras and smart devices, which makes it incredibly easy for the public to create their own production.

Even distribution of their production isn’t a difficult process as viral video sites like Youth, are now an incredibly effective and flexible way of releasing a production to the world. This has essentially “leveled the field” as a single person can create something of similar aesthetic quality for a fraction of the price of a feature film. Overall, technological advance has hugely helped the film industry. It’s easier for small companies make their own films and distribute them, with Youth being a great platform for small film companies.


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