“Sometimes there’s non a better manner. Sometimes there’s merely the difficult manner. ” ? Mary E. Pearson Will difficult work pay off? Or is difficult work merely a waste of clip and attempt? In the narrative that I am traveling to portion. the inquiries will no longer be left unreciprocated. It all started in Primary 3 when I had a new. unknown and disputing capable. Science. I was non interested in this topic at all as I did non cognize much about it so. During lessons. I barely gave my full attending to what my instructor taught and shortly. my consequences for Science bit by bit dissipated and classs were falling. That twelvemonth. for the concluding twelvemonth scrutinies. I merely achieved 79. 5 % for my Science. I was bitterly defeated with myself for non concentrating during Science lessons but due to the fact they were boring and humdrum. I could non truly fault myself. But. I could non allow my classs fall like this. Fortunately. my parents were able to sit down with me and changed my head set. No affair how drilling or how hard the challenge was. I still had to get the better of it. So at Primary 4. I slogged my backbones out to acquire my Science right.

I besides requested from my Science instructor to assist me with my prep if I did non understand portion of the subject or if the inquiries were truly complicated. Soon. my classs were bettering much quicker than I had expected. achieving a mark of 95 % for Science and holding the satisfaction of threshing my friends and the shower of congratulationss from both my parents and instructors. When Primary 6 came. I realised it was one of the harshest and toughest old ages for me. PSLE was round the corner and all the emphasis was stacking on my shoulders. doing it experience like I am transporting weights everyplace I went. Every twenty-four hours. I had to finish dozenss and dozenss of appraisals given by my instructors every bit good as my parents. I had tuitions in the afternoon after school ; as a consequence. I had to fire the midnight oil to analyze before I could catch 40 blink of an eyes. Finally. PSLE was over and I had score a class of A* for Science! Therefore. I believe that difficult work wages off. When we are immature. we thought that everything was easy. but as we grow we learned that it’s non that easy to carry through what we want and that we have to gain and give for it.


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