What the experience taught me? Everyone has many different experiences in his or her childhood. One of the experiences might affect him or her whole life. If this deep impression is a good experience, you could learn a lesson form it. Even it could change your thinking or cultivates positive values and look at things in a proper way. On the other hand, if that deep impression is a bad experience, you might start to feel afraid of something or someone. In my case, I have an experience I have never forgotten.

My experience made me realize that sometimes you think those people is your “best friends”, but in fact, they are not your “true friends” at all. In my junior school, students were streamed according to ability. I was placed to a good class. My classmates and I studied hard everyday. We even studied until 10:00pm at school in the weekdays and came to school on Saturday. We were very busy because we had to get the highest grade. Therefore, we were spoiled by almost teachers and we could enjoy special privileges.

For example, we did not need to do any cleaning up areas in school because teachers thought our time should be spend on taking test instead of cleaning up. And of course, living in such environment, we would feel proud of ourselves. We only hanged out with our classmates; we never hanged out with other students. Nobody would feel this was a weird custom because everyone used to it. I had many close friends. We were always at the same group, same class and same society. Not only we thought we were best friends, but also all people thought we were true friends, too.

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We did not talk to other students and we did not care about other students, therefore, we did not have any friends outside the class. But one day, when I went to the restroom, there was a girl said hello to me. I also said hi to her. Her name was Joyce; she was from the other class. She told me she would like to get to know me. But I did not take it seriously. After that, sometimes she came to my class and chatted with me. At the first, I was very excited and glad to have a new friend from the other class. Joyce was a kind-hearted girl.

I knew she treated me as a true good friend from the bottom of her heart. And I really like her, too. But after a while, I started to receive a peculiar look from my best friends. I could see that they had unusual judgment to Joyce. I felt so uncomfortable when they were looking at us when I was chatting with Joyce. Because they thought Joyce was different from us. Therefore, I started to estrange from her. Every time when Joyce came to my class, I was not friendly anymore. I began to act cold toward her. I did not tell her the reason why I estranged from her.

I knew she would feel so hurt, but I did not have other choice. One day, like usual, I walked to home with my best friends. We were still best friends; Joyce and I were friends before did not affect our friendship at all. When we were chatting to one another, there was a man showed up in front of us suddenly. He held a knife in his hand. His body was shudder and he was yelling at us to give him money. He waved his knife to warn us do not yell for help. We were shocked and did not know how to do next. At this time, I saw some of my friends started to run away.

I was yelling at them to ask them wait for me. But no body stopped. Even I caught the ridge of the lower hem of one’s jacket, she pushed me away and told me that got off her. Therefore, that man caught me and throttled my neck. I could not breath, I could not make any sound, and I was so scared. I was afraid that he would kill me. But suddenly, I heard a very familiar voice, “Police is coming! Police is coming! ” That man was frozen for a moment and released me. I was relieved after he ran away. Then, I saw Joyce was walking toward me and asked me if I was fine or not.

I was so surprised that she was the only person who cared about me and saved me in an emergency situation. After this event, I had never talked to those “best friends” anymore. Because of this experience, I learned a lot. I realized those “best friends” to me was not really friends at all. They did not care about other people in an emergency situation; they just cared about themselves. It is very grieved for me that no one could help one another in an emergency situation even though we always said we were “best friends”.

Unlike them, Joyce treated me as a true friend. She did not care what I did to her before. She was not angry with me at all. I felt so sorry to her about I was trying to be estrange from her. I should not care about Joyce in which class and what her grade is. I told myself, the best friend to me is the person like Joyce. I could not look down someone because of his or her grade. After one year, Joyce and I graduated from the junior school. Even though we studied different high schools and different colleges, we still keep in touch. We are best friend forever.


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