When I was nine I was a very
rowdy kid so, my mom gifted me a huge box of crayons with some colouring books
hoping that this would somehow bail me out of all the chaos and provide an
accessible creative outlet. Getting my hands on the pastels to draw
streetscapes of countries to secret gardens, mandalas and symbols, little did
my mom knew that I would pursue my passion down to a fine art. Ever since I was
small, I was art and part of my sketches. All I ever did in my leisure time was
to gather every book that I had and start drawing and scribbling. Art has
always been my true creative field where I could submerge my true self.


During my secondary education
in sciences, I realized how unfulfilling it was for me. So, I began searching
for undergraduate programs but nothing appealed to me until one day when I
called up my old friend to ask what she was up to? On learning that she was
seeking admission into architecture I got curious as I was alien to this field.
So, I decided to apply for the program and fortunately, I passed the entrance test.
I soon realized that it was a perfect melody for my desire for creativity and
design with a career of once in a lifetime opportunity. Everything that I ever
learnt from that day onwards has elevated my yearning for architecture.


Living in India, a country of
such diverse cultures and religions has carved its impact on the perception of
architecture I believe in. This has permitted me to echo upon the
extrinsic lifestyles and fully submerse myself in other vernaculars and
cultures while preserving the ethnicity of regional architectural styles in my
designs. Being a traveller, as I move from one sphere to another, I
capture the pictures of these cultural veins and designs through sketches and
photographs which I collect. Time and again these vestiges transport me back to
far-flung lands. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, another reason why I
am really engrossed in architecture is for the reason of its intrinsic
appeal, which is just like the maxim written in my
department “Architecture is the combination of art and technology”.

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Additionally, course subjects
like the history of architecture, green buildings and building science have
fascinated me because of their practicality, creativity and connotation. I
believe in the ability of progressive thinking and designing while sticking to
the regional roots. My academic projects like ‘Redevelopment of Railway
Station’ have been a remarkable example of this thought. I, along with my
acquaintance studied the culture and topography of Bhopal in order to gain
perspective of the local thoughts and fashions. The
undulations of the city were beautifully and meticulously incorporated in the
exoskeleton of the proposed structure. The design completely assimilates within
the surroundings and focuses on the behavioural movement patterns of the public while
understanding the importance of the provision of wayfinding
features in the station area. Conceptual designing at a minimum of 2 weeks’
time really brought out the best of me. It enabled me to realise the importance
of collaborative tasks and working in, as a team. This project was awarded the
best design in the class and was exhibited in the department itself.


While this exercise challenged
me in terms of time constraints, the design of ‘Public Library’ in my fifth
semester emerged from the Normative principle, where the bye-laws of the site
did not allow to shred a single tree. I took this as an opportunity to design a
climate responsive building which would complement its surround environment. The
relationship between the building’s space and its functionality formed the
conceptual base of the design process. Emphasis was laid on passive cooling
practices in conjunction with the application of native materials and
construction techniques. The design possessed the ideal rate of air
changes per hour with ample amount of sunlight which promoted towards cutting
down the running costs of the building throughout its life-cycle. While the
spaces complimented the city’s regional context, the structural inspiration was
derived from Gothic architecture. Aside from professor’s guidance, the majority of my learnings were attained by researching and combing through
tens of architecture books. This task taught me how to use a challenge to your own benefit while
creating designs that maintain the integrity of the functions of nearby


Even though self-motivation is extremely important,
seeking the direction and critique of professionals is pivotal to exceptional
designing. One mentor who influences my approach towards architecture and
design development to this day is Shubhanan Chitnis. In my seventh semester, I
had the opportunity to intern him for six months. He taught me the importance
of details in the design. Working with him definitely made me organized and improved my time management skills. My
leadership qualities have been greatly enhanced as working on site demanded me
to supervise and assist the execution of design on the ground, while also
helping me to clearly observe and analyse the practical side of my profession.
Also, my work as a freelance designer has made me an able person to communicate
with designers globally and understand the different perspectives from which a
design can be approached. These projects boosted my curiosity in architecture
and helped me learn new concepts and notions in architecture from different
countries. Each of these experiences has a great impression on me, sparking my intention
of studying overseas to learn more in-depth about the contemporary
international architectural concepts.


Whenever I thought of higher
studies, I thought of Canada. With world’s best universities, Canada is a dream
of every student. I have always aspired to pursue my masters from Ryerson
University with the aspiration that it will open doors of success for me and
will help me fulfil my educational endeavors by imparting quality education. A
western exposure towards art, architecture and urban planning will help me to
reason in a logical and innovative aspect. Connecting on social media with the
university’s alumni, I came to know about the variability and complexity of the students’ work at Ryerson University. It
had that same hint of brilliance and freshness that I strive for, the one that
goes beyond the conventional trail. The helpful faculty and excellent curriculum further strengthened my choice
of your university. My sensitivity towards the culture, tradition, the natural
and built environment of a place and the ability to incorporate these into my
designs, will definitely heave under
your course calendar. By allowing me with an opportunity of studying at Ryerson
University, you will enable me to pursue my goals efficiently. I am sure your
university will be a boon for all my future ventures.


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