The chief aims of composing the study are to make a instance survey on how the Universal Studio is able to pull the locals and tourers into puting in the topographic point. The study would cover why cosmopolitan studio is able to make so with its alone characteristics. How it is better than its rival ( Escape Theme Park ) or how it is in a manner inferior to this rival will be analysed utilizing the SWOT analysis. Is at that place a rise in touristry in Singapore due to the cosmopolitan studio.

Understanding how cosmopolitan studio was established and its importance in conveying gross to Singapore and assisting to raise the figure of touristry attractive forces in Singapore.

The study would be based on my first manus observation of how the cosmopolitan studio plants and became success. I made a visit to cosmopolitan studio trip myself and saw it from the position of a tourer and a local. I had to make up one’s mind why the topographic point was deserving traveling to and I did it by traveling at that place. I approached my friends who had been at that place for their reappraisals sing cosmopolitan studio and how they felt about the topographic point to acquire a better apprehension besides my ain position or making a study on how people feel about cosmopolitan studio. I besides interviewed my friend who is working at that place to hold a clearer image of cosmopolitan studio and what it does, and their day-to-day modus operandi of keeping the flow of the people.

What is Cosmopolitan Studio Singapore?

Cosmopolitan Studio is a subject park built to raise touristry in Singapore. The subject park is located at Sentosa within Resort World Sentosa. Genting Group won the command to construct a 2nd incorporate resort in Singapore. On 19 April 2007 the edifice the Resort World Sentosa ( RWS ) commenced. The park was opened to the populace on 18 March 2010. The cosmopolitan studio brings about tonss of fantastic attractive forces including 24 films – themed drives and attractive forces, new drives and shows based on blockbuster hits. It is both a locally and tourist luring topographic point for Singapore to construct upon.

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The park was besides opened for furtive prevue during the Chinese New Year period to advance and allow people cognize about the topographic point to pass for particular juncture and rubber-necking intents.

History of Universal studio

The successful command on Genting group in edifice RWS doing Singapore the 2nd Universal Studio Theme Park opened in Asia and foremost in Southeast Asia.

After the official gap, some of the attractive forces would be opening subsequently at a different timing due to unfinished building and safety of the people. The largest roller coaster has been hailed due to the safety and jobs the subject park had encountered when the drive was opened.

Accomplishments of cosmopolitan studio

Universal Studio has brought some attractive forces and drives which are available in other states and brought it to Singapore for the locals and out tourists.. Each ticket would be about 62 dollars for weekdays and 72 dollars for weekends for grownup base on ballss. With such a dearly-won ticket it will surely convey more income to Singapore. The topographic point consists of 30 eating houses inclusive of nutrient push carts and 20 alone retail shops located all over the park. 7 zones of film themed universes and 22 attractive forces have been designed.

Visitors are non merely able to entree the Universal Studio, they can venture into Sentosa Island which is besides a tourer attractive force. It has brought the best film – themed attractive forces within the seven zones to life, pulling locals and tourers into a eye-popping topographic point packed with phantasy for both kids and grownups, something they have been wishing for.

Purposes of Universal Studio

It has successfully brought Singapore a alone subject park pulling tonss of tourer and locals to see it. Their purposes for market are to convey touristry and economical of Singapore to a greater highs. It is to keep quality service and amusement to those who visited it for enduring memories. Hoping they would be back to see the topographic point once more on their following trip back to Singapore.

What is so alone about Universal studio?

The alone points about Universal Studio is the 7 zones of film themed universe which has brought films characters alive giving visitants memorable visit and trip devising to money paid worthwhile.

The 7 zones of themed universe consist of The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci – Fi City, Hollywood and New York. All these topographic points are built upon the films themed and blockbuster hits. The topographic point constructed is based on the films having characters visual aspects, shopping and dining countries conveying the film to life.

First, The Lost World is divided into two countries Jurassic Park and Waterworld. Having both two film blockbuster hits which are popular among the people. The Lost World helps people to acquire to cognize more about dinosaurs and seeing the films coming alive before their eyes. There are drives having the position of dinosaurs and how it is like to be surrounded with dinosaurs. Rides which consist of the bird oculus position of the topographic point, and some thrilling river raft drive guaranting us to be soaking moisture at the of the drive. Waterworld is a H2O based attractive forces where we can acquire to see stunts, astonishing detonation live in the H2O show.

Far Far Away Land is a film themed topographic point inspired by dreamwork lifes chiefly having Shrek and the rich faery narratives life. Knowing the characters that life within the fairy narrative walls coming to life. Shrek house was being build and there is Shrek 4D having a short and realistic film where we can really experience the action right from the place in their short faery tale escapade. Junior roller coaster is available to for siting excessively.

Malagasy republic is besides one of the dreamwork life inspired subject zones where it features the heavy tropical filled with fantastic characters of Madagascar in the films. There is a merry go unit of ammunition where we can sit it to be feel like environing the Madagascar character and one time once more be like a kid. Unfortunately non all the drives is opened there which will convey people to goes back following clip when it is opened so as non to lose any fantastic attractive forces at that place.

Ancient Egypt is a topographic point having ancient pyramids and archaeologist site looking in films like the ma similar to it. Roller coaster is the most exciting drives in the cosmopolitan studio aside from the immense roller coaster which is non working till farther notice. It allows us to experience the fire and really cognizing more of ancient pyramids.

Sci – Fi City is a topographic point having the modern topographic point of people where future topographic point would look like base on our high engineering presents. It is besides where the two major roller coasters situated at. It is merely fundamentally for sightseeing intents since most of the attractive forces are closed due to safety issues.

Hollywood is a themed topographic point which features the Hollywood avenue where dynamic architecture, thenar trees and walk of the celebrity. It features shows like where cosmopolitan monsters in a stone and turn over musical public presentations bring joy to visitants. It is besides the topographic point where most of the shopping can be done. Many iconic Hollywood avenue.

New York is a topographic point where the pavements and authoritative landmarks are being featured. There are facade set of film scenes for existent clip film productions. Where there are attractive forces that showed us how the film is being produced and how boring the existent cinematography would be conveying a dramatic consequence for the film screen.

There would besides be themed hotels available to provide the demands of people and their pick of penchant. Therefore, with the themed hotels and 7 zones of attractive forces made up of Universal Studio make it uniquely particular and the lone subject park found in Singapore.

Troubles faced

Due to the proficient jobs, some might experience that the park is non up to outlooks. The major drives are non operational boulder clay further notice might be turning some visitants down into sing the topographic point for the clip being. Not all attractive forces are opened which provinces coming shortly. Thus, some might desire to wait for awhile when everything is working to do the trip and money worthwhile alternatively, paying 5 dollars for after hours to travel in for some rubber-necking. Furthermore, the ticket might non be available on the topographic point as there is limited admittance visitants need to book in progress through cyberspace. Some might non desire to travel about the dither booking the ticket and materials.

Schemes ( SWOT )

SWOT Analysis


USS is located in the City State of Singapore – easy accessible and at the intersection of major air traffic flow that can direct a immense potency market to the Studio.

It has a really strong entreaty to visitants and tourers, as Universal Studio is already a well-known Branding internationally.

The single attractive forces, shows and drives within USS are truly first and offer alone merriment and enjoyment to the visitant

USS is an of import constituent within a newly-developed Integrated Resort in the Leisure Island of Sentosa that includes casino, conventions and meetings, hotel and F & A ; B. Each country can pull on each other to bring forth more concern and additions gross which could finally lend to Singapore ‘s turning economic system.


USS needs to maintain improving and making new attractive forces, drives, public presentations etc to convey repetition visitants back and prolong visitorship Numberss.

USS is extremely dependent on tourers ‘ visitants to prolong its day-to-day visitants.

The admittance charge is comparatively high and will be a major setoff to visitants.

Visitor Numberss are presently high every twenty-four hours, so there is a demand for advanced engagements of up to a hebdomad to guarantee acquiring admission tickets for a preferable visit day of the month. However last-minute program to see USS may ensue to tickets being sold out and therefore people desiring to travel would be disappointed.

USS requires high operating and care costs and will take many old ages for the investor to retrieve its entire investing.


1. The regional market potency is immense for USS. Strong economic growing in the part will take to better disbursement. This will ensue to more tourers reachings at Singapore, and USS.

2. The Singapore Tourism Board has set high mark for touristry visitorship aiming to hit 15 million visitants by 2015. USS is therefore able to capture a immense sum of this figure as it is a major tourer finish for these visitants to see.


Economic downswings and recession when it happens, will negatively impact USS in a large manner, since going and disbursement will drop due to such hapless economic status.

New participants and neighboring states will seek to copy the success of the Integrated Resort construct and develop their casinos, theme-parks, hotels. All these will show a menace to USS as visitants are drawn off from it.

Competitor ( Escape Theme Park )

Escape subject park is an out-of-door park located at Downtown East, Pasir Ris. It is non a subject park where faery narratives came alive like cosmopolitan studio. But a normal park dwelling of households and bangs drives providing for all ages. But the park is merely available on Saturday, Sunday, primary and secondary and public vacations unlike Universal Studio which opens daily. It is catered more for locals as the traveling to the topographic point is a spot troublesome due to hold to alter coach traveling down at that place. Many tourers might non cognize how to acquire at that place. But Universal Studio is much simpler due to the monorail services. Besides, the operation yearss falls on weekends and public vacations which make lesser tourer sing it as they are non able to travel in the subject park during weekdays as weekends might be packed and there might be a batch of waiting lines for the drives.

Surveies consequences

Due to the rejection of my electronic mail to carry on my interview for cosmopolitan studio, I decided to carry on a study on Universal Studio to inquire them about their positions to hold non – prejudice and a clearer perceptual experience of the subject park. Knowing how it really pull the people at that place and why Universal Studio is able to convey a greater highs in both touristry and economically. There are a sum of 6 inquiries being asked where. A sum of 50 people responded to the study which I had created, to cognize more about the positions of Universal Studio. Most of the people that took the study were young persons and some working grownups with a mixture of gender and ages to do the study unbiased. The replies were analysed by the answers and feedback found in the study.

First, do you believe that it is worth the money traveling to Universal Studio? The aim of this inquiry asked is to happen out how many people think that a dearly-won admittance ticket of Universal Studio is deserving taking a trip to see. Therefore, if many agree with it, it means to state that Universal Studio has successfully captured the attending of people believing of traveling at that place and the admittance ticket is valued for money, and worth the monetary value for traveling at that place to see.

Through the study, 73.9 % of the respondent said yes and 26.1 % said no. With the bulk of the respondent voted for yes, I concluded that Universal Studio is deserving traveling.

Second, if money is non a factor would you see Universal Studio for one time? The aim of the inquiry is to presume if the admittance ticket is low-cost for everyone, are they willing to pass their clip sing the topographic point for at least one time.

The study consequence obtained with ballots of 94 % of yes, people would surely travel to the topographic point if money is non an issue to them.

Third, what do you believe of the service of Universal Studio? The aim of the inquiry is to inquire about the service they provided is it was fulfilling to convey a good repute to the tourer and locals to do them see the topographic point once more.

57.1 % of respondent voted for mean service and 40.5 % voted for good service, this means that the service provided is above norm. They merely require a small more attempt for betterments therefore, conveying greater income for Singapore. Merely 2.4 % voted for bad service.

Fourthly, for those who had visited Universal Studio what is your remark about? The aim of the inquiry is to inquire those people who had visited at that place to speak about their position of it and feeling of Universal studio have left for them.

Some of the people had great reappraisals about Universal Studio and said that they would see the topographic point once more. Due to their great atmosphere and atmosphere it had created, it is worth the trip down the topographic point. There are several different subjects all found n one topographic point.

But some said that it was non truly up to criterions, as non all drives are operational. Therefore, it became a letdown to them as they are non able to sit all when the admittance ticket is dearly-won. Therefore, they should hold the responsible to guarantee all drives are operational before gap.

There is besides a comparing between Singapore Universal Studio and other states. Singapore one was little as compared to others therefore small drives s available. But the attempt is still there for doing the lone several themed subject park found in Singapore.

Fifth, for those who did non travel Universal Studio before what are your positions about the topographic point? The aims of inquiring the inquiry is inquiring about what feeling does Universal Studio brings them. To prove if they would of all time desire to see it.

Most of them have said that the feeling that the Universal Studio brought was expensive and glamourous. It is a merriment and exciting topographic point to travel but decidedly a monetary value to pay. It is a topographic point where sketchs and fairytale came alive, a different subject park found in Singapore. It seems to be made a tourer attractive force and point. But the monetary value is still a spot high and has to see as there might be crowds whereby 1 could non be able to complete all the drives in one twenty-four hours as the park stops runing at 7. But more choose to travel at that place one time after it is to the full operational to do the money paid worthwhile.

Last, how would rate Universal Studio? The aim of the inquiry is to inquire if after all Universal Studio is worth the money and clip to travel.

52.4 % voted for norm and depends, 40.5 % voted for up to outlooks and worth traveling. Therefore with the high ballot of norm and depends, I think that it is due to the money factor whereby non all the installations is opened. Due to the following highest ballot is up to outlook and worth traveling, I concluded that when all the installations the 52.4 % of the respondent would most likely make their trip down USS. As when all the installations are opened, it will do their money and clip more deserving. I believed a batch is waiting for the major attractive force to restart and do their trip to USS. Merely 4.8 % voted for non up to outlooks and see and entire waste each individually.

This study had served its intent of appraising the response they thought of Universal Studio. With the study consequences being positive, it means that Singapore is success in constructing Universal Studio. Thus, with a positive response it means that people are attracted to it puting in the topographic point which serves the intent of tourer attractive force point and lending to economic system sector of Singapore is a great success.


Based on my first manus observation of the Universal Studio, USS has been successful in appealing to the general populace every bit good as tourers. It has been lending a important sum of gross towards Singapore ‘s economic system through the touristry sector since its first launch. It fundamentally entreaties to a broad market section and therefore that is one of the grounds for its success. I personally find that through such world-renowned tourers ‘ attractive forces, Singapore ‘s economic system will be impacted in a positive manner for many old ages to come.


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