I believe what’s incorrect with the universe is that. we as people don’t accept others for who they wholly are. We are invariably in competition with the following individual or minimizing the other because they are non like usage. We are non wholly made the same. Yes. all of our encephalons are constructed likewise but we all think otherwise. As William James believed “All activities of the head service to assist us last. ” This is true. but we must retrieve that we all think. feel. and larn otherwise. We are all here to last in different ways. We were all put on Earth for different grounds and we should accept that. The universe would be such a better without the stereotypes or people holding to experience they are pressured to be person else and non carry through their ain end. If we all worked together with our differences the universe would link so much better. What’s incorrect with the universe is that people are so judgmental. when our ain God isn’t. We have to make better as the human race.

Embrace each other and our differences. is what we can make to do a alteration. I personally. believe that this starts with me and it will do its manner around. If can do an influence on one individual so I have achieved the beginning of a new start. The end is to encompass everyone no affair what form. size. or signifier they are in. We are all human existences. regardless of what we look like. It is besides of import to do it a point that money is the root of all evil. There is a phrase that says “money makes the universe go around” . I do believe that this is true. nevertheless. we are more than merely money. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. we must retrieve that material things will non count much longer. It is the interior of a individual that will acquire you far and in order to link the universe we must encompass that in each individual. Just believe how good a individual can experience after cognizing they are socially accepted no affair who they are.


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