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? When I Have Fears that I May Cease to Be?

There are many facets of the universe today that give us

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ground to overthink and be fearful. John Keats? , ? When I Have

Fears that I May Cease to Be, ? discusses this and warns the

readers of what may go on if this is taken to an extreme. The

storyteller goes through life until eventually he understands the

inevitableness of clip and realizes the things most cherished to


In the first quatrain of the verse form, Keats uses a significant

metaphor comparing the assemblage of grain with the assemblage of

his ideas. The talker is concerned that he wont complete his

poesy. To decease immature is to decease before one has the chance to

reap the fruits of the head that have been? ripened? from old

age. Keats so goes on demoing how the talker doesn? T want to

dice ignorant. The dark? s Starr? 500 face? ( line 5 ) is symbolic of

the ultimate inquiries in a individual? s life and the talker is

fearful that he may decease before he discovers the

m. The 3rd

quatrain helps to discourse the transiency of things. The? carnival

animal of an hr? ( line 9 ) is likely a lover. The talker is

turn toing the lover but it is apparent that she is non the chief

concern. This unreflecting love the lone love he may acquire.

? Then on the shore/ Of the broad universe I stand entirely, and

think/ Till Love and Fame to nothingness make drop? ( lines 12-14 ) .

In Keats? riming pair he is stating that if the talker has

frights, so he is entirely. He is standing on the? shore, ? on the

border, separated, and far apart from the remainder of the universe. The

things the talker finds cherished, ? Love? and? Fame, ? in the terminal

are unsubstantial and fade out to? nothingness? because he ne’er

did anything about them.

Thinking will take to a individual? s devastation. Being excessively

self-aware takes off from populating one? s life. Keats? talker

warns us that if we live in fright so this will take to decease

both physically and mentally.

Keatss & # 8220 ; when Is have frights that I may discontinue to be & # 8221 ;

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